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  1. Didn’t look too bad, one at a time. Must be $300 in parts though. If it’s difficult I’ll haul it across the river again to tech but it’s gonna be after albies. ;-)
  2. Maybe I should crack it open. Zuke tech said he cleaned the screen and all good. I have heard of vst corrosion on this motor, just something I got trying to search on web. Also never heard of this kind of thing when hoses deteriorate, just delimitation or going soft. Only thing that makes me think hoses is that I can empty and fill the vst several times before I get to clean fuel. So between the lp filter and high pressure pump there’s something going on.
  3. My guess is a fungus like anthracnose
  4. I have a 2006 Zuke DF175. It often sits for a few weeks between outings. Starts fine but stutters and does a little surging until up on plane then runs flawlessly. If I drain the VST before starting after a couple weeks the fuel is dark, like very, very strong tea. Turn the motor on to run fuel pump to pressure and drain a couple more times and I get total of about 12 oz before fuel looks good again. Fuel is always fine from tank to low pressure fuel filter. Intention is to replace all the fuel hoses on the motor but only because I have no other ideas. Will replace all fuel lines and bulb too but only because it seems due anyway. Manual says to replace fuel lines every two years but I haven’t, Suzuki tech said the hoses on the motor seemed fine last year and didn’t recommend replacing. He replaced failed fuel pumps and when asked thought gas was colored by oil leaking at pump although I don’t think he saw any. He also cleaned vst and screen at the time, no issues. Oil is never ever any where near as dark as this fuel and can’t detect any oil in it. Doesn’t seem to matter if fuel is fresh or a little seasoned. Anyone experience anything like this?
  5. I just leave bunch onions in the ground and pull as needed. This variety is Japanese Evergreen and unless the ground is frozen I can dig them. They will start growing again early spring and can be divided. Also easy to save seeds to start and fill in again. Edit- I don’t think you can cure them for storage but they can be dried like herbs
  6. I still make it pretty much every time I smoke a butt.
  7. I usually wash and dry it despite all evidence to the contrary. And then wash the sink and surrounding counters. I also wash some meat out of cryovac packaging like pork. Even if washing does nothing for bacteria on chicken I’m going in anyway to get the odd bits and quills they don’t get and sometimes to break the bird down so I doubt washing it contributes to spreading bacteria any further. I’ve found what looks like bits of feces on chicken but the right thing to do is wipe it rather than spraying water on it. I still wash it.
  8. They are interconnected. Pretty sure at least two different units in different rooms have been first to go off. Might be worth moving them around and disabling one at a time to see what happens. Good thought, thanks
  9. Thanks for replies. I guess I’ll blow them out but they been out of the box only a couple weeks, new batteries. Hopefully the weather gets drier. Been brutal, house a bit up the street was hit by lightning. We’ve had a few electrical monsoons
  10. Didn’t tempt me. The king and bicolor boletes do. Also have an amanita that I think will really have you tripping after the puking. Even found one morel.
  11. First time I’ve grown eggplant after a big fail about 20 years ago. This variety is supposed to be easy/ trouble free. Have 3-4 decent looking fruit but many flowers aren’t setting.
  12. Coral mushroom?
  13. I have been replacing smoke detectors periodically, think this is 3rd set in about 25 years. Always use the same type, ionization. Never had a problem with high humidity before but this summer has been ridiculous. Lost power for a while in a heavy storm yesterday so no AC and soon I had to disable the whole lot again. Is this common and are the only ways to deal with this is run the AC or disable them? Would it be worth it to replace them again with photoelectric type?
  14. Haven't picked any eggplant yet. What's best time to pick them? These are said to get to 7-8 inches but I don't want to let them get seedy and pithy. Have picked a lot of tomatoes. The Krim and Brandywine set a lot of fruit early and those were coming on all at once. Rodents don't like the Sungolds but move on the bigger tomatoes just before they're ripe so picked many a couple days early to be defensive. The new hybrid types I tried, Defiant and Mountain Magic, have been prolific but are about half the size advertised so a little disappointed in those. Defiant should be 6-8 oz but they are about 3, MM are only slightly bigger than Sungold. Good thing I learned was the kids next door, about 3-5 YO, will eat the Sungold like candy so I know where another basket of those will go. Still have about 30 lbs of the bigger heirlooms on the counter and Amish paste is loaded and only getting started. I tried some Shi****o type peppers and those are doing great. Been blistering them and throwing them in stuff like fried rice whole. Very tasty.
  15. I’m not so sure. They hit the lawn with it so hard it browned out the grass for a month. Anything in that concentration can be poisonous.