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  1. I'm not too sure I have spoken to "everyone that flounder fishes" BUT I have spoken to a lot of them plus quite a few tackle shops and the determination is that there are "about 10% of the flounder this season" than 5 or 6 years ago when they started cranking up the commercial limits in state and federal waters.. What they (the management idiots) did not take into account was that the newly quadrupled commercial quota for The Gulf of Maine was almost entirely going to come from Boston Harbor and the waters immediately north and south. Not that they fish inside mind you but the flounder have to go through that gauntlet of gill nets and draggers before they get into The Harbor and again, now, when they leave.....JC
  2. Santini's Zobo Flounder Contest today. "Little Sister Krew": Jae, Ron, Glenn, Bird and me had 4 or the 10 "prize places". 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th! Tough fishing with the weather, the fish basically shut off at about 830.but fortunately we had what we needed by 745!
  3. Some Quincy Flounder pics from yesterday:
  4. 52 F water! When I see more southern fish this far north (AKA: BSB), a lot of people think "global warming" but I have not seen any upward trend in spring water temps in the past 20 years. In fact, if anything the temps have gotten slightly cooler (by 1 or 2 degrees, but that can swing from year to year and for things like that you probably should be looking at a 100 year running average to really see a "trend". That's something I don't hear the global warming people say enough/anything about). Why I believe they increase their geographic range is because their biomass is large/healthy so their range naturally increases in search of more food sources. Boston Harbor in 8 feet of water is likely not "the ideal comfort zone" for cod but when the population was healthy 15 years ago, cod were very often an actual "nuisance" while I was flounder fishing! The water is still cold enough but as the cod population/biomass shrunk, so did their inshore range....
  5. A few pics from yesterday:
  6. Sam- "The low tide turn" has some of the warmest water you will find in the harbor so that is a good time. I like it for early season. Another thing I found is you watch your temperature readings and if they are "trending" (heading) up, you are in good shape for an improving bite. Of course that means that if the temperature is trending cooler then your bite may diminish unless you have some other factor working against it "effectively" (such as bright sunshine which will warm the bottom in spite of the surface water trending cooler). Good luck!
  7. "Note that" I fished where I found the warmest water...
  8. "Note that" I fished where I found the warmest water...
  9. It took awhile but yesterday, the Quincy Flounder bite finally got started! I had been fishing for a "rough week" of meager catches in cold water but on Sunday afternoon I got the feeling things were about to change. Sure enough, the next trip out was yesterday morning and we had "easy limits" (8 fish/person), even throwing some keepers back. What I found very interesting so far is I had a guy out last Thursday from Long Island and he told me he has been fishing out of Captree all April on a party boat there and he did not see a dozon flounder the whole month...That is scary! A couple of pics from yesterday:
  10. The first hour and a half of the ebb was best yesterday (not out today, "insurance stuff" to do). By 910am we had all but 4 for the limit and it took almost two hours for the last 4. We also released a few, looking for larger.... By next week they will be in "full feed mode" and bite any tide. JC
  11. Finally! Today we got "full limits" for the 1st time this year. Most of the fish came up during a 1 1/2 hour bite and the rest of the trip was "work". I even went home with my limit.... Water is 51F
  12. Jessica usually joins the "Old Ones Outing" so the geezers can take home some fish (rather than just talk about it) but today, Carl did the damage and even his "classic electronic, Ted Williams fish caller" seemed to work! The Fish Caller Not only did Carl get the high hook honors for the day but he also got the biggest flounder so far this year at a fraction shy of 17 inches. Carl Carl and Jessica "Bad Jack" was there and did not help much. He told me he didn't like taking orders until I ordered him to have a beer and relax. Then he was compliant! Hillary, Carl's designated driver was there in awe of Carl's floundering abilities. The water was showing 49 F and a good time was had by all... I can't wait til next year! Captain Jason Colby
  13. A bit of an improvement today. 6 flounder kept for 3 people. 3 spots anchor/chum with exactly two fish taken on each. Water temps up a notch to 48.5. Getting there...
  14. Boyz n' Girlz, wear BOOTS! ("Irritable Bowel Tour"...)
  15. Water was even colder today! The fish were having trouble biting in between the shivering. We missed a couple of bites and only got one! We should see improvement as the days go by. No worries!