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  1. Get yourself a casco bay marine chart lots of local and park beaches with great frontage on inshore structure several areas that willl look obvious if you think access, bathymetry and low tide geography low tide is your friend in Maine to first scout as a beach or boat fisherman once you find your spots And fish them day and night figure out the wash in and out, in different surf conditions, youl’ll get to know where and when based on the tide/conditions structure and flow creates a better environment with more nutrients in general, easiest place to sustain life good on ya and get out there cheers Jim
  2. Good news for sure, likely Its those same 29-30 inch fish from last year. Another year older and fatter. the banner 2011 YOY class is hanging in there. Lets hope so anyway. Jim
  3. Just some titanium, a few screws and some modern Kevlar weAve thrown in for good measure. Should be “good as new” sadly, I had the left side done three years ago, but it’s pretty good rotator on that side is still pretty crunchy but manageable that does not kill me only makes me stronger I keep telling myself that
  4. Thanks Toby! will certainly keep your offer on my mind as the mending moves forward! jim
  5. PT indeed, starts in 2 weeks! Can’t wait to CFT (copay for torture). Luckily i I have a great relationship with my “therapy” team, they have kept me in the game, torturing me through several major surgeries over the past 15 years i love that graphic and would love to shop my characature in there and change it to “My daddy” and have my daughter wear it to parent teacher conference peace y’all it’s early in the season and there’s a lot of fun times ahead seriously jim
  6. Nice work Crozzbow! Good to hear bigger fish are already mixing in up this way Jim
  7. Casting and setting that is...:(
  8. ThAnks all for the orthopedic advice and well wishing. I need to elaborate on the exact injury to add fodder EarlyApril, on a fine spring skiing day I dropped a ski where you can’t drop a ski, went down rolled started self arrest and looked up directly at a 5” spruce coming for my face ducked to port and took the tree on like Ray Lewis...straight to the right chest That tree will never be the same I snapped my pec tendon off my humerus it it was reattached last Wednesday successfully so “Lucky for me” , hopefully after healing, PT is about getting range of motion back, not so dainty and limiting grinding and pain is for my left shoulder that is fully shot but im a righty so casting and reeling is a bit affected right now. Luckily I have my boat repower going on at the same time and some kind hands listening to my direction and kicking ass I’ll see yalll out there soon Jim
  9. While being driven to work today (had surgery on my right shoulder last week), I saw 4, maybe 5 feeding frenzies in two rivers, and two bays somewhere between Brunswick and Scarborough. 720ish AM flood, outgoing, nearly all activity was up in the marsh grass beds, on the banks. Yes I am off pain killers and no I am not hallucinating. I can't physically fish or run my boat and that is truly killing me, but what really got me, was no one, not a single soul, was out there on these fish. Typical goto locations for the area. Maybe, like I would have done, you all went fishing at 3, slayed them, already got back home and were on your way to work. I hope that is the case. Or maybe, even better, there are fish everywhere and you all were some place else? I hope the latter is the case. in any event, get out there folks and have a blast, I'll be joining you (god willing) in 4 weeks or so. Please leave some fish for me Game on, Tight lines Lefty
  10. Congrats on the first of many! Nice one! cheers jim
  11. What all the great folks above have said trust what you know (places, current, moon cycle, time of year), slow it down, take it in and throw in a few Coomba Ya’s for good measure the night is your friend if you are a fisherman Heightens all senses with the loss of sight Focus, relax, and open up to a far more beautiful place in the absence of light fish don’t know or expect that you are there.... that’s the real beauty of it. Don’t underestimate the power of the Dark Side. If you fish and trust it, then you will meet your destiny.
  12. try Home away site lots of stuff available have fun, apologize to the wife in advance for the fishing vacation Jim
  13. Barrel fishing it’s sad
  14. Wait....I just got back from fishing....Did I miss the royal wedding?
  15. I get small ones in lobster traps often typically just down the edge of channels off a flat. Typical flounder territory never targeted them, they are here who’s bass fishin? Awfully quiet out there hunting rats tomorrow