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  1. I imagine it has as much to with the dearth of folks who spend 10 days straight at deer camp and the outlawing of deer drives.
  2. Cool thread! I doubt anyone with a full nut sack will complain. If it ever became an issue, it can find safe haven in The Enfield Forum. My only trapping story is my pup got caught in a leg hold trap last year, freaked both of us out- no damage.
  3. I think KoQ experimented with DIY hard roll baking, where's he been anyway The hard rolls my area are marginal at best, most come out of National Bakery I think I'll mix up some sauer rye to bake tomorrow
  4. Porkroll, egg, and cheese.
  5. I would be honored, bless you both! A-frame chalets are nice to visit, but unless they are very large, there is a lot of unusable space.
  6. I'm done defending you and all your racial and homosexual wisecracks, this time you've gone too far.
  7. You can get a lot of charm with 10% of the headaches with a timber frame or post and beam house. $0.02
  8. My Christmas shopping is DONE!
  9. By all accounts he had a distinguished career of service to his nation, and deserves our thanks and admiration for that. Sadly, I have read that he saw this UBL mission as a personal windfall as did another on that team. One account I read was O'Neil expected to be promoted and receive a full 20 year pension for his 16 years of service, that went over like a lead balloon.
  10. Eagles fan too.
  11. LOL, just about anyone who has worked in a restaurant has been one end or the other (or both ) of sexual harassment. It's coin of the realm, DNA, baked in the cake, etc.
  12. Would that be the rub in National Reciprocity, if NJ plans to keep lawfully concealed hand guns out of the state, would they have to revoke and outlaw concealed carry statewide?
  13. Sweet! We'll need a range report.
  14. Can she palm a basketball?