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  1. i wear those as my normal wading boots for salt and stream and have done for ten years or so. now on my third pair. they make a mile walk along a beach to a spot much much easier.
  2. Mossy is not rain fed. its a spring creek. I hear you though, I saw the pics of downtown Harrisonburg a few weeks Texas is get it bad too.
  3. its easy Red, before every meal drink your own piss. then you won't feel like eating.
  4. I would of thunk Mossy Creek would still fish no ?
  5. and if its a girl, Terri Mae
  6. I don't do gingers. they smell funny and their skin goes green in the sun.
  7. eating a salad once in a while wouldn't kill you.
  8. which one ? - have you been on Highroller ? I might give one of their afternoon trips a shot in July.
  9. oh yeah, this is about suspects certainly. though I bet the CIA don't need warrants for terrorist suspects.
  10. will do - its chicken skewers, rice n beans, ceviche etc you might have a Peruvian chicken house near you - we have three around DE but I've never been. its rotisserie chicken. actually I was curious, and googled it - there are bunch in both Stamford and Hartford CT. which doesn't surprise me as its becoming very popular.
  11. that's what I figured - but missing person is 24 hours right ? that's a long time for a senior with dementia to be on the streets, or someone lost in a forest/at sea etc.
  12. it looks like the mid to late morning might avoid the T-storms, so I'm heading down to Cape Henlopen SP to try to catch my first fluke, then tomorrow night a bunch of us are headed to a new Peruvian restaurant, which is also a first. Then Sunday morning I will be in the Pub at 7.30am for a Full English Breakfast while I watch England V Panama.
  13. it makes sense, but what about missing persons, especially minors ? - having to get a warrant likely delays rescue or discovery etc. ATEOTD if you want not to be tracked you can switch your phone off. I think its prolly like CCTV - it was hated at first and seen as an invasion of privacy, but now its seen as vital against terrorist attacks.
  14. I'm going fluke fishing tomorrow, and then out for a Peruvian dinner tomorrow night. I've never done either before.
  15. FWIW though ofDonald is looking a lot better - she's definitely had the eyes and cheeks redone. no more Slavic squint :