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  1. I would do a search back a few years ago for the spring fishing reports, and gear threads around that time... overall, same sort of setup as drum fishing, but i have a few more 10/0 high /low rigs in the mix. MD side, bunker and fleas... VA side peelers.
  2. congrats again nick!
  3. I would like to see them.... but i may only buy 7-14 guides in the next 6 months LOL... last few years i have had requests and have used other brands because of the limited selection of the MNs vs KWs, some guys didnt want to use the KWs which are more set to spinning than conv.
  4. Croaker JO, Any plans to include these KW guide offerings (CC, BC, FazLite) in the MN line or no.
  5. saw on local news that the national parks will not close with the shutdown.
  6. ... i do enjoy using spinning tackle (on little fish)
  7. Merry Christmas everyone
  8. I know you guys fished together a lot before you left Keith, sorry for your lost, hope all is well.
  9. geez lost another RIP Bill
  10. Heard a little while ago, had a good talk with him this fall, no words can explain, he will be sorely missed by his family, friends, and the beach. Prayers for you and your family Bryan, keep up posted with more info.
  11. after using the RTIC, on thing that i was shocked with was the air-tight seal of the thing.... unless i had the lid cracked or i opened both drains, the water would not drain from the bottom...