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  1. Dat's da troof right there! Well, 6 in a row was fun, I guess we were due for a stinker... How about those Devils???
  2. Thanks! Each year it takes me a while to soak in the new rules... I was lucky enough to score tix for last night's Rangers / Blue Jackets game. Another emotional roller coaster of a game with a happy ending. Heck, anytime Torts gets red is a good night for us. But the best of the evening was watching the kids a couple rows in front of me. Older brother maybe a pre teen and a little guy of 7 or 9... Our seats are right over the Rangers' entrance to the ice, but back in row 14. When they were announcing the stars of the game the brothers went down by the glass, I guess hoping to catch a puck. I didn't notice them go down there, but sure noticed the little guy when he came back up the steps with a stick! This kid literally couldn't talk he was smiling so hard. He looked like a little giant smile with legs, arms and a hockey stick. He even got a round of applause when he made it back to the family holding the stick high over his head. Big brother was shaking his head in amazement. Such a cool moment. I made sure to give him a high five on the way out...
  3. Ahhh... could be... Thanks!
  4. Boom! I've posted before about my @12 Frosts of Sweden "Swedish Army Knife" I take absolutely no care of it for my 2 weeks in MTK. It lives on my wader belt, never gets rinsed and while it gets a smattering of rust (usually around the drain hole in the sheath), it cleans right up with some WD40 and a scotch bright pad. I use it and never worry about it dulling because a couple licks on a stone brings the 127C6 steel back to hair popping sharp. 308 isn't even knife steel. That's the kind of steel that is used for fittings (guards, bolsters etc) on knives. There are plenty of stainless steels that get stupid sharp and stay that way. Minimal care keeps them rust free. If you can care for your reels, you can care for a quality SS knife. Just off the top of my head and the ones I own ATS34, CPM 154, 440A & B, 127C6 and I think there is still a 440C still in the herd. Sell that Wenoka to someone who likes them, get yourself a Morakniv and be happy.
  5. So it is all season then. Thanks Jim... I must've missed the calli then, because I doubt all the Rangers and their staff would've missed it lol.
  6. Crazy isn't it Jim? My guys won 2 in a row :0 At this point I'm not sure if I should be happy or worried.... lol. Got a rule question for the gang from last night's Ranger game. I was watching earlier in the year, it might have been pre-season, and there was a coach's challenge. In that game the challenge was lost, the goal stood and the challenging team was assessed a two minute penalty. (Last year they would've lost their time out) Was that a pre-season try out of the new rule? Or is it in place for the year? I ask because last night, the TBL had a goal disallowed due to goaltender interference. They challenged and lost. While the review was going on a scrum and fight broke out at the benches. Penalties were assessed for the fight. No mention of the penalty for the lost challenge. Or loss of a time out. I was confused. Then my DVR ran out and I missed the last 6 minutes or so of the game. A rough night. I did however have the company seats on Halloween, and came to work hoarse the next day
  7. Excellent! Our first trick or treater was a cat dressed up as a zombie.... Boy howdy was my wife surprised when she found that behind the garbage can in the front of the house. And this is on a busy avenue in Long Island City Queens.
  8. search youtube for "the magic marker sharpening trick" If your knife is made out of 420J2 steel... treat yourself to a new knife.
  9. Well written. Thank you
  10. The agony. The A-G-O-N-Y!
  11. Had a great time with my daughter getting her ready for her Halloween party tonight. Painting her face, drinking coffee, discussing current events, taking photos... Quality Daddy Daughter time it was. BTW, I made the leather mask... the rubber mask that came with the outfit just wasn't good enough
  12. If you father in law wears glasses, get him binos that he can wear with his glasses. My Steiner Military & Marine 8x30's have fold down eye cups and I can use them with my specs on. A big plus. Well within your budget as well. Fixed focus keeps the price down. Everyone who has used these binos has been impressed with them.
  13. Oh boy... can we play the 0-fer teams all the time?
  14. Buy your tickets from an authorized seller. NOT the guys hanging around on the bulkhead near the boat... If it looks shady it is. And my free tip for Times Square.... I work near the top of the square... There are guys handing out "free" CD's of their music. They start off nice and polite and complimentary, if you stop or slow down and change your mind they will try to shame you into stopping. That's when the CD gets autographed with a dedication to you in sharpie. And the "donation" pitch starts. I've seen the "donation" request get pressurized really fast. That one guy isn't alone. So do yourself a favor. Keep walking. Don't interact. Don't look over. Keep walking. Keep walking. Sometimes a brisk and authoritative (daddy voice) "No thank you." will do it. But above all, Keep walking.
  15. Well. If we could play the dogs and their poor rookie goalie every night.... The Habs Saturday night in Montreal. We'll do our best to help out there Jim