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  1. Yes
  2. There's a new S&W 380 Shield that addresses many of the issues women and older folks have with auto pistols...
  3. My pup loves a frozen pig tail for a special snack
  4. That's where it all started, I imagine the lawyers are lined up to sue the district.
  5. What we need to do is make it less profitable. We need to harden our schools, let qualified teachers carry, etc. I went to the (tiny) Social Security office in a nearby podunk town, there was an armed guard inside the door
  6. Adjudicated incompetent or dangerous is one thing, but, millions of people seek therapy for all sorts of reasons, using that alone as a disqualification is dangerous.
  7. I got the rifle a few weeks ago and haven't had time to wring it out. It's loud and the scope is crap- I imagine it's serviceable for the effective range.
  8. It ought to be against the law to murder people. The window to stop a madman is so small. Up until the moment he steps into the school with a weapon or steers a vehicle into a crowd, they haven't broken any law. Beware the urge to restrict everyone's civil rights because of an individual- they don't grow back.
  9. So after 4 braces (8 dogs), 3 have made the full 3 hour hunt and entry to the next round (including Erin's Redrum ).
  10. Is he still a member?
  11. Ammo fairy was here
  12. Shame the rant third person, was deleted. It was like hangin' with Bob Dole at the VFW after 3 hours of 35 cent drafts.