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  1. Caught a cool story last night. Some older kids were playing basketball when a funeral procession went by. Every one of them took a knee. Family noticed and all.
  2. You’re hockey nickname was McMontezumas revenge!
  3. I agree. One drop.
  4. You’re only half! They won’t claim you and we don’t want you!
  5. Thank god they did. It was temporarily necessary as their people had just attacked America.
  6. They’re nips. Please.
  7. Was smart then and would be smart now.
  8. Animal turned around and b not over like a cat in heat
  9. he wont be owning any more firearms.
  10. weaponized autism.
  11. in person, like when I find you all in my recyclables?
  12. you're not going to get an autistic guy, with autistic kids that he bonds with over guns, to admit that there is an issue with 44% of mass shooters being autistic.
  13. Kaczynski was awesome at math
  14. "if I was black Id be picking cotton, but since im white im picking you" its not even least try and be funny.
  15. obviously. but it would prevent further cases. certainly the cape cod cop would be alive right now if mass had a, say, ten year, mandatory minimum. or even just charged him as he should have been and not allowed him to plead out.