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  1. I picked up 3 older fiberglass rods. I believe that two are Lamiglas and one is Fenwick. #1 is honey colored and is 135" long. It might be a SB1363M? I stripped it down but there aren't any factory markings. The blank is in excellent condition. #2 is dark brown, measures about 136" and is more parabolic than the honey colored. I think it might make for a nice pencil popping rod. I haven't stripped it down yet but the guides and threads shows signs of wear. The blank appears to be in excellent condition. #3: is honey colored and 112" long. I can see some of the factory markings ("Model" and beneath is "1206"). From what I came across this blank might be a Fenwick? The tip is 7/64". I think it might be a nice plugging pencil popping rod. It's all assembled so I can use it as is. As with #2, the guides and thread show signs of wear but the blank appears to be in excellent condition. I also have a old Harnell "Ultimate" 754 with a broken stripper guide. Should I rebuild some of these (or all) and use them? I'll have some time over the winter to wrap them. I'm just getting back in to surf fishing but my only other surf rod is a Lamiglas XS 101 MS. I intend to fish mostly with artificials. I might toss some bait on occasion. My other option is to go with all new. I'm considering a factory built 9' Lamiglas John Skinner if I go that route. Happy New Year!
  2. Happy New Year!
  3. Now if I could only figure out how to PM Ralphob!!!??? I tried to email you but I received a notice that you can't receive email.
  4. Hi Ralphob. Could you please provide the part numbers of the 80/20 products you used? It looks like the black base is 40-8020-Black-FB. Is that correct? Any details you can provide will be much appreciated. Thanks! seachunk2
  5. I have two solar powered skylights in the kitchen that was remodeled in 2013. They work great. .
  6. Also, maybe the line weight 4 - 8 should refer to lure weight?
  7. Hi all. I came across an old honey colored surf rod. I stripped the rod down to the bare blank. There weren't any markings regarding brand or model. In doing some research, the closest specs I found were for a Lamiglas SB1363M. Below I'm comparing the SB1363M specs to the bare blank. Fiberglass Surf Rod Blanks Model # Length Pieces Line Weight Butt (Inch) Tip (1/64) Weight SB1363M 11'6" 1 4-8 1.065 12.0 14 Actual 11' 3-1/4" 1 ? 1.060 to 1.071 13/64 14.3 Comments: I removed the rod tip and the tip of the blank appeared a bit rough. Also, the last guide (closest to the tip) was missing. I'm assuming that the tip may of broke off and that is why the blank is 2-3/4" shorter than the spec length. That might also explain why the tip is now a slightly larger size 13. The butt was measured in the noted range because I took the measurements around different points of the butt's circumference. I suppose that makes sense that's it's uneven considering the way the blank is built and the resulting spine. The weight is slightly higher than the factory spec even though the bare blank is nearly 3" shorter. The line weight specs seem much lighter than I would have guessed . The actual bare blank seems to have a nice parabolic flex. Questions: Is this blank a SB1363M or is there any other blank that is closer to what I have (Fenwick)? With these actual specs, do you think it's worth the effort to rebuild and use for pencil popping or some other use? If it is worthy of a rebuild, should I do so in a classic style or adapt it to a new concept guide layout? I may buy a Penn slammer III 6500 to use exclusively with this rod. Is there any other reel to consider in a similar price point range? Thanks in advance for any feedback and advice. Sal
  8. Just sent you a PM with my cell number. Please call me soon. I need the 1337830 white.
  9. I could use the 1337830 White. Sent a rock through the window while weed wacking. email
  10. Weakfish were around last year in the Peconic Bay in good numbers and size but I haven't seen or heard of any this year. Elusive fish- always were but they don't need any more pressure on them.
  11. find the right speed but first find the time.................
  12. Nice reel
  13. 8- Jones Beach Fishing Piers- 1964
  14. Pac Man's eyes
  15. culloden house +++