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  1. We were out looking for oddball ducks this AM..... took a long range Redwing for the thread. Seemed pissed about the snow ...
  2. We don't see as many Ravens but always a few. They seem to always be in pairs when we run into them.
  3. Listen carefully for the Fish Crows. Different bird altogether than the typical American Crow but very difficult to tell them apart.......except by the call. The fish crows call is distinctive and once you know it you won't miss it. Not that many of them compared to American Crows, but always a few around....especially by the coast.
  4. Nooooo..... ain't Possum....were talkin store bought.
  5. Tapping the Maples all over town last weekend.
  6. The Wood Thrush and the Swainson's have a great song too.
  7. A lot of Robins around all winter these days, but the migrants seem to act differently as you've said. Redwing Blackbirds , Cowbirds, Grackles all around now.
  8. That's a good sign IMO. First Black Vulture for us was 1/30 this year. Today over the Westfield river.
  9. 6 " of snow last night....... and I ain't even going to shovel it.
  10. Looks photoshopped .
  11. Good for LLBean.... Saw a pic recently of someone returning a Christmas Tree to Costco.....after Christmas. That's the kind of people they're dealing with.
  12. Got a routine Doc appointment tomorrow.....I ain't going. Nothing that can't wait for a few weeks, I'm not going in the Flu infested building....... doesn't make sense to me.
  13. I'd like to see one of those Canvasbacks up here too. None listed in Mass. so far this year.
  14. Just started last week or so on the iphone. Kind of annoying but I don't use the phone much . Does shorten the noon time SOL check though.
  15. They're all good in the Farm/Ranch size I think. I like Husky just because my old 55 Rancher has been good to me. Nothing more dangerous than a half dull chainsaw. Always amazes me guys will try to manhandle an expensive pro grade saw through a block with a dull chain.....don't get it. Learn to file your own......And stay away from those "safety chains"....things will hurt you...