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  1. Today shouldn't be that crowded, meaning you can drive on without a wait.... go as far as you can go, different structure down at km23 than DE for sure
  2. I moved / merged it
  3. when you guys quote that link, i have to approve it.... lol just dont quote it anymore, i hate doing work
  4. well yeah... cobia have been around too...
  5. saw the video of that catch... nuts.... if we start catching bluefin from the surf up here ill start preaching global warming
  6. iv already caught sandbars and kings/whiting that last couple weeks... bunker moved through pretty heavy the last week of may. water temps are closer to 70, high 60s
  7. Ai MD: Beach closed at km23.5 for plover until further notice (means probably till august-Sept) edit, vnv beat me to the punch lol
  8. maybe they are finally tired of eating sandfleas..... and rocks&reds $ bait.....
  9. Jersey, dont rule out the smaller fish like kingfish and such.... they are pretty good bait for the larger species you mentioned.
  10. Spot burning is a general rule of the site. We on this forum (delmarva) have been pretty lax about it, but if i can tell usually where exactly the fish is caught via a picture or "I was standing on the 3rd rock to the last" or "Km marker ##" The post will be edited and if needed a message will be sent out to that individual. If you want to see the extream side of moderation, visit the NJ forum. how does it hurt?
  11. Please read the first post of every fishing report thread. If i see something that is a complete spot burn, besides just "a inlet in Delaware" i can and will delete it. Done it before. Posting a pic of a nice fish and providing exact information does NOT help people catch more fish, sharing knowledge and technique is the best way to help.
  12. Not a concern, just putting in my thoughts about the invasive nature of the fish, they are a invasive species, from Asia.i fished freshwater before they where "introduced" LMB may be invasive on the Potomac by definition, but they are native from north America, just west and south of the Potomac. Its very well documented how the snakeheads can consume and take over an entire habitat.
  13. Tell hunter congrats! and