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  1. I don't use "apps" just browser.... you pay for those apps?
  2. forecast for today was supposed to be SSE'ish.... its been blowing NE since 730am...
  3. I don't think that SOL would be the top producer of today's real time reports.... Andy half of those are the tavern.
  4. Bigger question, those that have seen a real time report and then went fishing.... did it make a difference. I would say prob not. In our area at least, we don't have blitzes like they do in other areas. I see it more not about the fish, but people worried about someone taking "THEIR SPOT" on a wide open beach. Things have changed drastically since Allen's first example, what was real time then is no way near real time now.... now it is possible to post a picture online before the fish goes back into the water (less than 60 seconds). In my line of work, real time is now measured in intervals less than a second (like 40ms), so its all relative. With that said i don't post "real time" and most of the fish i catch or hear of being caught are not posted "real time". Within a few days, sure. I usually don't post a "report" now a days until I'm near done fishing for the season. This isn't really because of pride or worry about a timeline, i just would rather go home and sleep or something else
  5. hehe... man iv lost some weight since then. I still have the video, maybe is should try to post it again with the new platform? about the bait... i had a hi-low rig with a sandfleas on one hook and a $2 peeler on the other hook... and that thing at the free sandflea's
  6. nice man!
  7. good 3-D on that box paul.... cant believe someone wanted a boofish tho LOL
  8. trying to wet a line this weekend...
  9. Hears to spring and hopefully the start to a great fishing season!
  10. Thanks for that offer Bob!
  11. well its technically "spring" now.... maybe someone can confirm with mother nature, sure as **** doesn't feel like it around here LOL... Im thinking that the spring 'run' will be a week or two behind unless we go from winter to summer.... April 1 will go back to monthly reports...
  12. I bet dollars to donuts that he planned this date, to die.
  13. Sounds good, hope to see everyone there!
  14. no info, but that looks awesome!