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  1. Article in today’s Globe about the record price in Maine. What do you think the poachers down the Cape are getting? I can’t imagine how many nets are out there this year.
  2. 9.99 at wegmans. They were damn good!
  3. Heard them loud and clear at my dads place out in Holliston last night. Couldn’t even hear the coyotes.
  4. Anyone got any favorite places around Syracuse for good eats? Close to the school is best. Thanks for any help!
  5. Dammit! You stole my line! First thing I thought of was Dems always picking our pockets for more $$$ for their non working constituents.
  6. Oga’s in Natick is legit. Toro and o-ya in town.
  7. Some even made here in my state!
  8. LOL! Too funny
  9. Where did my post go? All it said was some info on weapons linked in Drudge Report....
  10. Some info on weapons linked on drudge. I've bump fired some rifles before but didn't know you could by sticks that helped do it. The gunman also had "scopes" and "military grade ammo"
  11. Makes sense. That carnage wasn't even close to the charleston mass shooting. I don't see any reasons why those stories would. W. I sees the same.
  12. Maybe, maybe not. No riots after that nazi kid killed 9 at the Charleston church shooting in 2015. I saw this story story all over the place. Prayers to the victims and families! Maybe the OP had limited access to media sources and missed this?
  13. Interesting belief. The protest movement started a whole two years before Hillary lost as a protest for her eventually losing....You may be the only person in the country to believe that. So where the cops in ferguson and NYC setting the whole thing up for Hillary?