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    im 20 and surfing is my way of life.
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    patent care tech
  1. bump $245 ! firm
  2. shimano calcutta 200D NIB ... just got some tuna gear yesterday (getting into it this season, its gonna drive me broke lol ) so this has to go. its brand new. was going to build another fluke rod but putting money back into my account instead. its brand new in the box $260 shipped paypal takes it
  3. 6'' danny
  4. no thanks
  5. both 2.6 oz on my scale
  6. bump $55
  7. bump $45
  8. New chumbucket metal lip $50 picked up brick nj or add $6 shipping pp
  9. Both new just stored for a while $60 picked up add $7 for shipping pp
  10. Used lot for big water. All have a ton of life left. Washed ashore darter and two wooden northbar darters which they no longer make. Bottle darter and 3 oz darter. $45 picked up in brick Nj or add $8 for shipping pp
  11. Can’t go that low. I’d split the difference $133 shipped . Hell of a deal
  12. thanks dude. id do a partial if that helped.. but It would have to be like $40 or so in trade then paypal
  13. I've had a few outings with mine. l like the layout for sure. seems well built. didnt know it was built though in china
  14. just looking for money for some bills.