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  1. Don't know why they posted sideways. Thing is huge.....
  2. I know zip about wild mushrooms.....found this today at work.... maybe chicken of the woods ?
  3. Acadian flycatcher These seem to stay under the dark canopy along streams. We are at the top of there range so they are pretty rare up here, more common further South. Even under bright sun, it's so dark where he lives......10,000 ISO i/320 of a second at 600mm.
  4. A little Eastern wood pewee.
  5. , thats a new one.....
  6. Just practicing....catch and release... Nice shots.
  7. nice solid Bears .. The bird feeders just won't last this time of year... Even the little squirt at our house destroyed our Hummingbird feeders.
  8. In the second pic the little guy just finished taking a leak on the wife's plants.... Stood up, looked her right in the eye and let it rip....
  9. Southwestern Mass. in the Tolland , Granville , Blanford area......I see both pretty regularly. In Northwest Ct. too.
  10. Kids always bitching at work..... she's got some life left in her.
  11. Yup, no doubt a young one. Seems to be a good number of Bears around this year. I've seen several in the past couple weeks , a couple Moose too.
  12. Bold little guy this AM....
  13. Wrong thread but speaking of backyards........ Look at this little guy checking out our deck this AM. Chased him off the deck he goes into one of the wife's gardens..... stands up......looks her right in the eye ......and pee's on her plants . I couldn't stop laughing, she wasn't amused..... .
  14. Thanks Rick , A Yellow-throated Vireo from the backyard this AM.
  15. Great thread indeed.... over 700 pages and counting. Wife shot this young Cardinal for me, for a discussion we were having in the Mass. forum. It's sitting on our clothesline, thought it had a weird " bokeh" ( I guess you call it ) that I never saw before.