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  1. I had always heard the less aggressive the tire the better. I had the stock tires that came on my 09 tacoma last year. Dunlop at20's i think. While i never got stock or had any problems, the traction control would kick in from time to time. As far as I know, your 13 and my 09 are basically the same truck minus a cosmetic upgrade to the front on yours. I have the standard sr5, so dont know if yours is a trd sport or off road, but then their may be some differences. Anyway, this year I needed new tires and I went with 265/75/16 over stock tire size and put falken wildpeak at3w on it. Its a fairly aggressive all terrain tire. I've noticed that traction control has barely kicked on this season with them. They seem much better on the beach over the less aggressive dunlops I had on the previous year.
  2. Are bonito fish big?
  3. Was this recently or with the old recall with the gen 1's? Just asking cause the most recent recall was with the gen 2 tacomas and that isnt the same frame.
  4. any extra of those green back ones?
  5. if your using it strictly as a gripper then im sure its fine. I dont know how accurate the scales are though.
  6. Ive heard before that certain leases exclude off roading and such...might want to look into that.
  7. 711 makes a mean sandwhich
  8. coming
  9. I'll meet you at $60
  10. bump...solid gold metallic darter is left
  11. Sure thing Steve
  12. Herring has been claimed if anything changes I will let you know
  13. You got it!
  14. Blue/yellow/ white. One side has a thin pink line on it. New has storage marks. $60 shipped. black/gold/pink/gold/white new and mint $70 shipped solid metallic gold new some storage marks $65 shipped herring is new and mint $45 shipped paypal only, knock off $5 if buying more then one