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  1. Pics would definitely help
  2. lol you must have gone there for the free food tasting. Yes Korean food is awesome! And healthy.
  3. Congratulations! They'll be walking on the beach in no time!
  4. Ditto..May everyone have good health,happiness,prosperity, and many pullage this coming year!
  5. Happy New Years!
  6. And a Happy New Years to all!
  7. Nice going and congrats! We had tentatively planned to spend Thanksgiving down there if the weather was still nice for the family to hang on the beach but it was not to be. Looks to be windy and chilly most of the week. Good for citations but not for wifey and baby. Thanks for sharing with posts and pics! And good luck to those still there and planning to head there. Looking forward to more reports!
  8. Amen brotha....but a very small price to pay. Balance is key....Keep on keeping on...
  9. I think this might be it for us. I was thinking if the weather held up we would go again during Thanksgiving. But this cold snap put an end to that....
  10. btw that puffer is huge...yummy
  11. ALWAYS nice to be down on the island. Good luck to you
  12. Nice going bstriping! Thats a lot of hours you drove to get down there. Glad you hooked up!
  13. Unfortunately no. Spent time south due to better weather conditions for the family.....somewhat of a downer tho...missing out on the Assateague run and the run down south just getting started. Hope you get a chance at em..