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  1. Don't care. Too expensive for me to buy regardless of the politics.
  2. Looks good
  3. Nice
  4. Good luck! Stay the course.
  5. Sad Had a good friend die from one.
  6. Loved watching him while growing up!
  7. True
  8. Outstanding and funny show before the one passed away.
  9. Holy heck cheater fan I never knew that. Such an important piece of information to enrich ones life! The cheater does have my respect but hey won't be sorry to see him flame out as he gets older and older.
  10. This weather sucks. Tired of the cold. Going camping later this week off the Blue Ridge parkway in North Carolina. Calling for temp of 32 degrees at night. Where the heck is spring.
  11. Which fishingwhatever dude is this one again? I get confused with which one does what and gets yelled out for being an azzbaby, instigator and all around idiot. They both blend in together.
  12. Cal Ripken. Aberdeen Maryland high school.
  13. No adds here. I do use an add blocker.
  14. Bad cheese!!