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    fat guy with a surf rod...dangerous combo. master baiter, professional manure spreader
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    fish,fish,fish! official bikini judge, greasy spoon restaurant rater,
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    retired lead auto tech/shop foreman
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  1. Liz Wheeler.....
  2. I'd charge yer arse $1800.00 Stick it in and break it off...with NO ****ING GREASE!!! And make ya like it.....
  3. Replace BOTH sides. Pads too. They're cooked. DON'T **** around. You running that fast don't bet your life that replacing just one will be ok.
  4. This dumbass hasn't got a clue....yet the kool-aid drinkers are lapping it up
  5. Wasn't that the approximate number that the Hildabeast supposedly won the popular election by??
  6. Atlantic beach, N.C. Had the same problem with the water. God help you if you woke up hungover while somebody was taking a shower. The smell would get in your hair, skin, clothes.....horrible smell. Better off just scrubbing up with a piece of rotten bunker.
  7. It is funny to watch for sure...
  8. Flamers=lacrosse players
  9. You gotta overlook his spelling Mike....He's excited thinking about zippers again.
  10. Wouldn't do ya any good...some Yankee SOB stole the wheels.... Hey!!! Wait a damn minute...how's you know about the the parking brake??? DINGYDICK!!!! BRING MY ****ING WHEELS BACK!!!!!!
  11. Maybe not....but YOU have!!!!
  12. I want any lip from you I'll scrape it off my zipper test dummy.
  13. 99% of the time it's the motor. Banging on the door and it worked is a good indicator that the brushes in the motor are worn out. Replace it as an assembly...regulator and motor. You're in there anyway. You'll appreciate it later.
  14. AAAhhhh....wasn't trying to make the case for Nascar being a sport...sport. Just a personal observation. Nascar IS a competition though. With teams. Winners. Losers. Therefore by definition a sport. Kinda like you Yankee ****s sitting in a circle jerk trying to finish first...hear that's a popular "sport" for you guys when the snow gets deep. Oh. BTW. Just in case nobody's told you today....
  15. I remember back when I was a kid going to a few Nascar races and meeting some of the drivers. Buddy Baker comes to mind for one. The one thing I recall the most was the arms on these guys....like frikken Popeye. All forearm....took me few years of growing up to realize that those guys were running "what they brung." No power steering , no air venting to keep the drivers cooled off. Those guys were TOUGH. Had to be to go five hundred miles at 180 mph. These clowns today are straight pooseys compared to those guys.