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  1. Penn 60 Longbeach old school but still works. Rod of your choice. Picked up a Jarvis Walker 7 foot MH conventual for my latest head boat work.
  2. Mine are keep in their factory boxes if I have them in small plastic milk crates type containers from the local dollar store.
  3. They were sold on Amazon for $200. Listed as unavailable. Try contacting the maker Reel Speed South they still maintain a web site.
  4. Would filled epoxy work?
  5. Stainless steel worm or pinion gear with Naval bronze main gear. Used by Penn on the 1st generation Spinfisher reels although the last 700’s & first year 704’s used an aluminum main gear that also worked. In their conventional reels they used a steel main gear with a SS pinion gear later changed to brass.
  6. * Sometimes you make out OK while at other times you can get burnt. Carefully check the description and photos. Beaware of out of focus pictures and listings with only one photo. Check out prices very carefully some sellers think the have a must have collectible antique.
  7. Anybody tried to use an old used spark plug as a sinker ? Cheap sinker if lost in rocks. Bend the side electro into the tip, tie on a lope of light mono, thread the loop of mono thru the loop formed by the closed electrodes and tie the loop to the rest of your rig.
  8. Gun Sav'r ProCustom is a blend of Tung Oil and Urethane.
  9. Try Gun-Sav'r products made by Chem-Pak. Brownells carries it as well as stock finish remover and alcohol based stain (doesn't raise the wood grain). I have refined many wooden stocks with Gun-Sav'r. Works better than Tru oil.
  10. Tis the season to make a trip to Winterwood. That could be expensive!
  11. Same in Nj & PA numbers stay on the boat.
  12. Check out the June 2018 issue of Handloader, it has an article on the 10 mm. Also check out the 41 Action Express it preceded the 40 S&W.
  13. Check out the sight for Samule's & Sons seafood located in Philadelphia. They list Stripped Bass as being available from the Chesapeake and from Rhode Island. Note the small size.
  14. Yards is at 900 N Columbus Blvd. aka Delaware Ave.
  15. Those tubes of Penn Reel oil are not grease but a heavy viscous oil. They even marketed a heavier oil for Summer use. Called tropical. They also had an oil called Penn Spinfisher Lube for their spinning reels. It contained molybdenum. They marketed a grease call Penn Blue Grease which was replaced by Penn Muscle Grease. Light tan in color and still available from the Muscle Lubricant Co here in Pennsylvania. That was replaced by the X-R 7 series of lubes which have been rebranded as Penn Reel Grease. The caps on the Reel Oil fit the oilers in their reels. They all work.