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  1. closing, relist later.
  2. Shimano stella sw6000hg with 5k extra spool mint 1. Stella SW6000HG with box and all, small mark on spool see pictures, not big but I want to point this out, but overall reel is mint mint. 2. 5k spool is mint , mint, With box and all Notes. No lines on any spool Shipped to your door Money Order $810 or Paypal, buyer pay PP fee.
  3. SW twinpower are great. Agree. I would not do xd model
  4. I can do 890 money order or PP you pay fee.
  5. Got reel back. There are no issue with AR what so ever... back for sale. These are mint reel.
  6. sure sound like line roller bearing issue. Shimano Ball Bearings RD2030 5x8x2mm this should help you out.
  7. still interesting to read , but i would not do it, i just get vs.
  8. interesting issue, would need a video to show issue here ,, sandbars.
  9. update for the group: anchorman Replied: 18 minutes ago · Report tracking 9510 8148 3276 8043xxxxx sent usps they said thursday thanks group.
  10. finally got a hold of Frank , from googling. talked with Frank, He did drop the reel in mail and will update tracking later. he was busy working. so, still looking ok.
  11. this is last message from Frank: anchorman Replied: Saturday at 11:59 AM · Report called in to work early.Im off monday and will ship early monday morning