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  1. "The russians interfered with the justice system"
  2. Try reading some about Jefferson vs. Adams. History did not begin when we turned 18 and started voting
  3. brennan was the one who made the rank n file erase the terrorist database. Well BO and Brennan
  4. It's a trick question. The answer is "don't vote for the Democrat"
  5. suck it up
  6. Ah feel the outrage... selectively
  7. they do live in la-la land... until the real world come knocking.
  8. sucks to have a booming economy, improving everything, and a president we just can't worship... a rock star Prezzie is sooooo.... way better even if life quality has to give way to get that.
  9. If the Dems are serious about equality and socialism, then all govt. jobs should pay the same. Max, min, median are so easy when EVERYONE earns $40K a year. No exceptions. After all it's supposed to be servants for the people.
  10. Only Republicans are abusers. Its a party plank.
  11. To be fair, if you call everyone a dog, then you are not sexist. Are you sexist? Is it "bad" to call a woman a dog? What do you think of calling a woman beautiful? What about calling a woman beautiful and forcing her to have sex with you in Arkansas?
  12. Id vote for a lukewarm anchovie pizza before Id vote for a Democrat. Simple. Not voting for anyone that is the party of big godless control, whimsical definitions of "right", and take from makers to give to non-makers
  13. Just not into improving the economy Joe? Desperate to get back to no growth and open borders? Hate moving the Justice Department and IRS back towards people-serving just and un-corrupt institutions? Better to make sure Trump talks nicer I suppose. Have at it.
  14. We do know from Chris Matthews that Obama thrills trickle up the leg.
  15. I believe the Dem specialty of "finding accidentally overlooked ballots" has begun... making the margin shrink into the auto-recount area... so the real stealing can begin Remember Al Franken?