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  1. It is completely unfair to blame the parents of these beautiful children, when we can just blame Trump and score political points. The commies seem to have given up on their collusion ambitions.
  2. Well how did he end up on the ballet last time ?
  3. If we could save just one child from crying.
  4. Riddler, there are people that pass out literature on where the welfare offices are located and what to say when they get there, and that happens before they even cross the border. I recently ate at a Mexican restaurant. There was a line of Hispanics standing in front of the cashier, only they hadn’t ever sat down to eat. Walked in and got in line and walked out when transaction was complete. Looked to me like they were obtaining money after swiping their cards. Not sure what I was seeing, but it isn’t kosher whatever it was. These people are criminals.
  5. You think people should vote for those wanting to improve the country. Unfortunately, many have other motives for voting. Currently, they are working to eliminate our borders and our Bill of Rights.
  6. The leftists want to hurt Trump’s child. This is not the first time they have mentioned doing something horrible to him. Asking the SS to become involved probably had less to do with protecting him from an aged hippie, and everything to do with protecting him from all the other main stream progressives that also want to hurt the boy. They are so tolerant you know. Maybe they can sneak up behind him as he mows the grass, or perhaps catch him on a baseball diamond somewhere.
  7. I’ll take a stab. Under a very corrupt president (Obama), certain established laws were purposefully ignored or otherwise became unenforceable. This action became by default - a policy. Now along comes a lawful president (Trump), and he instructs that the former policy of ignoring or refusing to enforce certain established laws will end. That these established laws will return to being enforceable laws again. This action also becomes by default - a policy. So we end up with....”Trump changes a policy to enforce a law already on the books”. Example would be Existing law on the books- IRS agents can’t use their official position to assist a politician running for election. Under Obama, this law was ignored and the agents were allowed to influence the election. The agents had no fear of violating the law, because they were instructed that there would be no punishment for doing so. This created the policy where by IRS agents could act unlawfully, under the assurance of protection from penalty. This particular law was one that was chosen to prepare the Articles of Impeachment that threatened Nixon, and forced his resignation. Had Nixon been equally as corrupt as Obama, and had actually created a policy of agents acting illegally, which he did not, we would all remember this action as his greatest crime. Obama actually enacts the policy, allowing agents to illegally influence his re-election, and half the nation thinks it was a great policy. I hope this was responsive to your question.
  8. The commie anti-Americans laughed at Reagan, too. Called his plan Star Wars....Ha Ha Ha. I doubt the commie anti-American types are correct this time either.
  9. The commies thought they could dislodge Trump from some of his supporters. It must have been a failure, or we would still be getting dosed with Stormy. Next up, children in cages. Wonder if they had to roll that one out earlier than planned.
  10. Leftists do not want their recently created crisis to be fixed. They want it to last until after the election. When they feel that their consumers of idiocy are growing tired of it all, the next agenda item will be trotted out. Very important for their expected election results that these folks be kept on edge, else they might think for themselves and wander away.
  11. I guess they couldn’t find enough KKK folks to chase around. Maybe they decided that Muslims live in poverty in the South. My best guess though is that they just tell lies to garner donations from leftists that believe white people are horrible. It would be nice if every single group on their hate lists sued them.
  12. The democrats want the debate questions Fox will roll out.
  13. Someone tried to keep him on board and arranged his lateral movement to HR. I would like to know who that was, because it would tell me who doesnt wield influence anymore. LOL Isnt it amazing that here we are discussing corruption within the FBI and the leftists aren’t concerned? I imagine that means they know Obama was dirty and want to protect his legacy.
  14. Baseball isn’t as exciting these days. Fewer homeruns due to Global Warming. If only Trump had agreed to the Paris Accords, we could have an exciting season.
  15. This is hilarious. Watching would think Trump is executing the parents. I guess Russia-Hooker stuff isn’t getting the effect they thought. So......if you cross the border......just bring the kids and they can’t send you back ? I even heard them suggesting it is comparable to FDR, placing Japanese CITIZENS in internment camps. And they read their scripts with such feeling, suggesting to the listeners that this is a desperate situation. Then change their tone and talk about how Trump is the one that caused the problem. Absolutely hilarious.