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  1. Nice going Dave...didn't know that Tarpon were regular visitors on the Delmarva. I've only seen them from piers on the Outerbanks. Props.
  2. Great pic....I need to be on a beach chair in between those two rods
  3. Steve I'll be heading down too in a couple days to donate my blood to the mosquitoes and flies. Nothing biting but heck its better than being city bound.
  4. Nice going Hanlon, thanks for sharing your trip with us. I'll be heading down there again once the weather starts cooling. And although I always fish the Point, as you said there are miles of other places that hold good fish. The wifes's citation fishes last year was from an area not the Point..Sounds like you had a blast though! Gonna be heading to AI in a couple days just to have a line out....not much being caught but getting the itch again.
  5. same repeated post. odd
  6. same repeated post. odd
  7. Good luck bud!....almost took the family back down a few weeks ago but opted for Assateague. Definitely make that walk to the Point in the late afternoon if they still allow it. I actually dont mind the walk. About 10 years ago I took my newphews and walked out there and only 2 other people were there for the evening run in July. Got into the bluefish/spanish blitz on metal. Baby bunkers were being beached. Was a blast. Other than that the sound always produces this time of year. And shrimp and sand flea around ramp 43 and 44 for pompano and puppies. Back in my college days we used to fish the end of frisco pier, casting out a heaver as far as possible with a 6-8oz sputnik and then with my 7ft shimano boat rod, attach a live spot or pinfish to the heaver line and slide it down to the water for tarpon and king mackeral....ah the good old days..Good luck and hope to hear of some pullage!
  8. Don't know about night fishing but during the day we were consistently into dusky sharks. Find a spot where you can wade out to the second bar and cast out as far as possible with a fish head. My nephew couldn't get enough of these guys.
  9. I caught a few during the week I was there. I waited till the tide was low enough I could walk out to the second bar and from there casted out as far as possible with sand flea tipped with small piece of FBBW
  10. Whoa! Now that's a camera shot!
  11. Decided against the water park and went to a sound side spot we always wanted to try. Stayed in till about 2 to avoid the the majority of the intense sun rays. Finally got into a croaker run. Almost every cast. Fished a couple hours and had to head back to start some packing. Decided to end our trip a day early and head home tomorrow rather than friday. Fried croaker and shrimp was had for dinner. Now to end this trip with firing off the fireworks we got the other day. I think the wife is a pyro. Way too much excitement. And we are right across the channel from the Main St's fireworks. Gonna be fun. Happy 4th to everyone!
  12. BTW the pic is of the wife so determined to catch anything out on the second bar. She has caught all the kingfish and most of the croaker. Me and the nephew has combined for 3 croakers so far. (minus the sharks)
  13. Island Creamery always has a line outside so we went to Mr Whippy's drive thru and grabbed a Triple berry sundae for 4$. Was soooooo good. Soooo good. Don't try to finish one yourself. Huge. Probably 3000 calories. haha. Weather was much better today. mid 80s but the sun intensity still the same. I might be done.... done. I'm finally sunburned after several days of continuous sunblock. They shouldn't call it sunblock. Sun somewhat block? We went after kingfish today. Didn't throw out the shark bait to scare off the small fish. 2 hours in and Connie finally caught one. 7 inches. She was hoot and hollering like she caught a drum..... And I'm thinking ......free bait. LOL. These guys have been so hard to catch. We did fish the north OSV. The south parking lot area is a zoo. Blah...the water was still blue today but not the swimming pool clarity as yesterday. and the air temps was much better. Mid 80's today. Sharks were on croaker and kingfish head. Walked out to the second bar and cast as far as possible. I think I'm fish, crab, oystered out. Body is burnt. Thinking about spending tomorrow at the new water slide park under an umbrella. We did buy a bunch of fireworks for tomorrow night but I'm ready to get back home. As excited as i was to get down here, I'm equally excited to get back home.
  14. Unfortunately we won't be able to catch the carnival..We're heading back this thursday or friday. Hope you and your family have a blast!
  15. Yeah I really don't know how this big clam grabbed hold of a hook baited with bloodworm. One of the craziest fishing moments I've witnessed. Agree with your clam sauce. We're staying waterfront so we brought our crab pot. It's been producing good twice a day. Here's a pic of this morning's catch. We'll check again this evening. The heat and sun intensity is oppressive. Bring lots of sun block. But the surf is crystal blue as of now. We've been having a blast catching 40lbish dusky sharks from the beach. Lots of bait stealing crabs out there right now. And you can see all of them moving around since the water is so damn clear. Water is perfectly warm. Jumping in, in this oppressive heat feels amazing and we even bought snorkeling goggles since the water is so clear. Called it a day at 2 today after catching a couple dusky sharks and snorkeling. Got back and picked some oysters from the water and have been having oyster shooters since.