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  1. Hey Big, my son says Little Oley Tavern in Boyertown is pretty good. Won best of Philly roast beef and the have really good wings! Might want to check them out.......... 2068 Farmington Ave Boyertown, PA 19512
  2. Where do we stand with dead goats?
  3. I think Frank star sent him to the wrong restaurant.
  4. Hey Suds, since you enjoyed yourself so much and are multicultural on June 30th at the same venue there is a 1990's Black Philadelphia dance party. Might want to check that out!
  5. Never heard of it. Wait, is that the forum Bernie started?
  6. There are parking lots about a block away along the river. Hopefully it was a free concert, most there are.
  7. Boy, you're really angry lately!
  8. Massa was the greatest gorilla of all. They even made a statue of him.
  9. Philly is the least queer city on the East Coast........fact.
  10. Invited the sons over for crabs and beer tomorrow. Sundays up in the air.
  11. I got to see the Motor City Madman myself back in the 1970's, think it was the TNT tour. Maybe Jim was gonna tell us what Jerry Garcia use to play?
  12. Bernie calling the Muffin man.......