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  1. If you want to something your son will like, ride the zip lines there. 3 hours without your feet touching the ground. My wife and I did it last August and had a great time. (it is right in Talkeetna)
  2. If they keep it up, it will cost them in November too.
  3. Whittier and ice fishing
  4. Easy way to carry a chainsaw with the tractor.
  5. PayPal sent, thank you Anyone else have any wonder bread
  6. I'll take it
  7. I knew it wasn't you but it was tee'd up just right.
  8. Thanks for posting those Kev. It brings back a lot of memories. I am glad you like them.
  9. WHat's up with the nail polish Tom..... Not that there is anything wrong with that
  10. That has me interested
  11. PM replied to
  12. I'll take it
  13. I missed the sale a couple of days ago and am looking for one of Gary's Weasels. Also looking for a medium or giant pike.
  14. I am looking for some plugs in wonder bread that Gary made. Anyone have some they would like to sell.