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  1. after using the RTIC, on thing that i was shocked with was the air-tight seal of the thing.... unless i had the lid cracked or i opened both drains, the water would not drain from the bottom...
  2. not the bling of the raptor, but this is what the racks look like.
  3. It wont go under the tree tho.... per the web site.... The warranty doesn't bother me, i cant see them breaking honestly.
  4. dag-gone it, i got the 65 for what the 110 is going for now
  5. Vinny, on my 2017 xlt, i installed the adrac track ladder rack and have two sets of snowboard holders attached, also have a custom mounted front rack that is removable, but i don't have surf rods in there going down the road... I fish mostly heaver heavers, over 12' I used the adrac setup, because I was able to use a nice cover on the bed with it. and i can take the rack off the rails within a few minutes
  6. hope the fish that are still around stay around!
  7. it was a old rotten peeler leg too....
  8. nice bud, i heard someone caught a few
  9. Ill bite..... since I know that Plug would, ill substitute ... I can throw a good 30-40 yards shorter than he could. I can get a bait out there, but there are a few that I know can toss farther... Ill meet up, but not this December.... work and a lack of fish.... probably wont get serious again until spring honestly. If that works bring your line counter too, so i can post some #s.
  10. the "meticulous gearheads" keep most of their stuff in a garage too, or in a shed... even after they are meticulously broken down/ cleaned / tuned / polished.... etc. I even keep my mono line in the garage, not in the house... that would be the only thing i think one would argue that could be effected by heat/cold over time.
  11. touch one what? i got mine OTD for under 40k.... like i said i walked out a few times XLT sport package
  12. agree 100% ...and the "by-catch" too
  13. i think im going to switch to heavy solid pvc and get one of these....
  14. Many of the issues with the EB was with the 2.7, or so I have read... time will tell. some new ones have had issues looking at forums, buts its hard to tell a good sample with so many out there. Good fishing buddy is a mechanic and has stated that they do require more maintenance, and warned me not to test drive one LOL.... ...I liked the EB, In my past life growing up I worked and raced with smaller turbo cars, so as some like that v8 rumble, i like the instant torque and sound of a turbo When i bought the truck, I let the dealer know that i liked the v8, heh, the EB was 'nice' but i was worried about the issues.... so I walked out a few times, but got the 7yr/100k warranty included, so i'm not AS concerned with something happening cost wise. So far so good, but i have well under 10k miles so far.
  15. " status quo "