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  1. Had to fire up a quick joint.
  2. I posted that from my shed. Lol.
  3. You need a safe room, for sure.
  4. Part of the deal, buttercup. Suck it up.
  5. You sound like my old man. He always says how you forget about the noise and how busy a house is with kids. Gives him anxiety. Lol.
  6. I'm sticking a small one in a formal front room for party overspill. Wall mount. Any difference in going relatively small versus large? Doing some remodeling in there so I have some time. Haven't even started looking into them yet... figured I'd have to spend at least three or four hundred ..?
  7. It's literally the only time I see one all year. It's as standard as the turkey.
  8. Happy t day, boys.
  9. What's the basis of it? Do they not believe in gravity or some chit?
  10. Looks great. I'd absolutely crush that pumpkin though. I LOVE apples, but I'm not big on apple pie. Its fuqn dumb.
  11. Best I've had is only on coal, no wood. Very little wood smoke goes a very long way with turkey.
  12. I injected mine with about a pound of herb butter before doing it in coal. Got damn was it good.
  13. Are those flat earth people for real, or is it a joke? Never really understood it.
  14. I feel like the scene before spider got shot. " you're gonna let him get away with that. The fuq is the world coming to?"