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  1. Another classic
  2. This is a Homer masterpiece
  3. Sorry you lost your father Terry. I'll not be any help in getting the trains to their new home but can't wait to see the pics. Years ago I was into all that stuff.
  4. Congratulations!
  5. We've been trying to get a video for forever.
  6. Dear Steve, thanks for the new material, Sincerely, The Jerks
  7. This thread reminds me of that other disaster from the outpost
  8. When will the first batch of mead be ready for consumption?
  9. Hey Belmo, how long before your beehive gets Africanized and starts terrorizing the streets of philly?
  10. I think he's saying you exaggerated.
  11. You tell 'em Dimmy.
  12. Half the people that go there if not more aren't drinking coffee. When you add several milks and 15 sugars it ceases to be coffee any longer. Plus all those ungodly flavors.