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  1. I always wear sunglasses even if its not sunny out. My cousin lost an eye to a treble hook some years back. Blue fish came unbuttoned and the plug flew right back in his face. No reaction time. Nightime i have safty glasses I get from work.
  2. Thats a nice salmon. They are what we target mainly. Didn't get out last weekend but we will try again on Sunday.
  3. There is usually already a thread going on about the Quabbin opening weekend. Not much to say about our trip this year. 2 days, 2 guys, 2 fish both lakers. Worst opener fish wise for us in many years. We rent boats so kind of limited on depths we fish etc. Really hasn't been a problem in years past. Maybe others had better luck.
  4. All lakers we got last weekend were skinny except one. I kept this fish and it had a small quiver and what looked like a smallmouth in its stomach. No smelt.
  5. Fished both days with decent success using bait. All smallish lakers between 2 to 4 pounds. One laker taken on lures.
  6. Payment sent.
  7. I'll take these.
  8. I wish they would allow hunting on Sundays. I think that would put more of a dent in the population than extending archery 2 weeks in a few zones.
  9. There's something about sitting in a stand that you took the time and effort in picking that particular spot based on your scouting, knowledge of the area, and your thoughts about why the deer should pass by this spot close enough for a shot. Especially bow hunting. Doesn't always work out but it's awesome watching them come in when it does work.
  10. Neighbor kid i grew up with used to say "I may be dumb but I ain't stupid".
  11. Good point. Seems like really good scrambling QB's dont do so well in the long run. Vick, Kapernick, Kordell Stewart, are a few off the top of my head that didnt last to long. Newton gets beat up weekly and most likely wont have a long career. Marriota probably wont be around long either. I suppose Rothlesburger could be considered an exception.
  12. I wasn't sold on Brady at first. Wanted Bledsoe to get his job back. Told anyone who would listen that anyone can throw 3 to 7 yard passes all the time like Brady did back them. Still think there are other QB's with more athletic qualities but Brady is the GOAT and most likely wouldn't be if not for the coach and system he plays for and in.
  13. Antonio Gates. Good team with rivers and tomlinson but they didnt win anything. Would Bellicheks "system" have made a difference? Probably to some extent. Also I think Tony Gonzalez was a Gronk type TE.
  14. "The things not worth the powder to blow it to hell' " Not bad for an ugly chick"
  15. Saw this piebald doe at the checking station i use. I had let one pass a few years ago. The only one I have seen while hunting. This one was taken in Northboro. Says he is going to do a full body mount.