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  1. Bump. Must have front pouch and be black.
  2. I apologize for leaving you hanging like that. Looks to be a great bag and priced to sell. Good luck with your sale.
  3. Discontinued super strike, first generation surface cruisers, ccw stuff, Jay1 stuff, Tattoo, and vintage Pichney troller and bottle in rainbow. Let me me know if you need measurements or weights on anything. Also got cash.... so you can buy exactly what you want in the plug forum lol. Let me know. Would really like to make a deal.
  4. Okay sounds good! Will put a bunch of stuff together and get pics up tomorrow. If we can't work it out with plugs, whats the cash number you need for the bag?
  5. I'm on Long Island too. Can come meet you with cash in hand, or with a bunch of rare plugs for you to go through (or a combo of both). Whichever you prefer.
  6. How much? Where are you located? Has belt loops right?
  7. Looks okay. How tall are the tubes?
  8. I'll consider that. Two buddies fish Ebbpoint and like them. I don't have much experience with them and have been a loyal commando guy the last few years. When you get a free moment maybe you can post a picture of the layout inside the bag.
  9. Okay. How much. Any pics?
  10. Anyone? Maybe someone has a friend that has one and doesn't fish anymore? Pretty desperate at this point.
  11. Must be black. Must have the front pouch. Any condition is fine.
  12. Done. Shoot me a pm to arrange pick up.
  13. 2 Tickets - 'Allman Brothers Laid Back Festival'. Sunday 9/24 and the Jones Beach Theater Great seats - section 14 row BB Jackson Browne / Steve Windwood / Peter Wolf and a lot of other performers too. $50 cash in person for both tickets. Something came up and my loss is your gain - i just don't want them to go to waste at this point. Meet in Nassau County. No mail. No paypal.