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  1. nice man!
  2. Just offering what seems to work for me and others, thats all i can do, i didnt just come to these opinions without going down the road that many of us have. I used to blow up the bigger reels all the time trying to get the distance that i wanted... besides the older squidders or the larger boat reels mentioned, i have owned most. If i had to just get one reel it would be the fathom. if its too small or you cant cast with it, then get something else.
  3. and then sometimes Marcus turns off clicker to reel in, sees something on bait rod, puts big rod back in spike.... looks up and sees big rod bent east.... "did you hear the clicker" "no i turned it off cause i was reeling it in"
  4. I set mine at 2 currently, but i have been casting a while, some set at 3, if your starting out i would say 4 is good.... cant remember what they are out of the box. I run really light oil in the bearings too... leaving the out of the box oil/grease in there will tame it some too.
  5. never had any issues with the brakes on the fathom.... with that said i sold all the daiwa reels i had, the saltlists, i had the BG and the older silver. after the drag stars stripped out on 2 of them, i repaired them and got rid of them.
  6. not sure why folks are using 20-25lb line..... caught mess of drum and huge stripers on 17-14lb line. .40mm is the norm for me. The larger reels will not cast as far. best large(r) capacity reel i have is the siegler / truth SM. I only run 20lb mono on my 7500 abu
  7. I have had both... sold my squall got another fathom the springs on the centrifugal seem to allow the spool to spin fast but to too fast if that makes sense, either way the fathoms for me gave me better distance without loosing control. I had a rod FS in the BST, but i closed the thread, no one was interested at the time
  8. congrats allen!
  9. Saw him on the beach this season, he is doing well
  10. closed