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  1. $180 Cash for the GRS and Dmag. I will be in Lavellette tomorrow morning.
  2. Still Looking....
  3. Have a couple GRS's to throw into the mix for Arsenals... Both giants Would love to find a Arsenal Wacky Mack Senior.
  4. That works for me. Send your PP info. Thanks, Mike
  5. Sunset bunker peanut please I would take the other yellow peanut also for $100 shipped. Mike
  6. Nope, wish I had a couple... NOTE: Pink/Yellow Dmag pencil is no longer available
  7. BUMP
  8. I'll take it PM coming
  9. I'm looking to pick up a couple GRS and Arsenal Plugs. Looking for new. Thanks, Lami
  10. Looking to trade for Arsenals and GRS Plugs. I have the following plugs up for trade - All NEW, TB's, Dmags, Sunsets, After Hours Darters, Jaget Spins (with boxes), Strategic Angler (Pinky) & Arsenal minnow. Thanks, Lami
  11. I would take the green and yellow needle for $20 shipped. Lami
  12. Looking for a Show Special Banana
  13. 2018 Dmag Lava Set
  14. Still Looking...
  15. There has to be some of these around...