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  1. Where the set screw leaves a mark, drill a slight depression.
  2. If you have clearence this is easy. Drill a 1/4 -20 hole, tap the sideplate if there is enough thickness, insert a non steel fastener, epoxy a non steel nut down on the inside. Epoxy the mag on the end of the fastener.
  3. This particular seat pan has sides and and a back, but of course is lacking bottom curvature and gravity scuppers. Not much different than my 2011.Two side bolsters of custom sized pool noodle covered by an aftermarket seat might get one back on the deck. As far as pedal angle, its the same as the older generation design, unless the newer drives are taller or angled differently than the V2s.
  4. Angled following seas on a flat seated Revo is not fun, I can't imagine being elevated on that rollercoaster. Another vote for the Wildy Phase 3 seat here. And now I digress.The secret to public forums is to answer the op's question to the best if our abilities, and let it lay. Addressing the comments of others, or reiterating/defending one's own reply(s) is where we ALL get easily diverted. Carpe diem.
  5. There are northern pike in a river in NJ? Why am I going up to the Adirondaks for those toothy monsters?
  6. Better get going brother. Soon you will have cars to buy, broken hearts to deal with, college visits, and the biggie, TUITION! Good luck!
  7. Just $65.00 to melt lead or play plumber!
  8. Could four attachment points around the cockpit allow the use of on the deck, old school aftermarket seats?
  9. The fit is more important than the garment. You could probably find and try on a NRS rio. Less substantial than the Guy, but you could get almost three of them for the same money.
  10. Your going about it wrong, tell the wife it's a home maintenance/craft work bench. Then slowly convert it to your fishing cave
  11. My mid 2011 Revolution has the molded in handles.
  12. It got boring because 8-10 yrs ago when bass were plentiful and dependable the bite was too easy. Several hundred bass in a season was guaranteed trolling two rods over rocks and mussel beds in LI sound. Those were the days!
  13. Watch your tubes action when its alongside, making slight bends can change it up. Dead straight is not natural. I never pigtailed them, but a nice S snake action like a sea worm or an eel is good. Gulp, bloods, nightcrawlers, etc can work, but I found a fat sandy to be best. I used to troll these with 3/8 or 1/2oz. weights for 2-12'. If the end of the tube is open attractant can be added. I haven't used them for years, but still make a few for friends.
  14. It was foolproof for me as a shallow water (20' or less), structure heavy technique. No structure, no bass. Dragging weeds causes line twist which can be worse with mono. Use ball bearing swivels and check your bait often. Red, maroon, pink or black slowly trolled just off the bottom always worked. If its a slow bite use a whole sandworm, bass have great noses. I never had great early season luck, but if they are around they will bite.
  15. If the top comes back on the market Ill take it for $52 and meet you in Tarrytown.