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  1. Chicken's dancing on the carcass of the Hildebeest's presidential bid. Chicken is HAPPY there's a new rooster in charge....and he's the cock of the walk!!! Maybe they have an agenda to add to their motives/ cash. Maybe they have fallen for the lie that has become the democratic party.
  2. Didn't need an ad. They possibly started with the yearbook. Discreet investigating and inquiries. Once again....gullible thinking. I'd be willing to wager that it would be VERY EASY to find people you have known.... even briefly throughout your life, that IF offered the right amount of cash would gladly say about you the vilest things imaginable. Where did the money come from? Do you truly think that the dems don't have the funds to pull that off? Ask Fusion GPS.....
  3. Money. Here's a better question. What could motivate these 7 women after all this time to suddenly come forward with these allegations? Moore got elected AS A JUDGE FFS. You can't be that gullible can you? Doesn't the timing seem a little suspicious to you?
  4. FIFY.
  5. I'd much rather see my tax dollars invested in something that may produce some positive benefits than giving it to a bunch of mooslims that will use it to build nukes to blow my ass up....like Obama did for Iran.
  6. I would be curious to know how many of the disgruntled contractors that accuse Trump of non-payment were actually guilty of failing to meet contractual obligations? Or shoddy work?
  7. Mickaff you are da man!!Some of the finest tushes on the planet there pal!!!
  8. That alone would justify my vote for him. Sanders supporters are vermin.
  9. Read my signature line VVVVVVVVVVVVVVV
  10. That was a cop on a power trip. No excuse. Flat out murdered that kid. SOB should roast. That's coming from somebody who usually gives cops the benefit of doubt. Not this time.
  11. Missed a 4th option. "none of the above" Enforce the laws on the books without prejudice. If the people committing the most crimes are predominantly of a certain race then tough ****....arrest them. The laws are NOT racist. Claiming they are to avoid arrest and prosecution IS racist.
  12. Watch yer mouf der son....nuthin wrong with ar wimmenz.
  13. Awesome dogs Jato! Friend of mine had one...smart pup...