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  1. LOL! I go to few chuckles, thanks for posting
  2. I joined one near my office. Limited machines but the smiths are fine. I just turned 45 and don't need to stress joints with heavy weights anymore. I pretend I'm benching 225, don't even know what the bar weighs, if anything. Dumbells go pretty high. I max out at the 80's my grip strength gives out fast higher than that. Lots of hot girls. It does suck if it's crowded though you do need to be flexible on your plan sometimes.
  3. Sweet pic! Look great in black and white in a nice frame
  4. Nice fish, congrats!
  5. Top for sunday
  6. Mccains just a typical self serving baby boomer. Working hard to keep making the country worse. Its what boomers do. They can't die fast enough (except my parents they are normal).
  7. Still looking
  8. Looking for a couple more Pats pre season tix for 8/10 to take some kids down. Will send you a couple plugs in return. If anyone's not using theirs let me know! Thanks!
  9. Whoa! It was with a female? Usually it's young boys for Republicans. Or lots of boys like For a former GOP Speaker of the House. A Repub Congressman into girls is a new one.
  10. Good luck Riley. Heard of a surf 60 up there last week but have not seen pics.
  11. Everyone in the business is aware. The tsnarvev brothers tried to break into my local class three dealer before the marathon bombing. They are more likely to get jacked by local thugs though. I just missed a robbery of a local gun shop outside of Brockton when in college. Gang bangers cleaned them out and this was almost 25 years ago. Some folks here might remember the old tight lines.
  12. Lindsey is your typical southern closet case
  13. Damn we have the same thing in my kindergartners class. The slippery slope is here. Sweet kid. She was over for a play date. Dads a piece of work. His claim to fame is he had an article posted on Huffpo once.
  14. Damn! Nice haul
  15. Sweet fish Deniz!