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  1. Looks like a well played loophole in the law. The Captain says he follows the rules and yet has no responsibility to enforce them on his boat. Seems to me the rules need to change. Also... Maybe some undercover officers. on the boats as paying fares, with 'stealthy' cameras. That is if they really wanted to stop this illegal practice.
  2. Back in the BC days, guys would tie their buzz baits to their truck's outside rearview mirrors. Out in the wind the blade's axle hole would wear and cause the blade to squeak when retrieved at fishing speeds. YMMV
  3. Thanks Bucko... I do the same with my conventional gear... It's getting the leader to the point where you can grab it, that's where I was worried about high sticking or over bending the rod.
  4. Thanks for all the responses. Personally I don't mind SDRs (Short Distance Releases)... If I get the bite and then get to see them, I'm pretty happy. Breaking a rod puts an end to the above. I do appreciate the instructions and encouragement.
  5. Hang a big, fat grub, crawdad or shad on that buzz bait. It'll add weight and stability for the cast and buoyancy for a slower retrieve.
  6. For those of you who fly fish the beaches alone, how do you land your fish without high sticking and or breaking your rod? Best I can figure is the old point the rod at the fish and retreat up to the sand, while trying to time the waves for some help. I guess it is obvious that most of my fly rodding is for bluegill on the pond and most of them I can lift
  7. Thanx guys... Cats... I just sneezed! A little further down 57th Street
  8. A similar thing happened to me with a 1oz buck tail and 15 lb mono. Big fish, way bigger than the others I was catching. Swam off against a drag that the 26" bass didn't move. Could feel each beat of the tail. Then the sulk and then nothing. Buck tail came back too. My theory, and I may be crazy, I think the bass (in both our cases) had the whole bait in it's mouth with its jaws clamped tight. The hook never stuck. They both came unbuttoned when they opened their mouth, the little fly and little buck tail never touched even a lip in their big maws. The leader of my lure was a little beat up right at the top of the knot. But I guess we will never know...
  9. Upside down is fun
  10. While it is more than 10 years old I'd say the most innovative lure to come along since the rubber worm is Sluggo. Fished unweighted on a single hook Sluggo is the only lure with a totally random action. All the other lures out there have a rhythmic, mechanical action. Twitch Sluggo along and you don't know which way it is going next. Of course, all that is gone once you put Sluggo on a jig head or use a weighted hook. To me, everything else is just a repeat, copy or update of something that's been around for ages.
  11. There's been a lull in quality westerns since Tombstone. My favorite western ever is "The Long Riders" Highlights 4 sets of brothers playing 4 sets of brothers. The Keaches: Jesse James (James Keach) and Frank James (Stacy Keach) The Carradines: Cole Younger (David Carradine), Jim Younger (Keith Carradine) and Bob Younger (Robert Carradine) The Quaids: Ed Miller (Dennis Quaid) and Clell Miller (Randy Quaid) The Guests: Charley Ford (Christopher Guest) and Robert Ford (Nicholas Guest) A bowie knife duel. Music by Ry Cooder and my favorite line "First getting shot, now getting married... bad habits. Bad habits"
  12. I'm going out on a limb here and set myself up for ridicule but I think way, way too much has been made of "The Crippled Minnow Action" and "Action" in general. I blame Lauri Rapala It's the unaware baitfish that gets eaten. If the bass had to wait for a cripple they'd starve. It's the helpless baitfish that gets eaten... Overwhelmed by the current, caught out of the school, strayed from the edge of the school... While I've dead drifted way more jigs than flies, many of those jigs had no action at all. Stiff plastic hair with no trailers, or a chunk of surgical tube, or a sting ray grub. All dead drifted with no rod or reel action. This "no action" approach accounted for many fish and quite often dead drift out caught the standard fare and retrieves...
  13. I got this tip here ages ago. And again, thanks to whoever originally posted it! Drill a hole in the cap of a plastic soda bottle. Place a bolt thru the hole from the inside out. Hold in place with the proper sized nut. Screw the cap on the bottle. Chuck the bolt into your drill. Attach the end of the line with a little tape. Go slow and wind the line off the reel onto the bottle. Now get another bottle on the drill and put the bottle with the line on it on a screw driver (chop stick, dowel, etc) held by a vice or helper person. Go slow and wind the line onto the second bottle. This gets the line reversed so the backing is on the outside. Put the second bottle on the vice and reel the line off of it as described above. I use Jose Wejebe's paper towel method of applying tension, its on the youtube. ccb, respectfully, it was mono that would crack the old plastic spools. The mono would stretch and compress the spool that, over time, would crack. Braid doesn't stretch, so it's not a problem. At least that's what's been working for me.
  14. Rod arrived today. Packed like a pro. Rod as described. Excellent deal. Thank you RegDunlop!