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  1. The states in which polygraphs are inadmissible include New York, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia. In these states, even if both parties wish to enter polygraph test results into evidence, it is forbidden (except in very rare scenarios).
  2. You old bastards.......
  3. Because you're a friend; LINK Happy Thanksgiving Gad
  4. I think Minnesota is playing really well with QB Case Keenum. The Vikes play the Lions Thanksgiving Day, the last team they lost to 6 games ago.
  5. That's Eric the butt nut, the piano guy.
  6. Think of it as branching yourself out, an extension of who you are. Share what you've learned and get out there and lead. Good Luck, give yourself some time and you'll do fine. Trust youself!
  7. Wig getting all upset that the Eagles stuck the dagger in the Cowboys heart tonight;
  8. I got a shirt for me your addy! You'll be an honorary member! I had Eagles 34 Dallas 17
  9. Wig, what size tee shirt do you wear............I wanna mail you something!
  10. 1st half score was Dal 9 Eag 6 2nd half was Dal 0 Eagles 31
  11. Wentz is just handing off the ball now taking a knee
  12. Did Bill Bel pull Tom today when NE beat Oak 33-8.....?
  13. This is no ordinary game.........oh no!
  14. Hey Wig, here is some great background on this Eagles vs Dallas rivalry dating back to the 1960's. It's written by Ray Didinger, are Eagles Godfather and HoF writer. LINK
  15. They can't stop it Wig so we step on their necks a little harder! Eff Dallas!