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  1. That's new to me, like to try one on. Hope its more breathable than my breathable waders, jackets and tops. As a competent open water swimmer ten pounds of float should do my 173#s fine if ever needed. edit- just got it, Soooooooo light and thin
  2. Could be from here even with the door closed, put a dry tissue there next shower. Don't discount that toilet either.
  3. Was it cartopped, it could be "straptitis".
  4. I love that little Daiwa Coastal on the yak, too small for surfcasting the beach. The capacity and drag of the reels you mentioned has many people throwing them from the beach on 9'+ surf rods. Hard to pick out overrun on the lo pros.
  5. You'll need a ladder to get up on that seat.
  6. Yes to the easier re-entry, another benefit of trimming a little fat. I like my present side entry Stolly pfd, but its overkill in many summer situations. Warm weather fishing or 'just paddling', it feels like a 2" London broil is strapped to my chest, and it has come off. I'm willing to give up 4-5 lbs. of buoyancy for comfort.
  7. Fifty Newton 'summer' vest OTW. I'll stuff an old 70n foam orange May West up in the bow to satisfy the USCG if ever needed.
  8. For a few more feet try a 2.5 oz. Bucktail, the fish probably wont mind.
  9. Great story with a good ending. Did the drive or the hull ride up the rock and flip you? I've been dished up on the rocks teeter todding on Hobie fins, and on paddle yaks a few times and its scary. Glad you were prepared.
  10. There was mention of a black Swell Scupper 14, any truth?
  11. It may be the best 13' 4" plastic paddle fishing yak out there. The price, history, and weight are hard to beat.
  12. The USCG states it takes 50 Newtons (11lbs) of flotation to keep an awake adults head out of the water. This is a common minumum flotation standard outside the USA. The USCG only certifies pfds with a minumum of 70 Newtons or 15.5lbs floatation. Although out of compliance, for June-August Im considering a 50N Zhik type sailing vest (buoyancy aid) in lieu of the bulkier/warmer USCG certified pfd. Ever wear a sailing vest, any thoughts?
  13. If any blems literally fall off the assembly line let us know Practice the Robin Hood, grab your rod like an arrow from an quiver, lol. Easy enough on a Revo.
  14. I realize and respect some of you gents troll out of rear flushmounts. In my case for transport of extra rods straight back is better. Gives me more backcast room.
  15. Been lucky so far......