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    I try to enjoy the incoming and outgoing tide.
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    I tie flies, fish and canoe.
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    Mechanical Designer
  1. Picked up 2 outfits at a yard sale A) Berkley Buccanneer B 10-6' Tubular Glass with a Berkley Model 200 spincast reel, this outfit is built like a tank and in great shape. B) Zebco Cenntenial #4040 6'-6" with a Zebco 404 reel with double reel handles not in bad shape. Let me know if someone has seen these before. Picked them up for 1.50 each. Dave '"
  2. White bucktail and yak
  3. The Final Cut by Pink Floyd and Kraftwerk by Kraftwerk.
  4. Tied up a few woolies as well as a load of ants this weekend.
  5. I agree exotic locales and 25 pages of ads in a 50 page magazine is a rip off. My favorite magazine never covered saltwater but it was and is Fur-Fish-Game.
  6. Has anyone ever done business with saltwaterflies? Pros and cons? Thanks
  7. Came into about 12 bundles of yak hair 12-14" hanks. I have tied up blondes with it, any other worthwhile patterns I can use this for. Or can I substitute this for bucktail on my decievers?
  8. The US Army at 18, first Coors in OK then Rainier and Mickeys in WA then I went to the mecca of BEER...............Bavaria. Still enjoy a great beer or ale, with Redhook family being my favorite. Great thread!!!!!!!!!
  9. My brother introduced me to wading in the falts last year. I have had a great time with him and fishing. We both don't wear PFD's "I will now". He told me he was fishing once in the Merrimac out on the mussels at the edge of the channel. Got carried away with the fishing, put a foot forward, it felt weird. He looked down saw black water and pulled back. After his heart slowed down he came back to shore, that story stuck with me and this one will further change my wading practices. RIP Bill never knew you but you fished which we share.
  10. They are on there way up to me..looking forward to the bass this year. Last year the flood ruined it for us. Nice fish great report.
  11. Has anyone here ever put one in there and are there any concerns to be aware of doing this. I have seen them go by me with more gear onboard than a Montauk. Dave
  12. No way to a combat arms MOS. When your humping 155mm projectiles day and night, a woman can no way hold up to this never mind the sleep deprivation which they have proven females can't deal with because of their body clock. And yes I have been there and done that. 1/11 FA 6/14 FA
  13. I just found this site, I have been fishing for stripers for a while. If I missed the swap thats ok I'll catch the next one. Dave