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  1. Young Peter You ever go here? Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, Littlefield, AZ Closest to Las Vegas.. Was bored and was looking at it. Lots of good hiking...
  2. stop being a hater and a mean man..
  3. I'd live in the Rocky Mtns.. near a river. and Ski place
  4. at one point, I thought you were looking to move there...
  5. correct answer, Young peter of the Desert.. Does your wife like Nevada?
  6. I'll pass, but thanks for the suggestion, Sir Chumly...
  7. Garnet with Goldenrod inlays I have so much Gudebrod regular nylon thread leftover.. I can wrap for a long time. ps.. I tried Prowrap NCP and there were no issues.. Mr. Belmo must have been drinking or had one bad spool. You will always find a bad spool now and then and just chuck it.. Not worth it finding good thread on it.
  8. I need something to drink.. or sleep..
  9. off to Mass... Happy Thanksgiving.. enjoy the time with family
  10. Sorry to hear that.. best wishes for her.
  11. We will take your name in consideration....
  12. that's even better..
  13. ok.. thanks.. You are bumming me out, now..