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  1. Yes sir , professionally done and automotive finish
  2. Some ?
  3. Dropped to $75
  4. 3 for 90$ shipped , OBO. sosin lightly used ( green one). paypal preferred , thanks for looking
  5. Had a friend carbon wrap these.
  6. Top photo are a mix of Danny Lupo and danny pichney.. hard to tell which are which excatly , except the white one , that is a Pichney and the one with eyes is a Lupo.
  7. Guessing no interest in the HG loaded ones I have ?
  8. Really? Do you Have any more ?
  9. Thank you John.
  10. Thanks for sharing , so ruling digger out.
  11. I haven't used it or checked the weight. Usually he puts " 69" on his plugs though, right? Either way they look the same to me.
  12. A major advantage, and yes a little pricey 20-30$ depends on the plug.
  13. That's the purpose is it ?
  14. Hey jettyjmpr , not sure if you're looking for Shot loads but I do have HG loaded redfins and bombers. I can post pictures shortly.