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  1. For once you and I agree. 25' is very manageable -I had a 23' 20 years ago. I would run the boat myself 90% of the time. Its nice to have someone that can run it once in a while and keep an eye on it and be a buffer between me and all of the not so great parts of owning a boat.
  2. I'm with you. If these jackasses think I wanted spots/knowledge I would straight-out ask and pay the freight
  3. of course
  4. Not sure what that means (get numbers). I simply want to go out once in a while and spend time teaching my son to catch bait and fish live bait and such. different strokes for different folks. I also rather pass on some of the responsibilities of owning and maintaining a boat as I just dont have the time. My son can do it when he is older but he is only 9.
  5. Cpalms- I kicked this around for years, and narrowed to Gradys and Whalers. Why 25, because 20 years ago I had a 23 Donzi and feel to step up a few feet. Yes, I have visited the docks and have other ideas for where to look for a captain but also felt to try the community here.
  6. to be determined after a PM from interested party that is a good fit. there are plenty of decent people in those necks and the right guy will be found. Someone asked why? My kids are still small and for a myriad of reasons I could use a hand.
  7. Applicant should be in the East Quogue / Hampton Bays area. Thinking of buying a 25' Grady. Need someone to captain from time to time and look after it to a degree. You must have mega serious references and ties to East Quogue / Hampton Bays area. TBD
  8. I would not be surprised if Moriches and Shiny get dredged this fall. The noreasters filled em up.
  9. Yes, but its gone to another level since 2012 and much more in the pipeline ... As far as staten island goes, I got a bad vibe off the place after my Porsche got jacked while trying to be a gent and drop off an Italian hottie that lived there Mother ****ers pulled that bump your car scheme and my dumb unsuspecting ass got out to check for scratches and off they went in a wide body turbo that would have been a collector today.
  10. Always follow trends / $ High Rises are where its at. You will soon not recognize the skyline in Queens.
  11. Not building parking lots A-Hole If you havnt noticed manhattan is full of high rises and so is queens these days.
  12. No ego here dickhead. Didn't stumble either. Been fishing this spot since 2007 and caught large fish where most sharpies would just pass by without a throw. My point is, never give up on your spots even if it has not produced several seasons in a row. Got jackass. TBD
  13. 9' GSB Lami with a VSB 150 bailed. in the past, I pulled a 38#er there with a 7' st croix tidemaster
  14. Sorry, no airplanes here. Just excited that a unknown quiet backpay spot that used to produce large cows that was dead for 2 years came back to life during the same conditions as in the past. Honestly, I was about to right this spot off for good it was so bad.