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  1. White perch.
  2. Fair comes to town once a year, try the funnel cakes
  3. First frost this morning!
  4. Made me smile.
  5. That sounds good Sparky, thanks
  6. At least. With the exception of tonight, lows are in the mid 40s for the next 10 days, I doubt they're getting much of a freeze up north... yet. I'll have to visit the bike shop and see what they have
  7. We had a big day "eliminating unproductive cover" the girl ran her heart out- 12.26 miles on the mountain. We had 3 grouse flushes (one was likely a re-flush) no shots. We were @ 1800-2000 feet all morning and couldn't stir a woodcock despite covering a mile or two of field edges. It was pretty wet with fog and mist all morning, the grouse all flushed out of big pines. With luck, we'll get out tomorrow and hit some lower elevation areas, I know where at least one "Chamber of Commerce" swamp bat lives
  8. I think the hole may be to big. I was letting them air out!
  9. Getting my gear together for a weekend of ducks and geese end of the month- I grab my trusty boot foot neoprene waders out of the garage only to find a quarter sized hole has been chewed out one of the legs What easily attainable material would you use for a patch? I have Aquaseal for bonding. Thanks.
  10. You have to look at what the "cost of living savings" are in net dollars. Simply put, at the end of a tyical year, will you be able to save the same amount for kids college and your retirement that you are now? If not, is the "quality of life" improvements worth it? Tough decision, good luck.
  11. +1 Savage and Ruger. I'm not crazy about the Henry format or it's $427 msrp. There are a lot of good used rifles out there that are gethering dust, cash talks.
  12. This is when the legend of Max the Wonder dog began.... My brother and two friends. The weekend before, my brother and I crossed that channel in a Coleman Crawdad I'll be duck hunting with Frank and my brother in two weeks
  13. He was the toughest dog I've ever known.
  14. Hoffa, New Jersey or Detroit?
  15. Long story mercifully cut short... I had a girlfriend that put her face right into the face of a lab my brother had just gotten from a friend, no where near as bad as that kid, but, a few stitches in the cheek. She sued my brother and I kept the ring I had in my pocket that day, I always credit that dog for saving my life. RIP Max the wonder dog