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    fat guy with a surf rod...dangerous combo. master baiter, professional manure spreader
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    fish,fish,fish! official bikini judge, greasy spoon restaurant rater,
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  1. Ok I know you fuqs are gonna have a field day with it so let me say up front **** ALL Y'ALL!!!! Yeah I've had that damn fissure split in the anu problem. Back in my drinking days....bad diet and waaay too much Jim Beam. That mother****er hurt like HELL. I couldn't ride 10 miles in the truck without being in misery. Thing is not knowing any better I would take laxatives to keep things "loose" and pain killers for the pain....WORST thing I could of done. Dr. told me I may as well have been clapping with my sweetheart. Constant clenching from the squirts and then hard as a brick from the pain killers....I was frikken MISERABLE!!! Changed the diet, eased off the booze, and FINALLY after 6-8 months it healed naturally. The alternative was surgery and a month or so of walking around running straight piped with a plastic sleeve....OH HELL NO..... NEVER AGAIN....eat right...keep things smooooth man.
  3. I want any lip from you I'll scrape it off of my zipper.
  4. There was a NASCAR driver named...no BS....Dick Trickle. If I had been him I would have slapped the **** out of my parents weekly.
  5. The parrot said I was barred...sumpin' about beng a chicken luvin' mofo....
  6. It should never drop below 12.4 just sitting there. Sounds like a weak cell.
  7. Red be sure you check for a parasitic draw on the system. You could have a slow drain on the system that will give the appearance of a weak battery.
  8. Flagellating whitepercheriliusredfishblowsmosis....
  9. mehhh...love brunettes but there's sumpin' off with that one
  10. Those aren't "cigs"....Red's done got 'em one of dem professunail rollers for his loco weed....
  11. Bad as it hurt yesterday I was considering it....
  12. Yeah I know...scary chit. Doc said that's normal with the contusion + blood thinners.
  13. Man quit yer whining.... I slipped on the ice Friday.... Day 1 Day 4..... Nothing broken or torn....just a helluva lot of bruising and fluid build up. I take blood thinners so they can't pull out the fluid....might create a larger hemorrhage. ER gave me antibiotics and Dilaudid....THANK YOU JESUS!!! I've had some painful injuries but this tops ALL of them. This mother****er HURTS!! I'd take 10 toothaches over this **** anyday......
  14. No....but if it's prescribed many insurance companies will pay for it. Win/ win.