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  1. That **** there is funny
  2. Amen to that bud. I do the same. One cooler for lunch, one for glue and batteries and such.
  3. Yeah, that's some high end stuff there Chunkah. Ya just gotta make it look like it never happened, as they say. Matt, I could never do that phone crap either, but I figured out that if I had my email in my contacts, I could send pictures from my phone to that, then post them online when I got home.
  4. Well howdy and welcome back to our old buddy John !! Wonderful surprise to see your name back up on the screen old friend.
  5. Yeah, spying on me, lol
  6. Aw man..... Just last night I was searching for an old thread in the DIY and got lost in another thread where he and i had a long discussion about steaming and bending wood. Come back today to continue my search only to see this thread pop up. I too am saddened at his passing, and my missing it until now. Chris was a helluva nice guy, and so generous with his knowledge and time. I was privileged to spend time with him and call him a friend. God speed bud.....
  7. What he said ^^^^ But then, there's always an Easter Egg in each job. Sometimes they are rotten.
  8. Ooops. I was close though.
  9. Good eye.
  10. Thanks on the doors Pete. I originally had them stack matched, book-paged, and perfect, but the H.O. did a walk-by and noticed a few minor (really) defects in a couple panels and asked me to flip them. Bummed me out, but they're not mine so... On the outlet, I've seen them done lots of wrong ways. And some not too bad. I always used one (or two) of them plastic box extenders to get the outlet inside the cabinet. Then put on the cover plate. But no more as you've heard. I ordered one of these kits and a white cover/extender, but it hasnt come in yet. If ya check the video out, you'll see that you can mount inside the cabinet. Or leave the whole thing where it is, which is what I plan to do. Now that I moved it from in between the right and center cabinets, lol.
  11. Wassup fellers ? Aint ben around much this past year or so. Big move, changing lotsa things... Hope all has ben well here in our little shop. Anyway, I just finished this set of what I call lockers, for lack of a better term. Three separate boxes. Each 96" high. The outside two are 30" wide, the inside is 26" , to accommodate a switch box on the left by the ext. door. All just plain clear pine frames, and 1/4 and 1/2" sanded pine/birch plywood. Hogged out the plywood and the pine in my driveway at home, hauled it all to the job and did the assembly of each box on site. Set each one then made the doors and 1/2" plywood shelves w/3/4 pine supports front and back.
  12. Rob
  13. Looks like a hole, but it's not. Some kind of stand base thingy... Hiya Spig
  14. Washed up in Bayville recently. Likely to float away again this week with Jose and the new moon tides...