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    im 20 and surfing is my way of life.
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    patent care tech
  1. I'll take
  2. next!!!!
  3. I should have a bunch at my house if you don't mind waiting till late tonight when I'm home from work I can put something together for you
  4. Lightly use pencil lot . All goodies. Eurojett , plugcaster, northbar and I forget who made the top squid . Price is $55 picked up or add $7 shipping PayPal brick nj
  5. i have an 11ft ron arra custom built for $210 1 piece
  6. Meclizine antivert is the same stuff. Dramamine is over the counter same stuff Works well for vertigo for some people or motion sickness. Should take that like 30 min or an hour before you do whatever. I give it in the hospital often in the er .
  7. I have the small one and swapped out the tubes for aquaskinz three square tubes. Fits perfect. I love the layout of that bag and I've had plenty of bags. I still can't get rid of it. Someone should make something like that in sailcloth.
  8. Next if dolphIn passes ! Great rod
  9. I have one I believe in one of my plug crates I don't think ive used . I can look tonight when I get home from work . How's $22 shipped PayPal
  10. sold PM coming thank you SOL
  11. I'm firm as stated.
  12. $70 picked up or add $12 to ship . Worn 2-3 times looks new
  13. Yes you can kind of see it folded in picture
  14. still have this $70 ! firm
  15. beautiful rod. I'm exited to actually put some time in togging this year (hopefully). I only make it out once a year this time. Anyway how do you like the blank... I'm using a jersey jigger, a bogan , and a seeker hercules inshore lite