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    im 20 and surfing is my way of life.
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    patent care tech
  1. Yes it is pm coming sold
  2. Selling for a buddy. Jet 10” bandsaw light use. Multiple blades. $200 picked up brick nj
  3. Not shipping
  4. where are you located ?
  5. the older saltiga's Z's were quiet waterproof. i used to fish one. Solid reel. ahead of its time for sure when it came out. solid reel. i always regretted selling that thing. glad i found one a few months ago i plan on using this fall
  6. Bump $70 for the tsunami and $160 for the shimano... firm
  7. Classic beast of a reel. Some use no box. Services by abu recently and has been on the rack . Selling to pay some boat bills. Hard to find reel. $285 shipped PayPal check or mo
  8. Have to many rods. Going to unload a few for some bills 1. Tsunami slim wave 7ft med action spinning used a few times in the river. Awesome rod I have 3. So this can go . $80 2. Shimano tiralejo 9’6 surf spinning new model. Light use. Awesome rod just have too many in this size . $175 prices are picked up in brick nj no shipping
  9. i have a morrum 7000cl id consider. recently serviced by abu. thing is a beast. classic reel
  10. im 89 on the parkway. i can meet up there probably early next week if thats ok ? ill take it
  11. wtb heavy duty ronz's to throw at tuna
  12. i haven't been kayak fishing much but part of me misses my hobie for the hands free fishing but then you read about hearing about this cracking problem (also heard a personal story from a friend). I doubt id ever buy one again. if the kayak was maybe chambered forward/midship/aft to give someone a chance if this happened a mile or two out. Im glad i jumped on my kazkazi when i had the chance
  13. next in line for both, was hoping to get a rating prior.
  14. Just curious how much tip was busted off the med rated combo? 3” total also what would you rate the XH combo