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  1. Unfortunately not. I would have certainly purchased a few.
  2. It's not too difficult, you just may add some extra wear and tear on your finger if you use braid.
  3. They are always bigger in person, I forgot to tell you that. Good luck squid. Talk about your current endeavor to lose a few pounds she may join in.
  4. And how about insulting your friends? Dweeb.
  5. You guys mean something similar to whats being discussed here correct?
  6. You can get it at stewarts in keansburg.
  7. You paid for that thing? Mines was free lol
  8. With a flick of a finger.
  9. I drink plenty of water. I need flavor for a meal.
  10. Cool so you are watching what you eat to a degree. Monitoring carbs and/or sugars is a great start. My problem is bread, rice, and potato's. Mixed with not eating regularly. There are times I may go 2-3 days with only maybe 1 real meal, then I may have 3 square meals every day for a week. Not good for the metabolism. I can't find a low sugar drink that I care to drink consistently with a meal. Some folks like a beer with their dinner, I like soda, juice, or sweet tea... flavored seltzer tastes disgusting so that isn't an option.
  11. This looks to be a bad year to have no limits on triggers lol
  12. It's pretty fluid, usually within one rotation of the spool the line is picked up. Which means there is enough slack in the line to where that's not a problem. However, if your slow, the fish might take too much line and spit the hook. I typically only fish bailess, and it seemed odd at first. But now I can't believe I didn't start doing it sooner.
  13. Think of it like murder mystery meets team building. Going with folks you know seems to be the best route.