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  1. Don’t know how many others use them. I did ok on bones and FA on them. Need to find some slimmer lead heads but I think that would be mostly to please me. 3/8 and half oz. Any tips welcomed
  2. Dacor is owned by Samsung Electronics not Whirlpool. Still US made but not sure if I’d touch one of their refrigerators. I think a lot of these brands are probably much better in one appliance category than others.
  3. I think it’s probably that the additives they put in the water are more useless than when they added them
  4. I listened to “time to replace” for 10 years. They weren’t sure if they could get parts and a winter failure could last days, blah blah. 16 years just doesn’t seem that old to me. They never stopped selling me a service contract. Unit would have been gone though if it was costing me thousands to keep it running. Did finally replace it in Nov. My wife made a good point. We probably sell in 5-6 years and nobody is going to want it with a 35 yo boiler so we might as well do it now. I didn’t expect that it would heat more comfortably but with new controls and squeezing every btu out it’s kind of nice.
  5. The tray bottom is key. I have a wet boat but bag never gets soaked from spray. It’s water on the deck. I also have a waterproof box and bags for things I don’t need to get at while fishing and stay on the boat.
  6. If it’s 30 years old and the insulation is cracking the entire cord is probably brittle and suspect. I just looked, seems new cord can be had for about $7 online.
  7. This is also key to whether those “use by” dates are useful at all for some things. A chicken in cold storage at near freezing temperatures is good for a long time, sitting in a counter closer to 40 it goes much quicker. Something like milk that is even briefly allowed to warm is going to spoil more quickly than milk kept constantly well chilled. On the other hand, produce like onions that get too cold in shipment during one of these real cold spells go to crap fast. I have no hard rules about this stuff. Some stores never mark down for dates, others try to move product well before there’s any question of it’s quality
  8. I write notes sometimes when I’m cooking. Call it a shopping list.
  9. Saw that episode recently. Astonishing amount of work in that meal. I like Boulud too
  10. Some of you guys can learn from Stormy’s experiences with Trump. Lied to, promises made of good things to come, strung along for a year with more lies and promises. In the end she just got screwed.
  11. Behavior good or bad isn’t really an option. It’s a machine. I had an older unit that would fail occasionally. I changed oil suppliers which meant different tech coming to do annual service and it ran fine for another decade. Maybe you just need to find someone more competent to have a look.
  12. Not me. I think predicting exact timing of a recession is impossible. But I do think fueling the markets with debt will keep things looking swell beyond what they might otherwise. I think the tax bill juices nearby at expense of deferred demand. Sentiment is a funny thing and it seems to me corrections can be faster and more violent than in the past. Used to see funds getting in and out of commodities. Bullish, big money is in, prices rise. Market goes flat, money leaves and prices return to where they were. Funds make out nicely on the move. This is kind of what I feel happens as well in equities when there no other place for idle money to turn a buck
  13. I haven't used my water stone in years. Great when they're flat but I've been too lazy to straighten it. I use an electric but started playing with a 1 inch belt sander on some old knives. Grit up to 1k and a strop. Not sure if favorite knives get near it but maybe if skills are acquired. I got the sander to take some heel off an old knife and it was ideal. It does a fast job on mower blades too with big grit. If anyone knows how to sharpen on a belt and any tricks/jigs etc...
  14. I'd drop 16 on that but then I used to drop 2# shad and 6 or 8 on 3-4 oz rods.
  15. I did too at first. But it then it went on- She figured he got it in a gift bag they gave out at a golf fund raiser where she appeared on behalf of her production company. All I ever got was a crappy golf shirt.