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  1. You would be the one catching next to my flailing into the fishy abyss
  2. Unless you really see fish blitzing on them, its a crap shoot. Sometimes i'll send the clown to the kids party and throw something completely opposite into the frenzy, bright bold and either way bigger, or smaller than the forage. Snagging and throwing a wounded one in on the ball if they are being hit is usually productive. From what I am seeing round my neck of the woods, is that there are small schools of adult pogies scattered all over the place with nothing but seals and the occasional kayak fisherman bothering them. I've been staying away from it as it generally drives me nutz trying to make it work. Jim
  3. Someone steal the soap box and burn it please....
  4. Bad things are behind door number 3 Toby...be careful btw i was fishing your captain america plug last weekend as a scout on a rock pile we anchored off of Looking for some bigger fish I knew were hanging too close to get my boat in there with live lines I swear I lured it into fresh bait got this one seconds after retrieve into our live line set new tactic for me that will be exploited from here on
  5. Toby won’t see this, because he is ignoring me. But glad he shared
  6. tough to see this but also so cool that sometimes, what we prey upon wins over what in gear we choose to pursue said target. that fish was a beast, and left you with the right bait to try again. So cool. hopefully her jaw/lip is ready for it again with new hardware soon. Great pic, and thanks for sharing that. Like that mysterious buck that won't come out of cover just 30 yards from your stand. Its why we hunt. Sometimes its easy, and the catch is just that, other times they just beat you, and that makes you better. Good on ya.. Jim Jim
  7. we still have that old malibu. It gets work each weekend as it nicely fits on the hardtop of our "bigger boat" and is a fan favorite loaner to friends. It was support boat to a friend whose lady friend killed it in the peaks to portland last weekend. Love fishing from it still. I do miss the simpler days.... Sometimes
  8. A captain needs (wants) his ship. A foundational story of Love, selfishness and compromise. Way back in the early to mid 90's, in a Maine far far away during my formative years learning to fish up here (oh yes, we are from away). I soon discovered that my lack of influence on home location selection (someone else holds that power ) put me in a area somewhat close to water, but not close to beach fishing (which Is what I grew up doing on Long Island). I struggled gaining access where I wanted to fish, and beach trips were taking their toll on my time. These too were formative years in my marriage. I had decided that keeping expectations extremely low at the onset of this relationship was in my best interest as this would allow me to surprise her every now and again with unexpected good behavior (my high level marital success blueprint). Two opposing forces, well at least two, are in play here. She loves being OTW, but hates to fish. Financial boulders aside. My desire to be present in the relationship (which is genuine) was fully rationalized by my empowering Y chromosome when I declared "I...we.. need a boat to access better fishing close to home and so I can be around more." "If I have to drive all the way south to fish all the time it just wont work, you'll never see me (thinking she really wants to...neglecting to mention of course "I'll never see you". The grim but loving reply "we can't afford it" predictably returns like a homing scud missile. Oooh but I had a plan... Stage I: Find some sort of cheap craft we can share, under the guise of a fishing boat.... Scraping together some hard earned extra bucks I bought a beat up used Ocean Kayak malibu II XL (family fun dual sit on top kayak). I was immediately turned on by the added rod and drink holders, and hold downs for baitwell/cooler ETC. The previous owner had a fishfinder on it too. I thought to myself....This will offer countless hours of smoochy sunset paddles with the wife, Oh and BTW, did you see the rod holders on this thing? This thing was a fisherman's marriage saving machine! I'm in! Well, after a few short paddles with the Mrs. she was hooked, wanted to go kayaking all the time... with me? Stage II: Ease into fishing mode.. I (we) learned a lot real fast about fishing these Maine waters, finding structure, learning the tides, and best fishy haunts, but maneuvering a big yak around and trying to fish on structure was a trick, and it needed to go to the next level... I convinced her that we were spending so much time OTW and her paddling was so strong now, that she would take up stern seat, and let my plug a bit here and there when we saw