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  1. For stripers bucktails work well as long as it's at least a 1/2 oz. The water is going to be relatively high and moving so I wouldn't go less than that. I like to use a 4inch sassy shad, white or chartreuse with a 1/2oz or higher jig head. 12lb mono would be my choice. As seabassplug mentioned they are down deep. Let it hit bottom and a slow to medium retrieve will do the trick. I use sassy shad bc half way in the retrieve I start jigging off the bottom for smallmouth, largemouth, walleye. Hope you get some action!
  2. Wow that looks amazing. I got mine from Kool Ice this week. $28 a dozen for jumbos. Definitely gonna have to try Ray's Seafood next time I'm down. That fish in that sandwich is enough for 3 sandwiches!
  3. hhager23, 30 years going after them( started when I was 17 ), I 've only used bunker. Used to bring a flat of bunker down and use only the heads.
  4. Several cobia already landed from the beach including a 96.2lber. I was already down there this time last year chasing after them. Not sure about this year though...just got back from a weeks worth of chasing Rockfish and Black Drum. My hands are torn up handling fish and bait, plus the wife's work schedule. The weather this weekend looks promising. Good luck to you guys going after them!
  5. Nice going surffish. We just got back from our trip. We were lucky to land a few stripers and drum, but it was tough. Only saw 4-5 rockfish caught around us the whole trip. Got the big O skunk our last day there. Wasn't able to fish early morning or evening. Pretty much noon-ish till around 6 every day so it was a grind. A lot of baiting and re-baiting and more re-baiting every 20 minutes. And a lot of Feng Shui-ing every rod that was cast. Great seeing everyone again. Been a couple years.
  6. You will be fairly close to Chain Bridge.There are awesome holes a quarter mile up from the bridge. You should check the USG Little Falls for the water levels. Ideally you want it less than 4.5ft. This area in my opinion is world class fresh water fishing this time of year. The area is rocky so you have to know how to ease a lure unstuck. The peak of walleye is over but some should still be around. Smallmouth and largemouth should be there. Some trophy sized ones too.(I prefer brown or green rubber tubes with 1/3oz jig head) Also, unfortunately, snakehead, which are tasty. Channel and Blue catfish are there all year and easy to catch. If you bring some shad darts the Hickory shad are still running as are the more allusive, much larger American shad. And although the large Rockfish spawn is over the smaller ones are at it's peak at this moment. But the key is to fish early morning for them as the bite can turn off as early as 8am. Also the white perch and herring are running.
  7. Nice Red drum Krabill!.. I'm still grinding.........congrats on your catches.
  8. Hey Dixie, wife wanted me to thank you for the thoughtful remarks about the family. thanks dude, likewise hope all is well with you and yours

    1. dixiekraut


      Back at ya. All is good. Did a quickie  trip out to AI VA couple of weekends ago during Mothers Day weekend, Lorry granted me weekend pass, she was busy being a granny. East wind caused some grass and a bit of a current but did manage one 23 inch blackie on peeler very close in. Overall it seemed kinda slow. Looks like you hit it just right.


  9. Mrscott24 that is too funny! Thanks man. Dixiekraut I remember that day good memory. You and your bro in-law should have a great chance IMO. Tight lines to both of you next week.....thank you for your thought of my nephews and the family.. There was a tournament that ended today and I was lucky enough to place in both the Rockfish (4th place) and Black drum (3rd) category. Got a couple nice prize toys for it. The real winner is my wife for helping me in every way with the little one and nephews that visited. Nice meeting everyone during the tourney. And you Rocks&Reds, great fishing near ya last few days, you are a flat out fishing ninja gangsta! LOL Props bro.
  10. Slow day today...my nephews came this morning to join in the fun for a day and a half so they had first dibs. 41 inch for the youngest nephew.
  11. Thanks Rocks&Reds....good seeing you out there bud. Critter, awesome you going down there again. Hope you top that monster you caught last year. The wife's work schedule might prevent us from visiting this year but I wish you all the luck!
  12. 43 in cold snotty weather this morning
  13. Nice! Too bad the weather next few days looks like crap. Regardless....heading there soon.