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  1. he's winding you up Mick its a pasty with a very light flakey crust - stuffed with spiced beef and onion. the crust goes everywhere when you bite it, so they put it in a bun made from green coconut meat, so its moist and chewy. it works.
  2. beans beans are good for your heart the more you eat the more you fart.
  3. see guys, I'm an expert at this a shame I'm banned it is.
  4. but is it really a closet if it doesn't touch the ground though. huh ? we should ask Little. he is the SOL expert on closets
  5. starting with "the UK does it so much better". will get you plaudits from both sides
  6. my SiL and her husband do, they have separate beds and separate bathrooms. because he is 5'8" and 340lbs and won't lose weight, and he has apnea and does that CPAP thing. eff that. I'd rather diet.
  7. is it your wifey that's Wiccan ?
  8. when you post in a forum post, it goes into forum attachements like these : when you upload from your desktop, into goes into your album :
  9. just heard the typical family nightmare story at the work water-ice social - a Family from the DE shore bought each other the kits for xmas, the brother is oirish and proud, got the flags outside the house all year, Irish house name, full on Eireann tats etc.... the Dad goes first, and it turns out he's 80% bog trotter. so the Sister gets it done - and she's 40% spud monkey. then the brother eventually takes the test. result : no Irish in him. and he's 50% moop. awkward. naughty old mommy
  10. she's seen more ceilings than Michelangelo.
  11. there is two sides in the PG ? who knew ?
  12. you might as well turn off the power again now....
  13. are you sure ? - they are all male. mostly.
  14. yes. WU had this earlier in the week, then it disappeared and now its back. what does it all mean eebs, what does it mean ?
  15. I had to be restrained from punching one of his drones at Boston's South Station. true story. they are so left wing that they are right wing