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  1. On 5-24-18 6:30 pm channel 4 Direct TV aka 40 Jersey Cape Fishing. Best show on TV. Thanks Doorgunner.
  2. For a reel any of the smaller Penns: 146, 100, or 180. Some folks also like Penn's 940 or 930.
  3. Goats in the back yard keep grass problem under control !
  4. Don't forget the Middle TWP cop who sets up by the sewer plant on 47 if you leave your dock !!
  5. They are all good. Take a look at Rieker's Prime Meats located in NE Philadelphia (Fox Chase). Makes one hungry !
  6. What vehicle ? Try ECB or Rock Auto they have brake sets (pads & rotors ) designed for heavy duty use & towing.
  7. Door Gunner your garden adds a very nice touch to No Bones. Keep on planting.
  8. Which Jim's ? There are four of em owned by two different familys. The original one is on N 63rd St in West Philadelphia.
  9. Take it to a local gun shop and put it on consignment.
  10. Do not forget crabbing in the Bidwell Ditch as well as Eels, creek loaded with them.
  11. I just wear my No Bones Bait & Tackle T-shirt.
  12. The pilot and crew did an excellent job getting the plane on the ground. Female pilot one of the first female US Navy fighter pilots. Real TOP GUN. Philadelphia Fire Dept. and Police did their usually excellent job. GO NAVY
  13. News flash she just passed away. Prayers for the Bush family.
  14. Gold one 710, silver one 720/722 but the screw holding on the plastic clicker is broken off.
  15. 7 foot 2 piece Ulgy Stick UL