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  1. Congratulations: nice to see parents passing the outdoor sports to the next generation. Better that playing video games!!!
  2. It should work as the frames are identical. Using 710 gears with a 712 rotor would just give you a slower retreive 712. Only thing you have to change is the gears as the other major parts, excluding the rotors, are the same. The handles are also not interchangable. 712 handle on a reel with the 710 rotor will hit the bail.
  3. Started with a Penn 85 Sea Boy. 60 years plus it's still usable.
  4. Narcan is being used to get off the high so they can get another high. Medics dose the patient, patient gets mad because you just ruined their high, refuses any medical help, leaving the area to get another high.
  5. Better yet: enjoy the win.
  6. Open carry is legal in every county in Pennsylvania except Philadelphia. You can open carry in Philadelphia but you must have a Pennsylvania license to carry a concealed firearm or from any state reciprocal with Pennsylvania.
  7. Use starting loads for 150 gr and work up.
  8. Good show. Lots of goodies. Good crowd. Cann't wait till next year. SOL & Tani members need Name tags so we can meet one another.
  9. There was a Herman-Brooks in Philadelphia at the Roosevelt Mall in the mid 60's. They carried every type of sporting goods. They had sales on the parking lot in which all the manufactures took part. Bought a few Penn's from them. The store is now a Modell's.
  10. Thanks Doorgunner.
  11. A question for Doorgunner: Is there any winter flounder in the back bays in Cape May county?
  12. The best lesson to be learned from this: the family that fishes together never forgets the joy of the quality time spent. Just hope they pass this love down to their children. The rewards are priceless. With that said where did I put my float rig? learned a lot from guys like Fred, Joe Rodia, and Louis Bachman aka Dr Lou Dr of reelolgy. Knowledge I could not find anywhere else.
  13. Remember there are two types of dog fish aka sand shark: smooth & spiney. Spiney are the ones used in fish & chips. The Spiney dog fish have become super abundant in the Atlantic Ocean off of the NE part of the USA.
  14. The Philly tax goes into the city's general fund. The day care use is BS to sell this tax. It has caused jobs loss in the soda industry and has caused as least one large grocery store in the NE to close. The tax is leaved on all soft drinks those with sugar, diet drinks, drink mixes to make things like orange juice & iced tea. & protein drinks.
  15. The green 710 is from 1970 to the introduction of the Z series in the mid 70's, the 722 is from 1971 to about 1968 (dated by the flat aluminum side plate, the black 710 was a very limited run with a silver emblem from mid 60's. A Google search "black Penn 710 reel" brings up old Stripers On Line threads. .