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  1. Obama was right, Those jobs were NEVER coming back as long as he was president!
  2. Very good point!
  3. Obama gets first major win with TARP By David Rogers 01/15/2009 04:36 PM EST Updated 01/16/2009 08:17 AM EST Not yet in the White House but working the phones as if he were, Barack Obama won a crucial Senate vote Thursday clearing the release of $350 billion more in bailout funds from the Treasury Department’s controversial financial rescue program. For the incoming president, the 52-42 roll call represented a first major test of strength, and Obama threw himself into the fight, reaching out to senators on both sides of the aisle and making calls until he had won all but one of the seven Democratic freshmen elected in November. Thursday’s victory came even as House Democrats unveiled their $825 billion two-year economic recovery plan — the next big plank for the new president and one he will speak to in industrial Ohio Friday. Five days before Obama’s inaugural, the twin events underscore how much he is already driving the nation’s economic policy agenda. “I know this wasn't an easy vote because of the frustration so many of us share about how the first half of this plan was implemented,” Obama said in a statement later. “Now my pledge is to change the way this plan is implemented and keep faith with the American taxpayer.” “He worked it hard, and he was effective,” said one Democratic leadership aide. Minutes before the vote, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) summed up the mood when he closed debate: “I believe this is road to recovery for our country. Let’s trust Barack Obama.” Yep, the blue coats own this all right!
  4. It's our president's right, duty and responsibility to deal with Russia just like any other country. Hiding under the bed didn't work for Obama so let's try a leader's approach. It amazes me that people are jabbering about this before it's over and we know what the results are. All we know for sure at this point is that it can't get any worse than Obama bumbling and stumbling while telling Putin's stooge he (Obama) will have more flexibility after the election. Flexibility for what? Bending over Putin's coffee table?
  5. Bush allowed that as a courtesy because Obama wanted it. A Democratic Congress wrote the 2009 budget, passed the 2009 budget, and then with held it from Bush until he was out of office. Then Obama signed it. There was no Republican hand in the 2009 budget.
  6. Anything that's good news for America is bad news for Democrats as long as Trump is President. Democrats can only tolerate America succeeding if they get credit for it.
  7. That's true. I was playing librul and holding back critical information. You caught me blue handed!
  8. Obama had 8 years and only took us backwards. Trump has had 18 months and he's just meeting with Putin today. How about giving him half the slack you gave Obama?
  9. Of course it counted as spending. There's an old lib BS story floating around that the wars were off the books but like most lib fairy tales it's a mix of ignorance and dishonesty. The wars were not in the budget but wars never are as no one knows ahead of time how much a war will cost. Wars are funded with appropriation bills as needed and although there are not in the budget they are definitely included in spending totals and deficit totals.
  10. Taxes down, revenues up, unemployment down, GDP up. These are all facts whether Newt Gingrich said it or Groucho Marx said it.
  11. I'm tired of hearing the libs complaining about Trump's 665B deficit in his first year when it's less than half of Obama's first year deficit. He's on the right track but did anyone seriously expect him to fix the national debt in 18 months? Get Real, give the guy a chance.
  12. It's not over til it's over. Speaking of over, how's Obama's negotiations do with North Korea, Iran, China Russia, Syria and everyone else that crapped on America while he was smokin' a doobie in the Oval Office?
  13. In our country's history there were only four presidents than ran deficits over a Trillion Dollars. They are as follows; 2009 Obama 1.4Trillion dollar deficit 2010 Obama 1.3 Trillion dollar deficit 2011 Obama 1.3 Trillion dollar deficit 2012 Obama 1.1 Trillion dollar deficit. Previous to Obama, what was the biggest deficit run by a Republican president? (or anybody anywhere?) 2008 G.W. Bush 458 billion dollar deficit What was Trump's deficit in his first full year ? 2017 665 Billion dollar deficit
  14. Clinton was smart enough to sign the budgets written and passed by the 100% Republican congress which resulted in surpluses in the years 1998 thru 2001. A surplus is the only thing that actually REDUCES the national debt. When was the last time a 100% democrat controlled congress passed a budget that resulted in a surplus?
  15. Obama reduced the deficit??? Are you out of your mind?