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  1. Hey..... sign me up! Although I question ANY club that would have me as a member...
  2. We don't keep bulk spools on the shelf but I am pretty sure we could order a wheel for you... call the 888-354-7335 and ask for JV... if anybody can find it for you, he can
  3. Might want to run over to Block... great place to party and the fishing in June is cranking up. Lots of charter options
  4. I bought two of these (Star Stella Lite)) to leave down in Pine Island at a friends house so I did not have to bring rods down when I visited... just toss a couple reels in the bag. For the money, hard pressed to beat them.
  5. Jumpin Minnow... have yet to see anthing work better in the world of small "walk the dog" lures. Have to switch out hooks and rings as mentioned above. Gags Grabber.. great little blooper... also needs hooks and rings. Smack-it... more convcave face than the Gags and really moves water. I like the hackle on the tail hook, but the hook sucks so whip a little white hackle on the replacement.. when it is just sitting on the water, the hackle looks like it breathes... Tac Anglers Crossover popper... Albert hit a home run with this one. The reverse gill cuts send out an entirly different splash than the cupped face, and it is thru wired. I still change tthe hooks.... I will tell you that the most effective way I have found to use a popper on a "miss" is to have a second rod rigged with a soft plastic ready to throw within easy reach. A blowup does not always necessarily mean you are going to get another one when you throw back, but a follow-up with a soft plastic after a blowup... boom!
  6. I lived that life for a couple winters too.... was a ski instructor/bartender at Glen Ellen in VT (now Sugarbush North).... best time of my youth without question.... The things that Miller would do to get a shot were nothing short of spectacular..... see if you can find a few of the behind the scenes clips...
  7. Something like this is used in studios where "how it looks" is important. Not so in radio stations, we use big ugly sealed studio doors.... BTW. injecting foam insulation into the walls may also be something you want to look at if sound penetration through the walls is more important than actual acoustics inside the rooms. That will significantly deaden the penetrating sound as there will be no airspace between the two sides of sheetrock for the sound to resonate in. Double sheetrock, injected foam, and just regular industrial carpet on the walls will make for one quite space..... we did this in an announcers "booth" in an office building years ago and it did a great job. We did spring for a single studio door..... This a telemarketing setup, or are you just looking to Dexter somebody??? LOL
  8. You need acoustic fabric wall panels. They are floor to ceiling soft fabric, padded panels that suck up sound. Used them when we were building the sound studios in the radio stations. They ain't cheap, but they work. Might look to someone that installs home theaters for some information.... ... although I always did like the Cone of Silence....
  9. Hello... Bore Snake for handguns?.....anyone?
  10. Great plugs, lousy hardware. Personally, I love having white hackle on the back hook because unlike bucktail, the hackle seems to "breathe" in the water when the plug is not moving. But not enough to leave the original hooks on there so if I am motivated I whip a little onto the replacement VMC's before I put them on. I like the yellow Jr......
  11. You may be a redneck if..... You have more major appliances on your front porch than in your house?
  12. Its Range 129... and it is opening in March sometime in Absecon NJ.... place is going to be amazing... BTW, had another question that I could use an answer to after spending a few hours gun cleaning this weekend. Anybody use a Bore Snake on you handguns? I have been using them on my shotguns for years, but I saw one in the shop for a 9mm and ondered if it was worth getting.....
  13. Well no comparison whatsoever between the Hydrasport/Robalo/Contender and the Maycraft. The Maycraft is a bay boat that you can go out front with if you want to get a bit beat up in relatively fair seas (anything over 2' short duration....oh, I own one ...2300CCX...) but is magnificient for working the bay. It has a shallow draft and a 15-16 degree deadrise, but has a nice flair in the bow so it will take the beating out front if you are willing to. I fished my first fall striper season with it out of GE Inlet here in NJ and had some amazing days, but some of the other days, my back and hips paid for it. BTW, no way to run this boat without tabs... they are as important as the steering wheel on this hull. Owned 3 Hydrasports Vectors and they are awesome hulls. I believe them to be the strongest non-custom, basic production boat that was being built for many years, although the guy that designed where they put the pumps in the bilge was either 7' tall and skinny as a stick or a sadist. I would absolutly buy a used HS, but not until I had every inch of it gone over because guys that own them know that they can beat them, and they do. Fished many Fall days that others did not in my boats. The Robalo and Contenders have similar deadrise and beam but not the weight of the HS. You won't be sneaking around in skinny water in any of them....
  14. I ran twin 250 HPDI's for 7 seasons.... got them with 200 hrs on them and put over 1000 almost problem free hours on them by taking care of the filters, running ring-free with every fillup, and using Yamalube for oil. Yes, I know I could have saved money by using other oil, a different addative.... but did I mention 1000 almost trouble free hours? Replaced the vsts a couple times, changed plugs every year, kept an eye on the bowl of the Racors, had one problem with throttle cable on one so replaced them both.... had a minor oil leak from the top of the sender that was corrected with 2 zipties. That was about it..... With a good report from a great mechanic, I'd buy them again....
  15. This has gotten me inspired... I think I'll crack the safe and have a gun cleaning party this weekend....