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  1. I'm sure you are quite happy to let this guy, and he was BORN a guy, use the same bathroom as your daughter or granddaughter right? Perhaps he'll be nice enough to help them wash their hands.
  2. Perhaps he was fooled into believing they were unbiased....like many people were. One thing that has always cracked me up. We tend to hold people in positions of leadership to some God-like standard while forgetting these people are only human....then act shocked or outraged when we realize they ARE in fact human.
  3. The "Free Press" would not be under attack by our POTUS IF they stuck to the job of REPORTING the NEWS WITHOUT BIAS. Instead we have completely politicized our MSM...with the majority hellbent on undermining America and turning it into a quasi-socialist liberal chithole. Failing to recognize this shows an ignorant willing blindness to that reality. Love him or hate him one thing for sure....Donald Trump had exposed the liberal sickness that has infected MSM...and quite a few of our fellow American citizens.
  4. Yeah...guys like McCain...RINOs all.
  5. Kind of difficult to get a case, much less a conviction, when you have the heads of the DOJ, Attorney General, the FBI, along with DNC leadership doing EVERYTHING THEY CAN to hide and destroy evidence, intimidate witnesses, and cover up the treasonous acts. But I reckon that's ok with you.....never happened right? We KNOW who's drinking the Kool-Aid....to the point of brain damage.
  6. That's my neighbor....
  7. Even the Kool-Aid man has enough sense to call it as he sees it. Tell me comrade how much Obama/ Clinton flavored Kool-Aid did YOU drink? Enough to cover up Bhenghazi? Enough to cover up the treasonous sell off of our uranium supplies? Enough to cover up the secret payment to a hostile nation like Iran? Obama's collusion caught on tape promising god knows what regarding our NATIONAL DEFENSE AND SECURITY???? I could go on....but you probably need to refill your sippy cup with the 'Bama-Aid.
  8. Yup. They sure didn't give a fluck about their messiah selling out the US... and there's OVERWHELMING evidence of Obama and ilk's treasonous acts. Idiots among us....
  9. They check yer green card?
  10. Ya gotta spray it with some Raid or sumpin' first..........get rid of the critters
  11. Damn what a merkin!!!!!
  12. Says the head KIC....