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  1. It's like complaining about the weather. We all like to do it, but it will never change a thing. There was never even a remote chance the Canal wouldn't be totally burned in the Internet age.
  2. Race Point

    One of my favorite things to do once my oldest was old enough to drive. Park one vehicle at Balston , drive the other up to Longnook, drop down the dunes around high water and slowly fish the points and holes back down to Balston and your other ride. Just the shooting stars and solitude are worth it on the right night....sometimes fish too.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to get it right.
  4. I though so.
  5. I never called them .... Your confusing me with someone who actually cares about the subject more than I. The real fun would be listening to one of them try to explain to the judge, what sort of mental gymnastics they used to justify writing a ticket. What would it be, a $50 ticket. It might be worth it to watch the show in court.
  6. Well..... I respectfully disagree.... My reading is, not only do they not say that you can't....they specifically say that you can. They are very specific in my view. No where can I find a relationship between a calendar day and a trip either expressed or implied. As written, I'd do it without hesitation....what would they write for a violation on the ticket ?
  7. Hi Joe, this is where I got it. A Marine Fisheries Advisory from the state.
  8. Pretty sad when this is about as good as it gets.
  9. got nothing.....just saying.
  10. Key point to me. When not on a commercial trip, commercial permit holders may fish for striped bass for recreational purposes if they hold a recreational fishing permit.
  11. I would have to see something in writing. Going by what I can find, I would not hesitate to go rec. fishing for dinner on the same day I sold 2 for the wallet. As I read it, there is no rule against it. Phone calls are great but mean little if it's not written down, the judge would't care. I can't see how a Commercial trip means a day, it could be an hour. I have no idea why the C+P got so mangled.... During commercial trips it is unlawful for commercial fishermen to possess o r land a recreational bag limit of striped bass in addition to their commercial harvest or to retain any striped bass catch at the recreational min imum size of 28 inches. Commercial fishermen engaged in commercial fishing for striped bass may not fish aboard the same vessel at the same time as recreational striped bass fishermen. When not on a commercial trip, commercial permit holders may fish for striped bass for recreational purposes if they hold a recreational fishing permit. From June 20 through the end of the commercial season, when a commercial striped bass fisherman is recreationally fishing on a closed commercial fishing day, s/he must imm ediately remove the entire right pectoral fin of any striped bass 34” or greater that is retained. This rule also applies to any person fishing aboard a vessel that is either named on a commercial Striped Bass Endorsement or carrying the holder of a commer cial Striped Bass Endorsement. This rule was implemented in 2015 to prevent the unlawful stockpiling of striped bass on closed commercial fishing days (see Advisory for more details ) .
  12. I bet the little ones are good though....say 16/20 inches..... I'll never know.
  13. I'd personally rather have Cod, Haddock........Swordfish or even super fresh Bluefish on the other end. Each to their own, not an upper tier eating fish IMO. It's ok.
  14. Cool snake Kid..... Those guys are feisty when they get warmed up.