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  1. I prefer a good schoolie outing to almost anything. They're a blast to catch on light gear. Bouncing lead all night has it's place, but when the beach is alive with pods of schoolies.....
  2. What you do is..... Tell her to go for a nice pedicure and learn. Then after she washes the dishes, she can bring you a beer and practice on your feet while you watch the game.
  3. Very cool musician I know they're around along the coast , but rare around here. We finally ran into one a few weeks ago, winter colors then but we were glad to see it. All the Grebes are fun to see,
  4. A local pond yesterday....couple inches of snow and ice this AM..... Springs a long time coming .......
  5. I'm sure the d7500 is a really nice camera. I would go for it, I don't think your giving up that much compared to the d500.
  6. Young Red-tailed Hawk from the other day.
  7. X3 With that beak you could almost convince me that was a Hairy Woodpecker... tough call. Maybe Rocco will have a look when he stops by.
  8. I bet it's nice....... Going to hold with what we have for now. The price of this stuff puts a beating on your wallet after a while.
  9. The old D800 is back in service while the D500 is out for repair....bad XQD card slot. Something about the pics from the full frame camera that I always liked. If it wasn't for the vastly superior AF on the D500, I think the wife would use the D800 more often.
  10. When an outdoorsman thinks of how much better things are on land, and how much worse they are in our ocean than they used to be....... Why is that ? Today I might see a Moose, a Bear, a few Eagles, certainly some Turkeys........but I can't catch a single Cod this summer if I want to. ....
  11. Pretty common in the summer, not here yet. They're secretive, I'm sure you've heard them many times in your travels, just didn't realize what it was. Good sized too, a little bigger than say a Bluejay.
  12. Here are a couple local Cuckoo's.....just in case some think you've lost it..... Mostly heard but not seen. Black-billed Cuckoo: Yellow-billed Cuckoo:
  13. I would buy a new heater..... and have it on hand....... If you get a puddle under the heater, and the T+P has been ruled out, you likely have a bad tank IMO. Pinhole leaks often start and first.
  14. Yes, they certainly are.
  15. they take over our little puddle pond every year....crazy loud .