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  1. Looks like a hole, but it's not. Some kind of stand base thingy... Hiya Spig
  2. Washed up in Bayville recently. Likely to float away again this week with Jose and the new moon tides...
  4. I'll keep good thoughts for the both of you. Hang tough.
  5. Man, I gotta meet this guy !! DoorGunner, yer my kinda people. Great posts, information, and attitude. And even pictures. I'm wondering do terns eat jellyfish? Every day since Friday I've counted double the amount of jellyfish in my lagoon, from one to eight today... Ben
  6. Sister says they know it's down and are trying to get a new one. Remember, it's an all volunteer thing. Donations and such. Only so much from the state.
  7. One of my sisters volunteers for them. I'll ask her to check into it when I see her later today.
  8. To all of my DIY/Sol friends out there. Enjoy this blessed holy day. Ben
  9. A question for the "sparky"s out there... I have two situations where I would like to install Lutron wireless three-way switches. One is here at my new place. The foyer light by the door needs another switch at the end of the hall. Seems to be simple enough to do that after watching a few videos and checking the pdf.s but,... At my sisters house, she has a three-way switch (original) that runs her main kitchen overhead light. Switched at the back door, and on the knee-wall between the kitchen and the living room. The situation here is that I just removed the header above the knee-wall (i.e. I installed a new one in the attic so she could have a flush through ceiling ), and am going to remove the knee-wall as well so it's a much more open feeling. I'm wondering cant I just eliminate that leg of the run, and treat it like adding a new three-way. Which I would add to the existing center bearing wall that remains. ? Have I confused anyone yet? Lol. What say the sparkys? Thanks
  10. So very cool
  11. I like Donna. Best FF bartender ever IMHO . Druken Mario at the first Fling, when he became Glub , comes in second for the laugh factor. JMB, Derrick, Mario,... I'm so happy that you guys are carrying on the tradition. It was a decent turnout. I counted 80 at one point. Better than last year, and we didnt even have good weather ! Ya'll are doing a great job. Tammy tried to flatten me, but couldnt, lol. It's always great to spend even a little bit of time catching up with old friends. Food was off the chart, as it always is. Special thanks to MikeY for the extra mileage, swinging by the Anchor Inn to grab a couple of Parker Pies .
  12. Only three of us know what/when you mean. Lol. But thanks for playing.
  13. If yer stuck on the look of them, then aluminum is the way to go. Worth looking into.
  14. I've done that a few times... It always is
  15. Lou, I have some cool ones ya can have. I'll bring them tomorrow