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    Retired US Navy DeepSea Diver/ Computer Geek
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    What else fishing, guitar playing, computer gaming Pissing off tourist
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    Diving Supervisor, General Dynamics

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  1. lmao We have a couple of dead schoolies floating in a drydock at work. They have been in the dd for the last few months. Saw some shrimp on the surface in the Thames today
  2. Welcome back Matt.
  3. Shhhh your suppoesed to be the fish finder. Not the i didnt guy.
  4. Sorry Kev, Iggy past like the rock star ,he was. He was one cool dog.
  5. Thanks RJ more work last year than fishin,,,,
  6. I moved over into stonington or I would want one.
  7. Whos going ? i may brighten the day by making an apperance?
  8. lmao ,,,that should be publised in the journal!
  9. yeah im not gonna live it down ,,,,,,,!
  10. I could give a poo about another pizza place in this state. Every one knows that the only good pie is outta my EGG.
  11. yeah,, when your dad had you on his back in a pack and you were asleep. You woud cry everytime he caughta fish,,,
  12. Boofish will luv em,,,,
  13. Those were really good times,,,, everyone has aged. Other than Whitey.
  14. holly poo its alive Stewie that is,,,,
  15. lol i played there in the late 70's while active duty. Sat in with Rick derringer he used to be a local.One of the guys I was stationed with was a friend of his, great night, that i cant remeber, ,,,