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  1. I too have the 8ft Avid surf with long butt section. Bought as a specialty rod for back bay and rock hopping as I have multiple 10.6's. Sometimes I"ll start out fishing on ledges and rocks and observe fish action in the sandy surf down beach. Still in the game if I need to reach fish farther out in the surf. The long butt aids in casting and reaching the outliers. The tip on this particular rod is stout enough for hoisting up smaller stripers when I'm perched on ledge.
  2. Rook 49- Great collection and nice displays. Fished a Mitchell 304 back in the day. Coudn't afford the pricier 300 at the time. Still have my maroon garcia conolon rod. Never did get the Mitchell 300 as I was directed by a fellow fisher friend turned tackle salesman toward the Zebco Cardinal series. He got a job in the fishing dept at a big box Two Guys in Newington, CT. Great memories that old stuff. Stayed with Zebco Cardinals for years. First surf spinner was a 302 though, huge spinner I called the lawn mower, still works.
  3. Still fish my Zebco Cardinals from time to time. Here is the two I fish #4 & #7. In boxes a #4 # 6 I don't fish.
  4. Got lucky & picked up NIB 7" VS pliers on Craigs for $140. Like most of you, thought the price for new was over the top but I was curious. Purchased at the end of season last year. If they work out as good as my #30 Boga ill be very happy. I resisted that Boga purchase for years, outstanding addition to my surf belt. Picked up nylon sheath for the pliers. Love to smell the leather VS sheath as I fondle it in bed every night.
  5. First fish - last fish. Play the game every year try to beat previous years. Earliest fish out front May 20 I believe. Log book back home. Caught them earlier in river. Get back from FL. May 5 will be out as soon as I get settled in. Caught some Spanish macks, pompano, & jacks today fishing a popular tourist pier in SW FL. Pier named after a big predator fish.
  6. Getting pressure to go over to the dark side. Florida & Maine fishers been on me about it. Perhaps find a way to carry a fly outfit with my surf spins. Reluctant to start new endeavors at this stage, curious about kayaking too.
  7. Keeping busy- " Is it Memorial day yet"
  8. Knipex- for hook cutting, on me or in truck- oiled up in plastic bag 10" long needle nose, cheap ones, on surf belt - hook removal from fish 7" VS Pliers, picked up cheap- Bling factor- nylon pouch on surfbelt
  9. Works great, have it paired with a Stradic 5000fj. Light outfit casts plugs great. Use it for back bays, & sure footed places like jettys and some ledge areas. Places I hope to stay dry. i go with the 10'6 out front.
  10. Bluefish, in numbers, haven't appeared in Maine since the 90's. Sadly that fishery has diminished greatly over the years. They appear for a tide or two or your chunk bait is mysteriously cut off. Random catches here or there maybe even a quick blitz. Plenty of pogeys/bunker around last year, nothing on them. Seems like they don't bother wiith southern Maine anymore. Why come north when you can fill your belly in waters south. Pressure from commercial fisheries netting baitfish in the area doesn't help.
  11. Tsunami Airwave Elite 9-10 ft $150-180ish. St Croix Mojo 9-10.6 ft $240 ish - better warranty -trade up program Decent plugging rod 3/4-4 oz range
  12. Hazer- you have to be a member for 7 days and post 15 times (I think) before you have private messaging enabled.
  13. Strippers and pole dancers usually hang out in bars ( kidding). Stripers on the other hand show up around May. Local bait & tackle shops can help you out with some specifics about fishing the area. Locals aren't too forthcoming about specific areas to fish . If you read the SOL rules its called spot burning and not encouraged. Striped Bass, mackerel, and pollack are some of the targeted species in Maine. Look at some maps, talk to some locals google etc. Internet broadcasting of fishing spiots is a no no. PM me I can help you out.
  14. ^^ What Chiefer says, original size- Bone & Burple
  15. Don't recommend 20ft leader topshot as it would be working thru multiple guides, can't be good on knot or guides. Some may disagee. I tie my braid to mono/ flouro knot 5-6 ft + -up as that is about my drop down distance to load the rod for casting plugs 9-10ft rod. Braid -knot- 5-6 ft mono- plug. Knot is outside of tip guide and rod loads properly. This works well casting plugs from shore or rocks. If you are lobbing macks from a boat with a baitcaster may not matter as much.