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  1. Any interest in a partial cash/plug trade?
  2. What exactly are you getting at? That Toyota is wrong for making a happy median between a daily driver and somewhat capable off road machine. Nobody in there right mind would seriously off road that thing cause they’d Destroy it in a couple of years. If Toyota came out with a off road only oriented vehicle nobody would buy it cause it would probably be over 100k and again whose dropping that to off road?
  3. Why would you buy a brand new vehicle that’s gonna get beat to hell? And I don’t know why you’d buy a off road vehicle to mall crawl, but I know I can’t drive more then a mile without seeing a lifted Jeep with mud terrains and loads of off roading accessories.
  4. They probably realize that 99% of the people that are going to do serious off roading arent going to buy a vehicle that will probably cost $50,000. It will be one boss mall crawler though. And the new hilux looks like a honda ridgeline. Leave it overseas.
  5. any chance youd split? I'd like the ice one if so.
  6. I've had one and used for majority of my fishing trips since they first came out. Pretty solid top. I get some water up the wrists when in some deeper water, but nothing crazy. Usually down the neck too, but I usually forget to close it until its too late. A hood would be nice, but ive survived without it. Only issue I had is one of the wrist gaskets has a small tear in it. I have pretty big wrists tho so im sure a few years of on and off took its toll. Other then that cant complain. Solid choice especially if your getting it for $150 or below.
  7. That drone footage is insane
  8. Not to hijack the thread, but I have the same question as the op. Anyone running the falken wildpeak at3w?
  9. Thats a shame. I always said if I hit lotto, my beach buggy would be a G wagen. Guess im going with a used one now for when that day comes....
  10. im gonna pass for now, funds a little lower then I thought
  11. are all of these sold?
  12. password doesnt seem to be working anymore look foward to seeing it, always a fan of your videos
  13. Yea that works, ill send you a pm and we'll figure out the details.
  14. Me too! The blank cost $235 so i figured it would move.
  15. no worries, take your time