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    Retired US Navy DeepSea Diver/ Computer Geek
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    What else fishing, guitar playing, computer gaming Pissing off tourist
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  1. Wish I could have made it,,,,still recovering from this darn flu ,,,,,,,
  2. going up nehing the church? Lotta ice up there
  3. I know a guy in pawcatuck,,,,,,,
  4. So sorry to hear this . Dick was an awsome guy. Always a joy to chat with him at the numerous leadfests and an occassional bumping into on the sand. You will be missed my friend.
  5. We can start a new trend. Icebergs with a penguin plunge thrown in.
  6. Night crawlers floated off the bottom work almost as well as shiners. Sometimes even better for bass..
  7. I can,,, wanna buy my outback?
  8. I had 4 ft drifts in front of my garage doors. I know the feeling. 3.5 hours to snow blow and still have more to do.
  9. I have a power auger eddie. We can make the hole as big as you want.
  10. ed was gona go this weekend however the temps are gonna be crazy low . Looks lke next weekend . Thinking carbunckle or Watchaug.Ill txt ya during da week
  11. Electric Boat in Groton Ct Not Quonset. We blow poo up and pay good,,,,
  12. Hell Gilligan bought it ? He cant even make the White Rock inn Rock any more,, tax right off imo. Yupper saw the temps , Ill think about it , Cold is relavant,!, I am numb any how .,I am working out in it all day any how.
  13. they sell the legion yet?
  14. Heading out next weekend . Scouted places today . All had safe ice. Any one interested ? I have a lot of xtra t-ups. Power auger. If you've never been good time for an Sol get together.
  15. 40 Degrees is the water temp in the Thames riht now.... Happy New Year Brother.