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  1. I’ve seen us. The chest strap go pro would point straight up.
  2. I’ve gotten them as far north as Barrington ( by accident).
  3. There is nothing that I’ve found to not be better on coal. Even if you are just baking on coal and not grilling or slow/low’n. For chits and and giggles I did a meatloaf on coal the other day. I’ll never let the wife bake another one again.
  4. Dealing with the dipchits at the canal has become less annoying than listening to the yentas here.
  5. Lunch time!
  6. 5$

    If you’re gonna raise free stuffers, the key is to brainwash them into a strong sense of entitlement young. If it was five bucks a photo shoot, regardless of how many people, every frankstar and river runner in the world would be there with a bus load of scantily clad kids.
  7. 15 things at once, my ass.
  8. 5$

    I skimmed but....$5 a head at two heads...his daughter and subject. $5x2=$10 no?
  9. I’m trying to stay out of this thread!
  10. Ever see the pic of the yeti cup that survived the truck fire? Pretty crazy if true.
  11. The op aside, libraries these days do a ton of programming that you wouldn’t think. Workforce development, adult ed, programming for homeless folks ( that spend all day at the library). I read an article recently about the Rhode Island system ( RI Monthly maybe) and had no idea all the stuff they do... online and in classroom based settings. They work with the community colleges and continuing ed departments of universities.
  12. Rods are replaceable. Glad you’re ok. Thats a scary ass fall.
  13. not sure which is more annoying...the scum crowding the canal or the incessantly whining yentas in the MA forum.
  14. If they’ll defend child rape for football, I gotta imagine the priests were damn near cheered on in real time.
  15. Coke and fishing don’t go together. Coke ends up clumpy from humidity. Or so im told.