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  1. Non scientific but there seems to be fewer and smaller broods around here this year , above 1000 ft. A lot of hens with no little ones.... Still seems to be plenty of birds in general.
  2. Yes. I proposed this several years some laughter here. Barbless, artificial only, ( and I love fishing Eels ) I'm good with any of it.....lets see what works. The Canal is a special place, a fishing Stadium really. I see nothing wrong with a special set of rules within the confines of the Canal.
  3. The engine in my middle sons early 70's Datsun 240Z . If he put the boot to it the little car would probably break in half.......but he had fun building it.
  4. Have a 2011 pro 4x with about 160k on it now....... I'd buy a new one right now if I could. It's been the most trouble free vehicle I've ever owned. The sand is easy, the thing is also great in the woods out here in Western Mass. and tracks like it's on rails on the highway. I had two 4.0 Grand Cherokees (99 and 04 ) before the Xterra and there is no comparison. I'm going to miss it ...... Finding a good low mileage used one seems impossible .
  5. Fwiw..... Permethrin works great on screens if you have trouble with those little no..see..ums getting through. Hate those little things, problem solved.
  6. Redwings are the only one that ever lasted me a full year. Carolina's wern't bad for a 6 month boot, Wolverines and Timberline were terrible.
  7. It's coming I guess, but the storms came through western ma. a while ago and the air is still soupy here.....
  8. Nice one in Velvet the wife "shot " last summer close by. I bet it was a beast when they were done growing. I don't think anyone got him last fall.
  9. Wouldn't even be tough for him on a modern MX bike, he could probably through in a back flip for fun. But it looks like he's going to try it on a Indian Scout FTR750 flat track bike....with about 1/2 the room Evel had. Worth watching.
  10. Found this the other day, Guys in the Mass. forum said it was Chicken of the woods..... I know nothing about mushrooms, dried up and looks like hell now. No idea why they post sideways..
  11. Cool ducks Looney, I've never seen one.
  12. Of course they can, but I don't believe they will. We shall see. Was always good to see you drive by years ago ( assuming it was you very early in the dark ) ? Be good if a current Trooper or two would take up the cause to show the place isn't a free for all.
  13. I don't believe that's true. One of the major missions of the COE is to provide recreation at their facilities nation wide. I don't think they would shut down one of the East Coasts crown jewels of shore fishing because of an assault that happened on there property. The fisherman are not a detriment to navigation in the Canal in any significant way affecting national security or commerce. The Canal has provided millions of hours of fishing recreation over decades, they are not going to shut it down barring a national security event. This is the list of what the COE. does from their mission statement. There is a reason recreation is listed first. It's not why they are there, but a huge part of what they do. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Is the Nation’s number one federal provider of outdoor recreation. Is the Nation's environmental engineer. Owns and operates more than 600 dams. Operates and maintains 12,000 miles of commercial inland navigation channels. Dredges more than 200 million cubic yards of construction and maintenance dredge material annually. Maintains 926 coastal, Great Lakes and inland harbors. Restores, creates, enhances or preserves tens of thousands of acres of wetlands annually under the Corps’ Regulatory Program. Provides a total water supply storage capacity of 329.2 million acre-feet in major Corps lakes. Owns and operates 24 percent of the U.S. hydropower capacity or 3 percent of the total U.S. electric capacity. Supports Army and Air Force installations. Provides technical and construction support to more than 100 countries. Manages an Army military construction program between 2006 and 2013 totaling approximately $44.6 billion — the largest construction effort since World War II. Researches and develops technologies to protect the nation’s environment and enhance quality of life.
  14. Went to a new one in a pinch last week. Fry's still suck since they changed something a while back.... oil ???? don't remember. But the 1/4 pound Burger was better, no doubt about it, they must have changed something.