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  1. Update: still no action, but now the in laws are here so we have another car, meaning hopefully I will get out more and can fish better areas. So far I have been limited to the sound near where we are staying. I took out the paddle board yesterday and saw some fish that I believe were mullet based on help from DaBig2na but nothing else exciting.
  2. Saw a huge bait ball at the pier but no one was catching anything. Looked like bluefish under it but could be something I am not familiar with.
  3. I have not yet. It is a yak from the rental house and is only 10 feet and with the winds the past few days I was not super confident taking it out.
  4. I am having similar luck in Kill Devil Hills area. A few bit offs of gulp tails on the sound side. I assumed snapper blues but maybe not. The strikes were a few quick bites in succession and then nothing. Almost like something grabbed the tail and bit it a few times before it ripped. I did catch a few crabs on the gulp but the strikes did not feel like crabs. They also did not feel like flounder strikes. I tried the ocean side with no success. Saw a few small baitfish in the wash and had one flounder chase the gulp rig right up to my feet but didn't take it. I am going to check out one of the piers with the family today and see if I want to fish it at another time. I also found a bridge area that a lot of people seem to be fishing so I am going to check that out as well. At this point I may resort to crabbing just so I can catch something. I have fished every day both morning and night since last Sunday with only a few hits to show for it. Odds are if I am crabbing I am going to bring a rod and fish anyway.
  5. Well that does it. My number one fear... SNAKES! If I see one chances are I will not need to worry about wading, I will be running across the water! Also, Steve, didn't mean to hijack the thread to talk about water shoes. I will put any other questions in a new post.
  6. Thanks! Sounds like I have packed well (at least for this part of the trip).
  7. For wading in the sound, is this a shorts and bare feet operation or are waders necessary? Heading down soon and trying to finalize my packing list. I can't imagine wearing waders in that heat but figured I would double check to be sure.
  8. Just read this post in prep for my trip down there. Very informative. Thank you!
  9. Thanks, funny you wrote FIL, that is what I call him (pronounced Phil, ha)
  10. I will take it. PM sent to schedule pick up.
  11. Good ideas, thanks. I thought about the blues but still would want to clean up the plugs if I can.
  12. Not sure if this is the correct forum so please advise if the topic should be moved. I was given a few wood plugs that were pretty beat up and the paint is chipped/ flaking off pretty badly in a few spots. Where the paint is missing it shows bare wood. Is there anything I can do to prevent more paint from coming off? Should I coat the entire plug in something so that water does not seep into the wood (is that even a thing?)? My initial plan was to just use the plugs as is, but if there is a way to fix them a bit I would not mind doing that as a project. Thanks for the help.
  13. There is actually a Duck Donuts about 5-10 minutes from my house! I didn't realize they started down there.
  14. Why? To protect his casting finger?
  15. That video was super helpful, thank you. I had a bunch of the gotcha plugs that I sold because we never use them in this area. Looks like I will have to restock at one of the local shops down there. Are the blues in the video the size I should expect to be catching?