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  1. Macks thin in my usual places.
  2. I too use an Avid 8ft surf as my light back bay set up. BG3000 & Stradic 4000 work well.
  3. Just a regular old small Stanley vise, it is heavy, with a spring clamp. The fly vise is a cheapo Cabelas $39 too small for 2/0 -5-0 vmc, hence the spring clamp.
  4. Spring clamp
  5. The one & only time in hundreds of outings that I did not have my Boga grip with me I got stung. Left surf belt with boga in truck to help carry beach chairs for wife. Fishing was secondary that day as I was punching in the family time clock. Bright sunshine ,swimmers etc, went to secluded area down beach. Picked up 28" striper on top and got hooked by one leg of a treble in side of hand with fish still attached. Easy hookset , I thought, as barb was thru, not! Spare pliers I had in surf bag would not cut hook. Had to drive short distance home and get better cutters to cut hook and remove. Palmed lure in hand to conceal my stupidity to wife. Now I carry Knipex cutting pliers greased up in plastic bag for cutting hooks, cork for pushing barb thru to prevent skin stretching. Oh yeau, don't forget the Boga.
  6. Thanks for the report.
  7. Go get em Mainiac, Cobblestone, OOB fisherman and others. Keep up that good hard working fish ethic. I have been down and out. Tail end of nursing a broken foot. Walking cast off, down to a glorified lace up ace bandage just in a nick of time to make the spring run . Almost turned into a SOL junkie. My fishing equipment has never been more prepared and organized .Whew, that was a close one. Should be out next week . I'll be more surf than rock hobbling, damn. May have to get back to my chunking & live-lining roots early on. Yes, Memorial Day is almost here , the best time because the whole season is in front of us.
  8. Congrats, fish of a lifetime there. Fish that size ,caught from shore, have become a less common occurrence in Maine in recent years. I have to look at my photos from then 80's & 90's to see fish that big ( lol). When did you catch that one?
  9. Here we go again, spot burning on a grand scale. Hope some of the the fishers took a class over the winter on "How to properly release a fish". Close only counts with grenades and horseshoes. Undersize fish need to be released in the water or shortly therafter. I don't fish that place but have heard stories. I am hopeful that the sport fishers that frequent the area will exercise some leadership and provide some positive mentoring when needed.
  10. As your learning, one rod doesn't fit every situation. I have the 8ft Avid surf with a Stradic 4000. My intended use is for back bay, jetty and rock ledges. A light set up with enough heft to lift a small fish up to my rocky perch. Some days the fish aren't there but I'll see them down the sandy beach breaking 70 yds off shore. Dang, wish I had my 10.6 with my VSB150 but I don't. I'm still in the game because I get respectable distance to reach them with the Avid, was comfortable fishing for hours with the light set up and I didn't have to lug two rods around. Fishing is a compromise, take your best shot and go with it.
  11. Have never found the need to use a bobber when livelining especially from a boat. Conventional bait cast works best but can still use a spinner. Yoyo your rod tip up and down that can help determine where your bait is in shallow water settings. I use pre- tied rigs, barrel swivel - mono leader-hook. Never had line wrapping problems, however I just use conventional reel spooled with mono. Braid complicates everything but great for distance casting with spinners.
  12. Good idea to return rod. The rod looks used perhaps returned by someone and sold to you as knew. Check out this damaged rod package. Surprisingly, rod tip inside was not damaged.
  13. white spook
  14. I get out almost every day between June- Oct. Then a few weeks in May & Nov. Probably close to a 150 days last year exclusively salt water from shore spots. I am recently retired and live very close to the shore. Past few years I have been getting lazy about launching my boat. Find it easier to grab a rod and hit the back bay, surf, or rock ledges for an hour or two. Hope to continue same.
  15. Very good combo for distance I especially like the Tiralejo rod. I have the 5500 Ultegra Ci4 mounted on the 10.6 The reel does feel a bit large but I had Zero problems with it fishing topwater and swimmers at the canal. Seemed to hold its own distance wise with others casting near me. The reel is too delicate for rough surf in my opinion. However that xtra distance over my VSX250 allows for standing in drier ankle deep water rather than deeper wading. Another great distance plugging outfit is the Stradic 5000 on a 9ft Mojo. Very light with impressive distance.