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  1. My sweet sassy molassy, perish the thought. We already have Neanderthals throwing at tour boats and injuring innocent passengers. The carnage would be exponentially worse with thousands of entitled boaters trolling through thousands of angry shore punks.
  2. Every dog has their day.... right?
  3. To recap, there is plenty of blame to go around. Blame I share myself! Tell a few buddies, then they tell a few buddies, who tell a few more buddies....(you get it). Now I could say my small indiscretions are a drop in the bucket and matter not but that isn't entirely true. You are either part of the problem, or part of the solution. I don't know what the solution is but I'm smart enough to know that no matter how small, the SOL canal report is most certainly a part of the problem. Arguing about how much or what source is worse is a deflection of the real issue and not fully recognizing how damage starts and spreads. Fact: read a report that says "fish are in the canal" and any idiot can deduce where they are within a couple hours. The notion that "the canal" is not specific enough to be considered a spot burn made sense to me 10 years ago. After many walks where arseholes to elbows goes on as far as any man can walk, made me realize, that in this day "fish are in the canal" is a spot burn that soon turns the place into a complete and utter zoo. SOL's efforts to minimize the damage have not helped and who and estimating how much of the blame each source shares is just a futile effort that offers no help. Newspapers, cell phones, chatty anglers, SOL, FB, IG, OTW, B&T's (the list goes on) all share some of the blame, I wish I had a solution. To be honest, turning the CCC into catch and release only zone is the best option I've seen so far, albeit not at all a true solution in practicality.
  4. You lost me after 'Hi all'.
  5. There's only 2 kinds of fisherman at that sewer. Guys with all the best gear and fancy outfits that can't fish their way out of a paper bag & googans.... FACT!
  6. Earliest I've ever hooked a bonito was 4th of July weekend off of the Island Queen jetty in Oak Bluffs, MA. That particular year (many moons ago) was a very hot spring/summer. I'll take a guess that we don't see the first bones this year for a month or so. This was a super cold spring, I feel we've been about a month or so behind so far temperature wise, albeit a correctable factor (with some sustained heatwaves).
  7. Calm down goog, apparently you've been cut from the all star team.
  8. $300... IMX1085-2S GLO-0784 9' 2 piece 50/50 split 15-30 3/4-5oz Med-Heavy Mod Fast $510.00 USD MSRP
  9. I have a 9' IMX, but its a pick up only situation near the CC canal.
  10. You talkin to me?
  11. Bournedale lot at noon on a clam.
  12. Frog Togg hip waders from Dicks for $35 plus machine screws & adhesive from cheapo Depot.
  13. This must be what they are talking about when they say "throwing a wrench in the deal".