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  1. cool. good to know. i've not really eaten a lot of greek seafood (i love lamb) but its something i must do more. that menu looks worth teh drive up.
  2. interesting. i heard really good things about the 'new french' cooking there in Quebec City particularly, though i read a review of Joe Beef in Montreal that said it was pretty good scene in that quarter of the City. A chick at work has family in Bras D'or and she said the seafood places up there were the best on the east coast.
  3. How was the food in Quebec and Costa Rica? I’d really like to visit both next year .
  4. I just googled those two. That kyklades looks amazing - Same place right ? Just added that that to my bucket list
  5. Of course you didn’t. Carpenters rasp now run along.
  6. Ignore him Mike, he’s an idiot.
  7. I did a two day trial for a POS who kicked an old lady so hard he broke her arm and legs. We we sent him down for seven years. I was glad to do it. But I didn’t lose any pay. And there was pizza.
  8. He has none. But will blah blah blah anyway
  9. Shhhsshh. You’re done here. Literally no one cares what you think on food. olive garden opens soon. Go.
  10. Thats weight . A small crack down slow causes that. Red - lol, I was thinking dead Indians too.
  11. Hush now, you’re dismissed. You have nothing to add here. That is proven
  12. Tugboat there would have to have a mind to change first.
  13. The more you post on food, the more you show how little you know, and I’m not the only one to have noticed. you have the palate of a carpenters rasp and the IQ to match. Dismissed.
  14. He’s trolling because he knows nothing of any of the cuisines. its a shame because this was a good informative thread with a lot of diverse but well thought out opinions . Whole snapper with galangal steamed in banana leaves is one of the best things I ever ate.