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  1. Pretty much what others are describing. Booties that surfers would wear. Neoprene with a velcro closure.
  2. Make sure the clip for the power port is closed. I have had issues where it has clicked open. A strong rubber band to hold the clip closed adds some peace of mind.
  3. I just use the lifeproof case and don't have any issues.
  4. Not great for bucktails but there are similar products that work better for bucktails.
  5. What about surf booties? That might work better.
  6. Thanks for following up Tony. I have a trip coming up that I am going to need this reel for but will get more info about sending it in after the trip.
  7. Thanks for the update. It is disappointing that a reel in this price range has these issues. I wonder if it is a quality control issue or if this is a problem with every reel. My friend has a 4500 with no issues so it makes me wonder...
  8. That describes my issue as well. I tried adding more grease but that does not seem to help. The fact that it only happens when there is some tension is the part that I can't figure out.
  9. I have these in Monmouth County NJ. Pair with the ski racks has the key and is $125. Other pair is $75 and does not need a key.
  10. Where are you located?
  11. Thanks for all the help everyone. I was planning on targeting stripers but maybe I will bring some freshwater gear as well. For stripers I was going to bring an 8 foot rod and small bucktails, sp minnows, small red fins, etc. Does that sound like it would cover it?
  12. Thanks. I figure even if I take a look and don't catch I can scout some spots for the future.
  13. Headed to the in laws in Alexandria VA for the weekend. Is it worth bringing some gear down? Looked at google maps and saw a trail that borders the Potomac that I am thinking could have some access. Anyone fish that area?
  14. MOCO out back last night with @Ripnowell45 Hooked up with 2 small bass and a blue, all on Tinman Dan metal. Tried out front and got my shad tail bit off by a blue.