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  1. Skk https://www.westsystem.com/specialty-epoxies/gflex-650-toughened-epoxy/ I now use West System Flex for all my rod building where structrual epoxy is needed. I changed from the other West System products because of the GFlex's flexibility. You can buy it in any West Marine stores - West System epoxy is not related to West Marine. They just carry it. Herb
  2. Yes - what RedGreen said. BUT ---Make sure you do it out of doors AND with a respirator mask like MMM sells. That is if you value you and your family's lungs and brain matter. Herb
  3. I used to use all sorts of boxes. Some heavy some light. But now I just bought some 1.5" X 6" clear plastic sleeves and keep my individual flys in those and ship them with all my other fishing stuff in gallon size zip locks to the Cape. Then I place the flys I will be using in a water proof LOKSAK. They are thick walled zip-lock bags. In a wind - flys have a habit getting blown out of an open box. Herb
  4. I never heard that Fluro gets "shiny" when scratched. Comments??? I do what Jon does re formula. And I do it with Fluro. Have no idea if Fluro worth the extra $. I spend so much just staying and eating on the Cape that a little more on Fluro means nothing. Herb
  5. Mike, Just one - the smallest of the lot...of course. Neither one of us had anything that looked what they were rooting for. Many fish turned on my fly but turned it down. It was freaky to see fish coming at you from 80' away. They were flashing as they turned sideways to pick-up what we assumed were crabs. Your TH blanks have shipped. Herb
  6. I have been going with the same Cape Cod Orvis Certified guide for the last 15 years: Tony Bisky. 508 241 8669. tony@c4.net He runs a new 23' Jones Brothers out of Harwich Port. Very honest and won't take you out just to take your money. He loves to fish the Monomoy flats. So bring your waders - but at that time of year you can probably wet wade. Other favorite places of his are the many rips off Monomoy where the fish hit hard. They are there to eat - 20# leaders don't cut it - use 30#. Big flys needed. I always use 10wts. You will need a sinker and floater. If you do contact him - tell him Herb told you to contact him. I always go with him in May or June. So the fishery may be different in September - but he will fill you in. And - don't hesitate to ask him where you can wade fish from shore - as Jon says. Oh ---- Don't know about September --- but in June Monomoy flats had tons of big fish cruising in 1' of water, Could see them from 80' away. But all they wanted were crabs. So practice casting with them. Maybe bring your favorites. Regards, Herb
  7. Matt (Fish...) You have the #10 Long head. I don't have a #7 NIB - but I have a #7 long with leader attached. I don't remember using it - if I did it was only once or twice because I don't fish 7's much at all. I would sell it for $20. I have others with leaders - I will post them later for others to consider. Herb
  8. hey Bobby You have it You still in Willow Grove? Herb
  9. 'Hi Killie The "long-head" line has a floating running line (but you wouldn't know it) and an intermediate clear head. The box reads: WF10F/I Outbound. It is not full intermediate like the Shorts. But it doesn't act like a floating running line - at least not to me. Herb
  10. I have 4 lines left: 2 X RIO OB WF Long head #10 I 1 X RIO OB WF long head #12 I 1 X RIO OB WF Short Head # 7 Note: these are all full lines - not shooting heads. Herb
  11. Jay So you want one (1) long head 312 ans one (1) SHORT head #7 ??? If so - you have them Herb