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  1. You have experience with U-Mass Amherst ? Good engineering programs.
  2. Your rant is noted, we all agree. Did it always die or is this a new condition ?
  3. Is she the one who kneels down....and ahh.... steams Trumps pants while he's in them ??
  4. The whole thing kind of reminded me of an old Reba McEntire song. It wouldn't surprise me if he only dated these girls with there parents permission. Askin', "Mama, what do I do?" She said, "Just be nice to the gentlemen, Fancy, And they'll be nice to you."
  5. Not his Pastor, a supporter.
  6. I'm a pro-life Republican.... Aren't you one of those half-baked Libertarian/white Nationalist hybrids. Nothing you good old boys like better than aborting babies that are going to cost you money....especially those blackies.. Gather up the pallets, big Moore bon-fire this weekend.
  7. Liked it myself...... His pastor buddy had a good quote about the young girl thing.....he should do Moore's swearing in. "He did that because there is something about a purity of a young woman, there is something that is good, that’s true, that’s straight and he looked for that."
  8. I don't think there is anyone who honestly believes Moore wasn't banging High School girls back in the day. I'm guessing it wasn't that unusual in Alabama at that time. Moore will be the new face of the GOP, and the PG. forum. Catching the holy rays with outstretched arms, while getting serviced bellow the belt by teenagers.....all the time throwing lightning bolts at the Homo's..... Trumps all in.
  9. I'm all in, said it long ago. Not my first choice but still a decent one......magnitudes better than the national embarrassment we're dealing with now.
  10. That's actually interesting....... I could see it happening.
  11. Coming down steady now in southern western mass.
  12. Then there are Alternative Facts...
  13. A steel Dock I made a couple years ago ( working on another now ). Fabricate here at home and then assemble on the ice. Had to carry the steel a couple hundred yards.... In the spring, installing the nailers, getting ready for decking.
  14. Excellent post Brian. ( Number 3 ) As Muller has gotten close....and then entered the White House......the whining has become deafening. This thing has just barely begun IMO.
  15. Not going to happen. I'm in favor for the record.