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  1. So......he hid himself, and now we see his shame. Fine line between coward and hero, but it can seem like a canyon when you are terrified. I guess we all want to believe we would not be as cowardly in the face of evil, so it’s easy enough to condemn this man.
  2. But the NTSB did not conduct the investigation, the FBI did that. Witnesses have stated that what was written in the report was not at all what they said they saw. Some of these witnesses were pilots and clearly saw what occurred. So why were their statements turned into fabrications ? Having seen a few things in my day, I know that the government will lie to us. Our government hasn’t been serving us since WWII. Instead we serve it, and so why should they tell us anything at all. But I understand that you trust the government, so we can never agree on this matter.
  3. Make it a teachable moment. Send a letter home with the student. ”Dear parent, we are serious about protecting our schools. We are instituting a new policy allowing teachers to bring their firearms to school. BTW, from now on, watch what you say to Miss Flanders. Just saying “
  4. No doesn’t have to be her invite. They have a special need to gain quick entry, and it’s been granted in many states, if not all.
  5. I think the FBI mislead us about the TWA 800 crash. I think they mislead us about what the plan really was going into Waco. and I think they mislead us about Dealy Plaza. I wave at the firefighters and cops when appropriate. Good folks.
  6. Swarms of drones attacking gathered crowds is inevitable at this point I’m afraid. Obama has taught the entire planet that it’s good to kill people, perhaps innocent enough, with a drone. Obama’s team, ISIS, is already using them to some effect. I think they fly over crowds and drop grenades or something ridiculous. Swarms launched are hard to combat. I’m fairly hopeful our best military minds are aware of the changes Technology is providing us. Arrows, then armor, then crossbows, then rifles....... I want a drone to follow along behind me and above while I fish. I’d like it to spot fish, and make me look a little slimmer.
  7. If a kid wants a gun, he isn’t gonna be needing the teachers gun. He can access one ahead of time. School A- everybody knows school is full of armed teachers and they have a plan to fight back. To actually defend its students. School B- everybody knows there are no guns inside, and the plan is to run, hide, and wait for the cops to bring their guns. That was easy enough wasn’t it ? Could you pick the school you would want your wife to work at ? Has anyone asked the teachers if they would be willing to be a part of a defense plan ? I really don’t care if they can shoot accurately, just make the end of that hallway a no go zone for the creep.
  8. We need to realize that there will be a certain percentage of kids that go bad, one reason or another. In the 30’s Alcatraz was full of killers under the age of thirty. These men also committed heinous acts of depraved indifference. I don’t think that that society made them into killers, so I don’t think our modern one makes them either. Saying it does and passing new and targeted laws just opens the doors for controlling innocents and will end in failure. Violence has always been with us. We train people to fight because we know they will one day have to fight. We have statisticians planning new prisons because they know we will need to address more convicts, not fewer. Seems new types of crimes outpace our abilities to combat them. But throughout our nations history we have really only had one good tool to enforce societies needs.....the gun. When a good guy shows up with his gun, the bad guy runs away. Guns in schools, on school buses, in the cafeteria, and yes in the classroom. You confront these bullies at the door and you will have done as much as you could for the kids. Surveillance, preparation, determination to defend, all could have prevented this shooting, and I don’t see how anyone could think it wouldn’t have. How does ensuring that the creep is the only one with a gun make any sense ? Cops come with their guns, but only after people notice the gun fire. Takes time, precious time. I don’t think the gay English teacher is going to shoot kids when he gets angry with them. I do think he might shoot some creep walking the halls blasting away. That is the solution, or disband schools and use the internet to educate kids.
  9. Here in Florida, if your wife says you threatened her, and the cops show up....they get to enter your home without a warrant, search about conducting their investigation, and if they see any sort of red marks on her, you go to jail and they take away your guns. If my doctor wanted me to try some of his pills, and I knew I would loose my rights, I’d walk out without the script. Anyone who executes innocents is crazy. Evil exists.
  10. think putting vets in the schools will work. I don’t. The leftists teach children to despise vets, and that kneeling for the anthem is best, and that the flag is supposed to be burned. Train some of the teachers and be done with it.
  11. If Hillary had won, the leftists would tell us that the Russians always interfere, and have for more than 50 years. Teddy tried to get them to help him against Reagan.
  12. Pretty sure.
  13. As I understand it the president is the top prosecutor in the nation, and as such has wide latitudes as to what happens. So he is allowed to obstruct. Clinton lied under oath then admitted that he had lied. He was accused of obstruction for that and telling witnesses to lie. However he was never convicted, just made to pay a penalty to his victim. Now Hillary saying she lost the Rose Law Firms billing records.....while hiding them in her office, that is obstruction.
  14. I think there are references to the fraud known as Gullible Warming in those memos.
  15. Maybe women are figuring out that the purpose of that show is to keep them angry.