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  1. Done. Shoot me a pm to arrange pick up.
  2. 2 Tickets - 'Allman Brothers Laid Back Festival'. Sunday 9/24 and the Jones Beach Theater Great seats - section 14 row BB Jackson Browne / Steve Windwood / Peter Wolf and a lot of other performers too. $50 cash in person for both tickets. Something came up and my loss is your gain - i just don't want them to go to waste at this point. Meet in Nassau County. No mail. No paypal.
  3. Spring was good - although it was best early spring and cooled a bit for me. June and July were slow which is disappointing because that's typically when I've caught my bigger fish of the year around the June and July moons. Stripers were around (boat guys proved that) but from the surf it was very blah. Early indication this fall has me cautiously optimistic. I've done well the past two weeks and my log from previous years for the first two weeks of September hasn't been too great. Things seem to be happening earlier this year. Spring, and now Fall too.
  4. Got a bag for the back bays/north shore, a bag for the surf, a small belt bag for the jetty, and a few planos in the trunk that are labeled with those three categories. They contain backups of stuff mostly. My other thousand plugs or so are neatly kept in a tangled web of metal hooks, wood and plastic in a 5 gallon bucket in garage labeled "Tetanus".
  5. Might consider an original Hunter bag - or even a used 3.5tube ODM bag. Anyone got one of those for sale?
  6. Final Bump. Anyone?
  7. Commando* (sorry for the typo)
  8. Still looking. Black 3 tube sommando.
  9. 7" Heddon Hellcats. Profile looks similar to red fins and sp minnows and bombers, but some nights in montauk only the hellcat will catch for me. Weird. Some of the above have a tighter wiggle or float higher or offer more of a v wake but the hellcat has its own distinct thing going on and is good to try when all else fails. The original 1st generation Sebile floating 182 stick shad should be re-continued - especially the ghost color. Also, Super Strike needs to make a blue or blue over white darter again. A certain always angry Tackle shop owner offered that "it wasn't a popular color" that's not a good enough answer for me - i don't fish plugs based on how popular a seller the color is - the fact is in august when the snappers show up a blue darter will outfish a yellow SS darter and if/when then blue back herring show late fall a blue darter is as deadly as it gets at the inlets and bridges. I'm not a big color guy at all, fish mostly white and yellow, black or blurple - but being a fisherman requires certain tactical adjustments; i.e. chartreuse in dirty water, thin profile stuff when theirs a sand eel bite, and in a similar vein their are times when stripers are keyed in on blue when the water is full of snappers and/or thick with herring.
  10. I love my 10'6" legend as well. I fished gsb's for years and at first the legend never felt as "sturdy" as the lami's but I now fish it with zero reservations - it's met every single challenge, been beaten on, survived the occasional mistake by me, has stood to fishing and landing fish while on rocks, survived some ill advised jetty fishing in a pinch, countless times being used as a walking stick, has landed fish in the mid 40's, and cast effortlessly for hours paired with a vs 200. It's tougher than it feels and has more backbone than you think but with plenty of zip and whip on casts. Unscientifically - It's just plain old fun to fish. In May I bought a 9'6" ODM Frontier for fishing the north shore and back bays and fell in love with that as well. Even lighter and further casting than the legend. Things up front in the ocean by me haven't been great so I only began fishing the legend again for the past 4 weeks (mostly in montauk) and truly appreciate it after a long absence. Having owned everything imaginable from cts, century, and years of custom lami's I can't ever imagine fishing anything but a Legend out front and my ODM in the back bays and north shore - battle tested and the embodiment of confidence in my hands.
  11. Interesting topic. I've found that the best fisherman I have come accross have a hunters mindset and they understand first and foremost that fish live only to eat their next meal. You mentioned many 'skills' in your opening post - and skills are important - but I have come to realize that the guys that truly understand bait, bait patterns, or better yet have access to someone who is a bait fisherman are the guys that don't ever get skunked and are on the more quality fish. If you know what the bait is, and more importantly where the bait is - you can catch fish consistently regardless of the slew of other variables. Trying different tides and winds and water temps and barometric pressures and finding what the best bite is on the bait isn't truly a skill - it's a few days of trying different things and finding out what combination works. Finding bait, knowing where they are each and every day and not losing them - anticipating their next move - that's what separates a great fisherman from a a truly outstanding fisherman. Sometimes here on the south shore of Long Island, when their are lots of whales in the winter and early spring, and many seals around, and later in July when the water heats up and some large schools of bottlenose dolphin show, the schools of bait (primarily bunker) spread out and head more off shore all spring and just never come close to the shore for surfcasters to fish. I've had many conversations the past two months with friends I know to be very dedicated and above average surfcasters who are masters at reading the beach, have a 25yr log full of info and spots/rips of things that have worked in the past, etc and yet still talk to me about what a miserable spring it has been despite all their knowledge and skill. They'll catch a Striper here and there at the inlets bridges rips etc but they have had more than just the occasional skunk this year on the south shore and it will never be as consistent as fishing large balls of bait. Certain spots will always hold a pick of fish, and they'll be a sand eel bite for a few days here and there, but the reality is the large schools of bait is what truly holds the quality fish. I don't own a boat. I am only a surfcaster. But the boat guys have a bigger advantage than most realize for precisely this reason. Of course owning a boat means nothing if you don't know where to take it. The hunters mindset of finding the food source and staying on them, tracking them meticulously - those are the greats. Knowing a bait fisherman or commercial fisherman whose out on the water every day for their livelihood is the easiest way to get this info... but just knowing a bait fisherman also doesn't make you a master. It takes desire, drive, skill and knowledge to keep on the bait and know how to pull a true cow out of a school of fish feeding on the bait. The seminar guys, the guys that write books about surfcasting - they each have a network of commercial or bait fisherman they call once in a while - some were even in the business and were bait fisherman when they started. That's not to take away from their skill or their reputation - but it is a fact - one that they will all admit although will reservation. So who is the master? The seminar guy? The bait or commercial fisherman? The pinhooker? At the risk of sounding like a cheesy fortune cookie - the only master fisherman are the fish themselves. We are all only their students.
  12. Any update on finding the 3 tube bag JDR? Anyone else got one laying around?
  13. Seriously? I have a WTB 3 tube Commando post up on this forum since May I got seconds on this if it falls through
  14. Thanks for the reply JDR. Afraid to ask, but what price are you thinking? Can you pm me a picture or two if possible? Thanks again
  15. ...Final Bump