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  1. Nice pick up, 2nds
  2. Thanks, its sharp looking. Thought it was bigger then his regular size, just wasn't sure how much bigger. I'm trying to get a hold of a parrot troller myself. Couldn't make it to his line at Asbury this year! He makes a bunch of different sizes, really nice work!! Thanks, Lami
  3. Sounds like a good trade to me!
  4. I have a new 2oz AH Mac, What size is the parrot pikie? Lami
  5. Closing this down. Thanks, SOL
  6. I have a New Big Rock Striper Show Special from last years Berkeley Show, Its #4 out of 10. Looking to trade for Arsenal Squid or Banana Plug from this year. Would consider other Arsenal swimmers, with special paint patterns. Please post pic's, if interested. Thanks, Lami
  7. Goodman kicker no longer available. So how about a better kicker plug... New 2oz After Hours Mac Darter
  8. Also looking for the Arsenal Banana Show Special plug
  9. I have this BT 2nd bar pencil, if your interested. Lami
  10. WOW can't believe this is still here, watermelon is a tuff color to get. If I didn't already have it!
  11. Very nice. Is your Parrot swimmer a troller or larger size? Lami
  12. No, unfortunately I didn't, but would love one!!
  13. WOW, that was quick!!
  14. My 2018 bill is due in September, but my previous Geico bill (2017) went down some from 2016. I also carry the boat US tow ins.
  15. Geico took over Boat US a couple years ago. The price has not gone up. I have had Boat US Insurance since 2006