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  1. LOL... but do I have to make airplane noises and talk to the fish like "here comes the fishy! meaaawwrrrr!" Hmmm.... maybe we have something here!
  2. Cast lure into water... let it sink to a particular depth... retrieve it at a particular rate... pause at a certain interval... or not.
  3. program your phone to use your nose for touch ID. Comes in crazy handy when fishing and hunting.
  4. okay.. so can someone PM me a charter / head boat recomendation for haddock? I'd like to see if I can get out this weekend, maybe with the kiddos or maybe with friends. I'm coming from Dighton, but can shack up on the cape to shorten the trip.
  5. funny my buddy was out all weekend in the wet in RI and did well on smaller fish with a couple keepers. I went out with him today with blue skies and warm temps and sun..... and the bay was practically devoid of activity. A couple schoolies kept the skunk off before I had to head to work.
  6. Sad to hear this A#1. Stories about men like him are what hooked me on fishing the cape. A loss for us all for sure.
  7. I saw $13/lb as the only price posted at hannaford a week ago. I should stop by my local Shaws...
  8. I saw my first humming bird " in the wild" while turkey hunting last Saturday. i was sitting on a field edge with some small russian olive trees. About 5am this hummingbird came by sniffing the flowers and landed on a branch nearby. Any other time I've seen them have been around the house, usually at a feeder or the flowers around the house.
  9. I got out on Saturday morning. Had two jakes, one of them huge for his age, come by and beat up my freak jake decoy pretty good. Then proceed to hang around popping and purring looking for the hen they heard I suppose. Walking to my truck, we saw the two monster gobblers we've been after pushing a couple hens right past my tailgate. Those two stay within 500 feet of houses at practically all times. They will probably live till they get hit crossing the road.
  10. I'll pretty much eat any of em.
  11. Went to Little Compton one March day last year, there were so many swans on Turnip pond that it looked like some sort of surrealist painting. There were dozens of them, maybe 100 or more. The longer we stood there and looked the more we saw, and there were more on the next pond. Maybe some day they give tags for em. Anyone know if they taste good?
  12. I believe they are protected in MA believe it or not. No harvest.
  13. Lots of runs now have signs up warning that it is not "allowed" to "harass" river herring in the run. 1. It would probably depend upon how believable you were, the attitude of the EPO and what they had for breakfast. 2. Has anyone heard of anyone ever being fined for taking river herring since the moratorium in MA? Ever?
  14. I don't care what anyone thinks.. that's some cool **** right there!