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  1. With the surplus of infielders and Cliff Frazier the Yanks will get their starting pitching by the end of the year.
  2. My everyday carry is not really a knife but a Leatherman Wave multi-tool. I can't imagine life without this on my hip everyday.
  3. I've known that for years, and still can't understand what she see's in him. She must really hate her parents!
  4. Didi is doing a great job. No if, and, or buts, about it.
  5. Yes Jay did!
  6. I'd rather have a colonoscopy than watch that hyperactive clown.
  7. This was cut and pasted here from the Chaz and AJ book of faces page. There is a group against the tolls that have been keeping tabs on this subject. This is a list of representatives that are on the fecne. These could be important swing votes. To STOP the tolls call or email (or both) these legislators: Please be respectful but forceful. Please SHARE this. Dave Arconti (D) Danbury 860-240-8585 Bob Godfrey (D) Danbury 860-240-8500 John Hampton (D) Simsbury 860-240-8568 Diana Urban (D) Stonington 860-240-8585 Pat Boyd (D) Union, Woodstock 860-240-8585 Danny Robero (D) Killingly, Putnum, Thompson 860-240-8585 Caroline Simmons (D) Stamford 860-240-8585 Jonathan Steinberg (D) Westport 860-240-0562 Joe Gresko (D) Stratford 800-842-8267 William Tong (D) Stamford 860-240-8585 I'm adding him because he is running for AG and wants state wide votes.
  8. Clean air tax is already in place.
  9. Loaded redfin or unloaded.
  10. Malloy can not stop spending monies the state does not have. Would he do this with his personal finances? I think not. The people in Hartford need to stop taxing us and become financially responsible.
  11. Albino 5" fins fish.
  12. You are not alone. I can't even draw a decent stick figure.
  13. I was lucky enough to win these 2 beauties by Crazy Alberto at last night's Connecticut Surfcasters monthly meeting. Can't wait to put these up in my man cave.
  14. Dave, hopefully people will realize that the $5 really isn't a big deal. I've lost about $20 in spinners already these last 2 weeks.
  15. The trout do not like me.