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  1. My ex and I had a running battle over how to cook corn. I wanted to soak it and grill it, she wanted it stripped and boiled I finally got her turned around on that note after she had it done my way a few times. Then came the battle over the "handle". She liked the cobs cut clean on both ends (didnt like the top end with its little tiny kernels, nor the handle), while I grew up on a farm and valued the stalk to hold so I could eat it. We didnt have them fancy corn cob skewer things growing up so ya needed something to hold on to. Finally came to a head one evening when I got tired of her bitching and took a piece, in the husk, off the grill, put it on the butcher block table, and took a cleaver and whacked the handle end off to satisfy her. Dontcha know that as soon as I did that, squeezing sorta holding the rest in my gloved hand, that the cob slipped right on out of the husk clean of silk and all. She smiled and thought she won the battle. I'm definitely gonna try that old bay thing mentioned before. That sounds great.
  2. There's where ya went wrong.
  3. Wtf ?!!! is that thing????
  4. ^^^ Me too , but many more than that. I have five different circular saws, left and right hand. And four different routers, each of them with optional different size and shape bases. I've made 2' , 3' , 4' , 6' , & 8' rip guides for every one of my saws. And for my routers, including changing base plates for each and making each of them , I've made one for each router and baseplate for 1/4" , 3/8" , 1/2" , 5/8" , 3/4" bits , as well as my set of three true plywood sized bits . All made from leftover 3/4" MDO or Baltic Birch and 1/4" plywood from various projects. All clearly labeled so no mistakes are made. I do alot of field work, so on any given job I could have two or more saws and/or routers set up with different blades, or bits each set at different depths. I've found it much easier and more efficient, with far fewer mistakes, to just have dedicated jigs for each task and tool. And just change tools and jigs, once each tool is set up as far as bit/blade, and depth. I pretty much had this set made by the time track saws became popular. So I just cant justify buying a Festool or any other. Even though the tool geek inside me really, really wants one. Plus I cant afford it, lol.
  5. I'm interested, Mike. Will call ya this weekend.
  6. ^^^ Dust/pollen would be my guess.
  7. If ya heat the worn electrons in a microwave on the pizza slice heat setting for like 7 seconds, then rub the worn electrons against the positive or negative side of a 9 volt battery (depending on the polarity of each electron), ya can re-energize them for another six months. At least in the summer. In the winter ya gotta use the potato setting on the nuker. Surprised Tim doesn't know this.
  8. The only thing worse than roofing is chasing leaks. Sometimes they are obvious and easy to repair, and sometimes they are a bug hunt. First look for any obvious spots above where you "saw" the leaks. Anything penetrating the roof like vent pipes, chimney, valley, or wall. If you can get up in the attic during a rain, that's your best bet. Go to where you saw the leak and try to trace the water up. Water will follow the path of least resistance. I've found leaks far, far away from where they showed up on ceilings. . A picture or three would help us help you. If ya cant or dont want to wait for rain, a garden hose and a helper to spray it can help.
  9. I've got Bosch, Dewalt, and recently Rigid for work tools, and a Ryobi set for home use. Ben using Dewalt for many years and have the radio/charger so it's ben a no-brainer to stay with them. The battery's are way expensive and dont last as long as they used to. The Rigid I got for Christmas has me thinking of changing over as I will have to at some point soon because of the battery change by Dewalt. The Rigids are basically knock-offs of other company's and for a few bucks I can get good ins. for when they take a crap. Which they all will do at some point.
  10. Why not just turn a 4 or 6 gang box on it's side and use sideways switches? Ya should be able to carve out enough of that offending stud with a multi-tool or even sawzall or just old school chisel and hammer. That's what I would do.
  11. I only have what turns out to be crappy pictures from my phone. For 800 bucks, ya would think it would be good pictures and easy to up/download. Ah, I'll wait on Bob for pics if he wants to put them up.
  12. Stewie, ya can buy them made outta pine for cheap, but the good ones are made out rock maple, ash, or red oak. All good candidates for filling a screw hole. I use self - centering bits for most any hole like that. No problem getting a new screw into one of them tees' as they're much harder than the jamb in 99% of the cases. . Also good for re-locating a misaligned screw.
  13. Niiiiice.