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  1. I believe most Americans believe in law, many have suffered or understand the consequences of unpaid parking tickets or student loan defaults... they are asking themselves, “if I’m subject to the law, why aren’t they?”
  2. Keep the hotties coming or I'll move this soccer crap to the assbaby forum.
  3. If you're going to get your hands dirty you might as well upgrade to Fetzer valves. YMMV
  4. I was there last month, very liveable!
  5. My dog is soooo smart she threw the deadbolt and locked me out of the house Monday morning. After failing to pick the lock, I had to call the locksmith from a neighbor's phone and pay $60 to get back in. Slightly used birddog available in the BST
  6. My favorite was a guy in a older Hundai with a dozen 12' Trex deck board tied to the roof, the roof buckled and the windshield broke when he hit a speed bump in the parking lot
  7. The lead singer for Greenday
  8. Exactly