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  1. How in the hell am I expected to get right what everyone else is wrong. Sheesh. How in the hell am I expected to get right what everyone else is wrong. Sheesh. How in the hell am I expected to get right what everyone else is wrong. Sheesh. Yeah,.... There's not supposed to be an echo in a vacuum either.... But I hear that thought bouncing in my head most every day.
  2. As my friend above says, it was no real "local" secret. I knew about it when I was a wee Lippen, and I live a good distance away. Well, further than I was "allowed" to ride my bike back then, anyway Hey Bob .
  3. So, a scam though? Spidey senses were going off, lolol
  4. Too late to this thread to help the OP, and perhaps it wouldn't/doesn't work down in Florida. But for roughly the same dollar per sq. ft. I will/would always go with Race Deck flooring in any garage or shop I build. Starts at $3.80 sq. ft. No prep other than sweep/vacuum first. Piece of cake to put down, never a worry about hot tires, and you could even take it with you if you moved. Plus it's way easier on yer feet standing on it for hours as opposed to concrete.
  5. Any other contractors in NJ have this crap letter come to them? New to me, and seems like a frickin scam. Perhaps a "legit" govt. scam, but I aint paying $84.00 to anyone until I check further into this
  6. Here's two. I know they are wrenches, but for what tools?
  7. Floating candle ?
  8. I use my Kreg jigs for all sorts of things. Always finding new uses. But for straight up face frame joining, I always add a second, bar clamp to keep the pieces tight and flush.
  9. AKA Shadman around here long ago. He was my brother in law for a few years, Mike. Give me a call...
  10. That **** there is funny
  11. Amen to that bud. I do the same. One cooler for lunch, one for glue and batteries and such.
  12. Yeah, that's some high end stuff there Chunkah. Ya just gotta make it look like it never happened, as they say. Matt, I could never do that phone crap either, but I figured out that if I had my email in my contacts, I could send pictures from my phone to that, then post them online when I got home.
  13. Well howdy and welcome back to our old buddy John !! Wonderful surprise to see your name back up on the screen old friend.
  14. Yeah, spying on me, lol