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  1. Yes they did. That made me want to puke too. It really pisses me off when teachers push their political agendas off on students.
  2. Right, unless they stayed back.
  3. I can honestly say I don't ever remember voting for a Democrat in the last 38 years.
  4. There is nothing I would like to see more come the mid terms than the Reps win a super majority. Normally I would say this is a bad thing but not after their shenanigans the last 14 + months. I say screw it. Teach them a lesson. Both sides suck.
  5. They are disrespecting the President because society has shown it is acceptable now and has been since Nov 8th of 2016. MSM sucks
  6. Or should it be "when conservatives are removed from the equation"?
  7. Agreed, His wonderbread pattern is my favorite. I try and pick them up when I can. I've been on the hunt for a wonderbread tiger for a while now.
  8. I don't own any. They were all lost in the last flood.
  9. I've got a MS391 and a MS 180. My wife likes the 180 as it is an easy start. Truthfully I use the 180 more often than the 391. As Jase stated it is a big machine.
  10. It is
  11. How much shipped to 03901with tubes, $50.00 ? If so I will take it.
  12. I'll take 1 reel and 1 spare spool