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  1. In one night, I went down a bomber, and 2 mag darters. Next to me another mag darter and a nice glider were left swimming. Suckiest part for me is all of my plugs had recently upgraded split rings and VMC's hooks, and were catching fish..
  2. Might end up on an exploratory mission in mid may around Freeport if it's worth it.
  3. Damn we even look alike on the forum.
  4. Trout fishing? Or hitting the delaware? Delaware has been bloated (high and dirty) but shad have still been active.
  5. Bout time.
  6. i can't remember how it happened I think the rod was leaned up against the truck and wind moved closed the door, as the rod was sliding or something silly like that.
  7. Davy Wotten Knot was my favorite knot to tie fly fishing. But that was really designed for small freshwater presentations.
  8. Your living a good life sir.
  9. Fish low and slow. leave the inlines alone until you really start catching fish. Inline and siwash are great when blues are thick which is not the case now. Fish have been very finicky this year, I've seen a lot of basscome unbutton this year even with VMC 9626ps upgrades. Fish, learn, tweak. Fish, learn, tweak. Repeat the cycle a zillion times.
  10. Slammed a rod in a door.
  11. Didn't even realize I was in the flyfishing forum LOL my fly casting is still too terrible to give major thought to leader on the fly rod.
  12. This year I'm making it a point to always be ready to surf fish at a moments notice. 8'0 rod I keep on hand would be ok for fluking, but I need 10' for the surf.
  13. I had a pare of old big drawers......somebody's underwear hanging on a door at the hyatt once smh
  14. I was actually looking into a travel rod for the surf. I have a 8' foot 2piece but I really would need a 3 piece. I suppose if I could fly cast better that would fit the bill though.
  15. No. Caught and released by me. I haven't gotten it down pack yet