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  1. Didn’t you put a ton of work into the engine too?
  2. Fight, fight a....
  3. the tail is the worst part
  4. It’s a palmetto bug!
  5. The cockroaches get jealous. They don’t like their cousins.
  6. So the kids are walking out of school on 4/20 at 11 am Colorado time? Im thinking this is more of a weed joke than an actual gun control thing.
  7. I’m stuck in the voting thing. If you are too crazy to own a firearm you are too crazy to vote.
  8. Life is short. Do what you want. Anyone has an issue with it tell them to go chit in their hat.
  9. I wish all they wanted was to ban the AR. They want to do much, much more than that.
  10. yea, I put a ton of red pepper flake, pepper and cayenne into the cornmeal/panko mixture.
  11. It’s wrong about RI
  12. I’m not explaining it well, and / or you’re missing my point. That aside. Can you vote without showing an ID in most states? Is is that true?
  13. Your right to a firearm and your right to vote are similar, I’d say. Both need to be restricted in certain ways, but both are cornerstones of being an American citizen. The gun grabber side would be impacted more by restrictions on voting due to criminal and/ or mental health restrictions. Use it as a way to slow them and penalize them...? Random thought, to be honest.
  14. shouldn’t gun rights advocates do a better job linking the process of obtaining a firearm, with the right to vote?