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  1. That's a lot of money for a dog. But a pet is a pet what are you gonna do LOL.
  2. The poachers were so eaten that the people that found them still are not sure exactly how many were poaching.
  3. Back at ya!!
  4. Cheater hope springs eternal LOL.
  5. Are these the same people that suck on tide pods?
  6. Nice!
  7. Feel the burn........in the morning LOL.
  8. Congrats!! If she is going away to college you'll never know about the nonsense LOL.....well unless the college calls.
  9. Who is actually reading all that???? And don't really care either.
  10. Just a thought......you drink way to much and your hormones are all screwed up causing the extra fat. On the other hand your quality of life is probably better because of the drinking so screw the fat and hormones.
  11. Yep I watch them.
  12. LOL
  13. LOL
  14. She was an interesting study her entire life.
  15. Moron sounds like the correct word. Feeling "Self Entitled" is another couple words.