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  1. Build up a casting callous. Only takes a few years to develop.
  2. I love these kind of comments. "The best"! According to who?
  3. Hang out a few years guys. They will be back. One thing I've learned in more than 60 years of fishing is that certain species are cyclical and bluefish are one of those species. I've seen several years of abundance and scarcity.
  4. Last Fall I bought a Browning Citori CXS for shooting skeet. I love the gun but am less than thrilled with the lacquer finish. Can anyone recommend a skilled stock refinisher who will do good work without keeping the gun for months?
  5. White perch hybrid.
  6. I just wish reels were made without all that plastic crap inside of them. I prefer brass gears.
  7. Yummy deep fried on a Ritz cracker.
  8. Geez BFD, I just saw this. Even though I haven't had the opportunity to fish with you, I've felt as if we've been old buddies through our contact here on SOL. My wife and I will have you in our prayers. May God watch over you and heal you. I will be on Marco the first week of August and will say a silent prayer for you with every wave of my 8 weight. God bless. Spig
  9. Gonna lock this up. SOLD pending payment. Thanks all for looking. Spig
  10. OK nchit. Let's touch base through PM's to make the deal. Spig/Lou
  11. I will only leave this here until Thursday June 14 at which time I will keep it. Can't believe no one has bought this.
  12. Rod now $140 and Reel $80. Both for $200. This is bottom line. Must be a pick up or meet close by Marlton NJ.
  13. The tip on the 7’ is also whippy. Don’t forget, it is a fast action ML and is designed to have a fast tip. Great bay rod or freshwater.
  14. I live in Marlton but would be willing to meet at roughly halfway point on Route 70 if you're interested. There is a WaWa on Rt 70 and Rt 539 in Whiting. Let me know. I am retired and available almost any time.
  15. Rod now $150 and reel now $90. Both for $225. This is a steal for these like new items.