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  1. Rocky Mountain panther piss = Coors I drink Budweiser (cans)
  2. That is what I wanted to type.
  3. I have 2 Stihls. A 180 (16" bar )and a 390 (25" bar) The 180 is an easy start model. (my wife can start it). The 390 is a big saw but will cut about anything. I only use pre mixed fuel (cans) and have never had a problem.
  4. Lot 78 paid via PayPal
  5. . Here we go again. Nothing of substance to add, so out come the barbs....alt right is so last year. Have another glass of Kool aid.
  6. Your wife sounds like a keeper.
  7. Don't shoot it. Just drop it in the outhouse.
  8. No matter how hard you try GB, your queen is never going to be President. She lost get over it.
  9. That is how Maine does it.
  10. My wife is past the point of wanting me to buy her stuff.....Now she wants me to make stuff..... buying was easier. Last year I made "Max" for her.(she named it). This year she wanted a "Tardis" built on to the front of her building in the back. I said NO.