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  1. The Senate is going to vett the guy, something Trump is unwilling or incapable of. There's a pattern here if you ditch the conspiracy ideas.
  2. Rule of thumb- repot when height of seedlings are 3x the width of it’s pot. Rootbound isn’t the best way to start them off but they’re normally very tolerant and resilient
  3. Some things to consider not mentioned and no idea of your priorities- Chest freezer cheaper to buy. Chest freezer is cheaper to run. Chest freezer probably keep food frozen 3 days during power outage vs 12-24 hours with an upright. Upright is more likely to be frost free. Defrosting a chest freezer is a pita but probably only once a year or so.
  4. They like certain conditions, open grass with a few trees or fences or wires for perches, some water, so they may or may not like your yard. They eat bugs and berries for the most part. They are attracted to our yard by berries- winterberry, dogwood, cedar etc. You could try a mealworm feeder.
  5. I think it probably works great and iffn I was a chef with a grill and range in the kitchen it would be a better option.
  6. No. I’m either cooking inside or outside. Inside cast iron hot preheated in the oven, finish in the oven. Outside, on the cooler side and then whack it. Pretty hot the whole time either way really.
  7. I used Eastwood internal frame coating. Can't say how well it worked yet as preventative but the spray applicator hose and nozzle seemed to be good for getting it where it needs to be.
  8. Prune back and pull whatever you can, treat the stumps with Round Up of what you can't. Paint it on the cut ends. Don't fully dilute as for spraying foliage, think it should be 20-25% glyphosate. Do it now, kill it before it gets you, but the round up works better in late summer if any of it survives. I've been fighting bittersweet, wisteria, wild grape, raspberry, wild rose and barberry for years. If you leave any root behind it sprouts. You can also just prune it all back and then do it again and with more of it next year. ;-)
  9. Patience grasshopper, all will be revealed when the great Oz speaks. I've been looking at Russian and mob connections in this since July 2016 and admit I'm getting a little antsy to see what Mueller has but it needs to run it's course. Did you happen to read that Cohen's uncle owned and ran the social club up to the 90's that NY and essentially the entire country top mob bosses used as their office? True international, had Russian and Italian mob under one roof. Cohen was still part owner with his siblings and cousins and only divested of that right before Trump got into office. Have to imagine there's a lot of dirt to sift before this investigation is done.
  10. I thought the same thing when I saw that. Hard to win a defamation suit when facts get in the way.
  11. Reps must have loved the debt because CBO says it’s expected to grow by $13t 2018-2028
  12. You might want to treat it with fluid film.
  13. I think his position is called consigliere
  14. Ortho weed-b-gon. Probably have to wait until summer/fall to spray.
  15. Probably worth having someone do it if you think it needs renovation. Thatch it, seed it fertilizer. Nitrogen is nitrogen. I fertilize myself and have right now 3 partial bags that may get wasted because the stuff absorbed humidity and won’t spread.