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  1. X 2 look forward to checking this thread everyday.
  2. Long-tailed Duck.....
  3. Tough to tell for sure, but I'd guess a Red-shouldered Hawk.
  4. A couple unusual ducks for around here from the last few days. Barrows Goldeneye feeding among the ice flows on the Ct. River during the storm this week. Redhead Duck from today.
  5. Looking forward to it.
  6. A Western Mass. Redhead Duck. We don't get many of these.
  7. Nice shot Allen. We have had a few this year too. Around here the " Owl Police " are watching them pretty much all day everyday. If you get within 100 yards they start going out of there minds screaming and yelling, taking pics to plaster the "violators " on the internet. It's gotten a little silly up here this year.
  8. The Barrows are uncommon around here. Always a few each year along the coast.....less here inland.
  9. Great shots everyone. The back duck here is a Barrows Goldeneye feeding among the ice flows today on the Ct. River with a group of Common Goldeneyes. The coma shaped patch on his head, and the piano key pattern on the back is what to look for.
  10. I disagree , I've been in that range my whole adult life and can't see it. It's not exactly perjury or treason to make a "typo" at the presidents request. Perhaps the doc or nurse conveniently looks away....or just asks the President how much he weighs....who knows. I'd believe 335 #. We'll never know.
  11. *
  12. *
  13. True enough, but 6'3" at 235 is pretty good shape. Your a pretty solid guy at those stats.
  14. *
  15. If anyone really believes he's 6'3"..... 235# You have to be a small guy who's never carried some weight.