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  1. Not a pissing contest chief, nobody gives two poops how long you've been a member. I didn't even address you, so I'm not sure why you are spouting off, try decaf.
  2. OK, thanks. Not busting your balls. As a courtesy I would post in any relevant threads if and when a deal has been made so folks don't waste their time attempting to fulfill requests you have already handled elsewhere. "PM'ed" doesn't inform too much if a deal has been reached or if you are just discussing your locations. Let me know if it doesn't work out.
  3. Thats fine, "plans" are required to be made on the board. Both to follow the rules of SOL and be informative to folks following the thread. Just a heads up.
  4. I've got a silver 150 knob for $23 shipped.
  5. I'm Actually the guy to the left just off camera, let me get you some better shots.... And yes, I am quite fetching, the white bucket is just the cherry on top.
  6. Boy, this guy can't catch a break! This is a legitimate question, guys are concerned with weight. Isn't that why k frame guides, cork grips, & graphite reel seats are popular?
  7. Nah... I bought two! Found a 10% off a pair sale and for less than a hundy, I'm the envy of all the boys. Plus these things attract chicks better than souped up motorcycles. Well worth the investment.
  8. White bucket, DONE!
  9. If there is one place I don't mind a smidgen of extra weight, its at the end of the butt. Most if not all of my outfits are tip heavy, a skoshe on the end only helps. Speaking of help, not much protection in lighter caps. Don't obsess!
  10. This is why I'm busting balls!
  11. Low T and Master Baiter, what a combo!
  12. Bad experience? Talk about Black Hole!
  13. Did you though?
  14. Sorry for the delay, I'm going to pass.