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  1. The 4 brothers is a great shot. Print it, frame it... now.
  2. I'm glad some other folks posted more than one... This is the photo that immediately came to mind when I read the thread title. But looking thru my albums I wanted to add this (Halloween) portrait My favorite photos to take are reflection photos where you see both, what's in front of you and behind... all mixed together. If I'm in it and the splash of yellow from a taxi cab, all the better. No cab in that one but thanks for looking anyway
  3. Really tight! Some teams will be out that could probably be 2nd somewhere else...
  4. City sidewalks, dressed in holiday style... In the air there's a feeling of Christmas
  5. Glad you had a good time. The city isn't all that bad, as long as you keep thinking on your feet.
  6. I'm thinking you have to melt that license plate down to exorcise this curse...
  7. Hey, it's a long season... I could turn around in a Phllly minute My guys came back from 3 behind to tie only to lose it in the last minute....
  8. Hang in there BFD... look at the bright side... it isn't snowing!
  9. Do your knife a favor and don't baton it. Before the internet I never felt like I was lacking when outdoors with a small knife (folder or sub 4" fixed blade) and a folding saw like a Sven Saw or a "What-A-Saw".
  10. Feel better bfd... tis that time of year.
  11. Dat's da troof right there! Well, 6 in a row was fun, I guess we were due for a stinker... How about those Devils???
  12. Thanks! Each year it takes me a while to soak in the new rules... I was lucky enough to score tix for last night's Rangers / Blue Jackets game. Another emotional roller coaster of a game with a happy ending. Heck, anytime Torts gets red is a good night for us. But the best of the evening was watching the kids a couple rows in front of me. Older brother maybe a pre teen and a little guy of 7 or 9... Our seats are right over the Rangers' entrance to the ice, but back in row 14. When they were announcing the stars of the game the brothers went down by the glass, I guess hoping to catch a puck. I didn't notice them go down there, but sure noticed the little guy when he came back up the steps with a stick! This kid literally couldn't talk he was smiling so hard. He looked like a little giant smile with legs, arms and a hockey stick. He even got a round of applause when he made it back to the family holding the stick high over his head. Big brother was shaking his head in amazement. Such a cool moment. I made sure to give him a high five on the way out...