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  1. Bonkers!

    Bonkers and Pelosi is a bit redundant, don't you think?
  2. My guess is that once Trump gets this and one (or more) Justice installed, the SCOTUS will not decide specifically on RvW but will in fact take a case and confirm that life begins at conception, granting all rights and privileges to the unborn, including LIFE.
  3. From the moment of conception, the first division of cells, a unique DNA structure, never replicated before or since has been created. This first and all subsequent cells contain the complete map for every organ, muscle, bone, etc. of the child. Nothing about this new human is a part of the woman's body then or ever will be. It is the miracle of life, every one a completely and unique individual and deserves every protection guaranteed to evertone other American by the Constitution. Science knows this, everyone but the most heartless, godless progs know this and I believe the progs know it as well, but refuse to admit the facts as it proves God exists and is the Creator who is also the Judge.
  4. Quick question. What year was it that Newt and the Reps took the House away from the Dems after some 40 year reign?
  5. Don't forget that 10/16-09/17 was Obama's budget.
  6. Obama good, Trump bad. Now, run with that mind set in everything liberals "feel" and do. Resist everything, lie about everything for which resist doesn't work, rinse, repeat.
  7. Anything is possible in the Swamp.
  8. If true, I predict a "2 shots to the back of the head suicide" in his future.
  9. I haven't voted for a Dimm since Sam Nunn, D (GA).
  10. A few minutes earlier my Grandson Kristian said "I don't know if I'm just sleepy or if I got up too early".
  11. Yep, and some of the most vile posts in SOL history have been spewed forth by the left.
  12. This is almost an enjoyable night as was election night. Winning never gets old.
  13. The more he loses, the more he trolls. It does indeed get tiring. Maybe his rich brother will buy him some booze to get his mind off of the next 6.5 or so years.
  14. If an amoeba was found on Mars, it would immediately be declared life by everyone in the scientific community and dems would be pushing to grant it sanctuary, free health care, welfare and to allow it to vote, yet they deny obvious life.
  15. Cuomo started that about 15 minutes ago.