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  1. link me up on that fluke?
  2. so one of my youngest daughters good friends just announced she was gay on Instagram. 15 years old.
  3. where is my update, VinnytheVin?
  4. a lot of rich chicks go there.
  5. yup.. not sure how the fishing is there.
  6. best of luck on the decisions and hope he gets some aid..
  7. Thats close to my sister and mom. Beautiful campus.
  8. yeah, me too. I'd rather go to France with Rocco..
  9. Damn. So true.
  10. Guesterino... what is going on in your former country.. quite sad to see..imho..
  11. I will not take that from sir
  12. who is next on the list for deportment?
  13. She was right outside of Portland (295) where they are clamping down on speeders. It is 60mph. She learned the lead foot from her mom who has a terrible driving record..
  14. They might do the same up here. He did mention something about a rotation or some chit..