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  1. Yes this is paypal. Pm coming sold to @lokee29 pending payment
  2. no srew are strip,, if you review all the pictures posted, you will see that the screw are not strip ,, it just at difference angle look that way.
  3. Thank @Drapoza for looking, as stated, cut mono fine.
  4. Sorry, can not go that low,,,
  5. Van staal 7" pliers The sheath is from a 6" vs. I like this way more as the handle stick out a little so much easier to pull the plier out. The lanyard is gone only the two end attachement. - the cutter is filled down a little still cut mono. Not so well with braid. Funtion great. Everything shipped for $235
  6. If only for vs100 vs150.... this one i can do $13 shipped
  7. Notes, the VR reel come with tools. I have a NON-oem tool for the VS if you are interested.
  8. Is the tidemaster 7ft. Not use much. Guide could use cleaning. $125 shipped.
  9. i have st croix travel rod not using, will update pics and model later ...
  10. there are non OEM wrench , cnc from cutting board. on the big auction site.
  11. WTT, van staal vs150 GOLD for vs100 gold Only.
  12. Notes vsb150 and vsb100 weigh about the same
  13. going to post this on the big auction site, thanks group for viewing, i have many of the tool.