fish or fishy spots. she could keep us in position.....OK???? Really??? Now, casting with your better half 5' directly behind you can be a daunting task, but with precision and hope, what could go wrong? We (me) were soon catching bass all around the islands, but usually just short 1-1/2 hour stints, as the return to smoochy sunset paddles was requested. After two years of this, I again delivered, with a more wizened delivery..."We obviously love being OTW and need to upgrade to a bigger boat, one with space so fishing is safe (for you), and we can go out further, pursue Island picnic happiness and even more smoochy sunsets". I realized at that moment how Johnny Cochran must have felt delivering "if the glove does not fit...you must...." Brilliant!....Then crickets... Again I am met with the financial Heisman. "We just can't afford it, and more importantly, don't need it". Beaten, but not broken, I press on. Time to re-engage Y chromosome forces, adapt, reshape the plan. Stage III: "The incident". Early one mid July morning we round the edge of a confluence of currents that always stack bait. Comorants, Seals, terns, gulls, water exploding! Huge school of Macs getting hammered. I could see the tinks getting blasted out of the water, so i decide to try to grab a few to liveline. Wait, "what are you doing"..she said? "Why don't you use one of those plug things"...We had'n't livelined from this craft together before, and I forgot to mention another force at work. She "REALLY doesn't like fish guts/blood. Anyway Y chromosome prevails and a 1 1/4 ounce diamond jig goes on for a few casts and I have a few macs quickly to get to work. Decide for one more cast at bait. I hook into what feels like a bigger mack, then WHAM! Full on screamer of some kind of big fish, somehow feels hooked and screams off drag. Fish takes a few big runs and then flies right at the yak, I recover the slack and the fish heads to the flemish cap with one big tail thump...Thwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack, I yank the hook out of the fish, and from nearly 20 yards away a not so small diamond jig with half a large mackeral is now heading right at us at mach schnell. Now, when having just microseconds to think about a weighted hook with half a bait fish on it headed at you at a high rate of speed you might consider the person sitting behind you.. These like many others can be trying times for a coastal marriage. Yes, I ducked.. instinctively, allowing said bloody bait with weighted hook to lodge halfway down the sportsbra of my guide, my wife, my love. After a lot of swearing, a roll over in very fishy water, a lengthy, enlightening conversation, and then a lot of laughing, the day ended with..."OK I think you can get that bigger boat now...I can't take another day like that"... 20 years later, still married, a wonderful fishing fiend daughter, a boat, 3 kayaks, a canoe, two paddleboards and WAY more stories.. I think my plan worked? Tight lines friends. I Sh**&^t myself laughing while writing/reliving this. Jim
  9. Nice fish Crozzbow Big shoulders on em!
  10. Looks speedy! Have fun! I’m thinking the bass can’t out run you in that sled!
  11. To quote the immortal Clark Griswold “Half the fun is getting there.” And in most of our experiences making it back great stuff next time take the spotted mammal off the drivers side quarter panel at no less than 15 degrees, no more than 35 minimal body shop time delicious on the smoker jim
  12. Can’t we all just get along... I think to settle this we need a fish off arming them both with a Ron Popeil pocket fisherman and a Hogy flounder rig
  13. Indigenous beings in this neighborhood (not mine) provide significant funding towards near shore lighting Im sure it doesn’t affect the tax bill
  14. Well of the three times I’ve been fishing I’ve witnessed several nasty top water quick frenzies unbass like, 3 bite offs and someone who I trust sent this picture of his deck last week I’m not uncertain that Y.E.D’s are around in small pods But then again all of us are liars Happy 4th everyone! jim
  15. Saw this rather eclectic band of river scavengers last night deer are adapting further into the marine eco system feeding with shore birds at night Soon they will develop gills I pray that lymes disease does not put an end to our fragile striped bass population crafty bastards cool to see, the heron was on the edge feeding when they came out from shore and hung with them for a bit, not spooked at all?? Deer were hoofing/eating on something on the bank?? added filter for contrast as it was 200 yards away or so, not ideal for the phone camera Caught a few fat 24-31” fish with the hour or so that we had. Good times shoulder/arm is getting there, just being on the water is therapeutic tight lines and stay cool Jim