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  1. I thought about doing that to a place like Ocean Grove in Swansea or something. A spot I can spy on from afar.. just to see how many trucks show up the next day.
  2. I lose more fish with Trebles than with siwashes. But I also don't use trebles much bigger than 3/0. Sometimes 2/0.
  3. Sounds like not all lots are permit only.. http://www.falmouthmass.us/DocumentCenter/View/897/Parking-Regulations-PDF?bidId=
  4. http://www.falmouthmass.us/DocumentCenter/View/900/Town-Ramps-PDF
  5. I do! Ive been out there a few times now. A few different rips. I agree it seems frustrating at first, but that just makes it more exciting when you do hook up.
  6. When they tell you: * Action starts 2 hours after slack * Stripers are munching on squid * fish are in the FRONT of the FRONT rip They ain't sh***ing you. We "wasted" (it's so beautiful out there, no minute out there is a waste) like 4 hours fishing the end of one tide and then waiting it out for things to start again fishing for fluke further south. Then when the rip started, we went back. The first hour it was like a ghost town. Lots of fishing, very, very few fish. I actually at one point started quoting the dead parrot sketch... "bereft of life it fishes no more!" "this is a late rip!" Then a switch went on almost exactly two hours after slack. Out of nowhere roving bands of teenaged and young adult fish were harassing and beating up poor defenseless squid. Jumping clear out of the water at times and throwing squid around, and nailing topwater plugs, and sandeel like imitations like they hated them. Hated them! But if you weren't in front of the rip... you didn't catch jack.
  7. ....owie! My.pants are tight!
  8. MassWildlife email distro said they just need to "set" the dates, meaning that they record them as public record and update the publications. It's a small consolation since I didn't get drawn for a Buck tag in Wyoming this year. I usually go out the first week of October, now I can at least bow hunt my nearby farms before they are plowed under.
  9. Fished the canal like a sonofabitch Caught herpes, crabs and the 10 year itch. I'm out of beer
  10. I once spent 45 minutes super carefully removing a guide only to put just a little flex in the tip and the rod broke just above the guide. it must have gotten whacked which is most likely what broke the guide in the first place. No real info here... just pointing out my ineptitude
  11. "I'm a big fan of marriage" ~ David Crosby to me and my (then new) Wife - 1998 good luck!
  12. I would be willing to pay thousands of dollars a year if they were to implement a permit only fishing privilege to fish the canal. They could even require me to wear a stupid hat or vest with my permit number emblazoned on the back of it. The numbers could be reflective and glow in the dark so they could ferret out anyone illegally fishing there at night. If it meant that it would keep the A**hats and Yahoos and return canal fishing to what it was once. However, the way things work, the most likely scenario is they would put up fences along the canal with no fishing signs.
  13. 50 lb big game: like steel! 40 lb big game: cheesecloth!
  14. Meh.. there were a few. Someone on your side was hootin and hollerin like they caught moby dick though! I'm gonna start fishin cape side I think. Looks like there's a bit more rooom over there!