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  1. How much ice is on the canal now? Do I need a plank to get on? Doh! Wrong forum!
  2. Coaching softball for like 9 years, I would never allow myself to even be in the dugout with a kid alone. If I had to do batting cages or pitching warmups, it was with at least one or two other kids or another coach standing by or out in front of parents, etc.. I always got the creeps from coaches that seemed overly friendly with the kids. Something like this just boggles my friggin mind.
  3. So my canal bike got stolen out of the back of my truck, parked in front of my house last year. I need to build a new one, and rather than go with the first free bike I can get on freecycle.org, I'm thinking I might even buy one to build. I think I might be willing to spend up to $100, but if I'm spending $$ on it, I want something that will fit a 5'10" 250lb guy like myself as opposed to the "slightly too small" ladies Schwinn I had found for free the first time around (~ 18 years ago.) Any suggestions out there?
  4. Id find a good dive shop. One in sandwich next to marylous. One in Rehoboth near Seekonk that i know of. Never been since i dont dive. But i have friends that do.
  5. Too much work, too many people, too little sleep.
  6. No heheh. Barely fished the canal at all last year. I usually lose one or two a tide. Lost a sebile fast sinking stick shad last year. It was free to me luckily
  7. It is a reference to Don Quixote, the man from La Mancha. Wikipedia has a pretty good page on it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Quixote
  8. I know of a windmill that needs attacking. I'll send you the address my friend.
  9. Vaping causes uterine cancer in men.
  10. B-Ware that's a 20 dollar bill! Not a pencil popper! You're losing it!
  11. just yell, "hey don't step on the dead guy that washed up on the rocks over there... cops will be down in a bit to get him."
  12. In the canal, I've caught slightly better on hurleys, but mostly on the smaller mousetails during the summer heat at night. Trolling and drifting in either Barnstable or Chatham? 2 to 1.
  13. Sooooo, yeah, that sort of thing happens pretty often. And yes, class action lawsuits sometimes arise. As stated, they've already said that they will be willing to work with folks who have legitimite beefs. I am not willing to bet that the N-Million soccer moms' moms who bought most of the items being returned are going to bat an eye. I don't think that they will go out of business at your insistence because they made a policy change which will help them stay in business. If you truly bought high end products at LLBean simply because you expected to be able to return them once you've ruined them.... Here's your sign.
  14. You can DO that?
  15. Baggs and Hurleys mostly I think. Buy some stock