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  1. Fake News has consumed them, such is the damage wrought by a corrupt Obama.
  2. She is right.....they slant the news so far left that it no longer resembles news. These are not mistakes. They full well intended to damage the President, not report news items.
  3. The list mentions Public Schools, as if such a thing existed. They are Government Schools. A Public School would allow the community to decide if men should be allowed into the girls bathrooms. A Government School would allow a corrupt President to make the decision. A Public School would be concerned about producing well educated children. Government schools are more concerned with ensuring children get endoctrinated with the social values they choose. Isnt it telling, that an uneducated and untrained mother sitting her living room, can out perform the best of the Government Schools with all their money and resources ? The Government School System is a dismal failure, like most every leftist idea. If it wasn’t such a dismal failure, why would they ever oppose vouchers ? As long as the child gets educated properly, why does it matter where ? I hope they bring back the baby polar bear video. I loved that one.
  4. The leftists certainly seem to be a vile bunch. Small wonder they didn’t think Bill Clinton needed to resign for his lies. If we could have had this little conversation about sexual abuse back then, imagine how many women we could have saved from their sick predations. Isn’t it funny how these people lectured us about men being able to go into the little girls bathrooms ? Hmmmmmmm Im thinking ABCs George Stephanoplois looks nervous.
  5. I sure hope leftists continue to trust this author.
  6. Now if we could just find an old woman willing to say he made her get an abortion.....all this would just die down.
  7. Jocks and celebrity’s need to say these things every so often, otherwise the leftists might get confused and start thinking Trump ain’t so bad. I wonder if she ever worked with Al Franken.
  8. Yeah.....anything that stinks of Obama regulation should be removed. Will the concessions have chocolate milk ?
  9. I hope Trump can fix these issues as they are so important the media will never let go. Obama was scandal free, they told us as he left office. They never complained when he wore heels while getting into a helicopter. May I add......Trump wants school children to be fat slobs
  10. Things could have been different for Sarah. If she would have just aborted that baby, and let the real politicians grope her a little, she could have been acceptable as a campaign assistant. I’m pretty sure that is the theme here. Charlie was willing to go easy on her, but when she snubbed him, he called Matt Lauer and they decided to ask her how to catch Bigfoot.
  11. I noticed they are not willing to give up the cozy relationship they maintain with journalists involved in the debates. It is going to be hard for any reforms to occur, as they are completely corrupt.
  12. I’m surprised the FBI didn’t say he had committed small errors in process, ones no legitimate prosecutor would ever pursue.
  13. After eight years of faked numbers, generated to make Obama look competent, I guess some think Trump is doing likewise.
  14. When we turn indifferent to the crimes of others, based on the offenders color, much as the inner cities have, we make more black victims, not fewer. They can witness a cold blooded assassination, then turn around and tell the cops they didn’t see anything at all. Leaving the killer to repeat his crime again. The best fix I know of is to increase the levels of violence the major networks glorify on TV.
  15. Yeah.....someone mentioned I was ill informed......but I know better. Many Americans today have never lived in a boom economy. Investing is occurring now that people know their President isn’t gonna claim that He built it.Isnt gonna steal it and hand it over to his campaign donors. Isn’t going to try to strangle them with insipid regulations to please constituents that love all things commie. One party clearly loathes business, and the other supports it. I am on the good guys team, and I remember what Obama’s economic policies were designed to accomplish.