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  1. Thanks Red, I just spit Budweiser all over my laptop...
  2. I’ll take them both
  3. Way to go Eddie. This was a great thing to do. I bet Doc is smiling down on you right now.
  4. Yes they are and I am going to laugh. The media will try and turn it around on the one who was attacked and that is the sad part of where we are today.
  5. PayPal sent
  6. I'll take the flag lot
  7. Agreed. Isn't Lapierre's pay like 1 million a year ? Everything he does is most likely expensed so that 1 million is clear.
  8. The Old Man in the Mountain looked like an old white guy. They started already....
  9. When you open reply window there is a paper clip below the part you type in. Click on choose files and you should be directed to the photo album on your computer. Click on the picture you want to upload. Then hit submit reply.
  10. She may run again But I doubt she makes it out of the primaries and that will be hilarious.
  11. They have nothing and they know it.
  12. F the NY Times.
  13. I'd hook up to it and tow it home. Make him prove that you asked him to work on it.
  14. These rings are brand new and never mounted. I missed the gloss when I bought them. They are $79 everywhere. Buy these for $55 shipped.