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  1. Out in the western sound twice this week. No sea robins, small bass, plenty of snappers, some rainbait and peanuts, no big menhaden schools, and a gazillion crabs under every low tide rock.
  2. I use both types of carts for three different yaks. This keel cradle and outriggers can help spread out the load of a scupper cart.
  3. Hey Dan, good to hear from you, sounds like another exotic dream kayak fishing trip, you lucky dog. What kind of yaks will carry you through paradise.
  4. I paddled my 'Scupper' hulled yak 5 hrs. on Wednesday. For me, that design is about perfect in every regard, with the exception being cockpit storage and scupper cart use. Very easy to carry overhead, and a fleabag universal cart for the long walks.
  5. I have a round mount on this yak, they attach sans hardware, exactly like a lavatory sink drain! Returning the the rod to the rear oem FM was a pain in the neck with a tall setback. I have the nice Hobie extender, but Shop vac works too.
  6. Some other pads are permanently stuck on, industrial strength velcro or same from EZ pass can make it removable.
  7. Yea, that statement was subjective at best. He may have meant 'thread' instead of forum. He also may have been alluding to the fact that non fishing folks probably are not frequenting this site. While l don't hang around here, I am a satisfied customer, and I visit SOL to learn, like 'most' of us.
  8. Interesting survey, it showed about 1 in 4 respondents has had an issue, it proved nothing more, nothing less.
  9. I do this- constant washover, scuppers out. Occasional splash, paddle drip etc.scuppers in tight (with a small sponge in each footwell if I want dry heels).
  10. When I worked for my friend we would install the Honeywell Braukmann the for the worst sediment conditions.
  11. Not an expert here, but speed and accuracy are important. Ive caught casting epoxy jigs, Braid brand tins, DDs, and once while trolling a bomber. By the time you put your paddle down your sometimes too late. Rod in hand, finger on the trigger is key. When you see them zooming by throw where you think there heading and rip it in.
  12. Casting, spinning, budget?
  13. Thanks to Google everything comes out if you look hard enough! Its funny, if you look at the Outback or Revo on what's probably the biggest general kayak review site you get a different picture. Glowing reviews, and zero mention of hull issues or problems.
  14. I'll take speed, accuracy, and a little clairvoyance over the best rod and reel.