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  1. Not a clue. I don't think they're inshore when the 1 bag season opens in July.
  2. Oh well, it sucked. Got one 17" keeper and landed 2 others in a spot I easily could have limited 2 weeks ago. Dropped 2 also, clearly my hooksets need work. Nasty whitecaps even in a relatively sheltered area, it was really blowing. This opening the season after the fish move offshore really sucks, whose idea was this? I'd rather have 3 starting in October like NY than 6 after they're gone and only the offshore boats can get them.
  3. Although I was tempted today, NJ tog limit rises tomorrow. I'm going to find some sheltered togging ground and hope they're still around.
  4. This wind sucks. I bailed on today, it was blowing 13-15 all day. Felt like a wimp, but wind, wet and cold is a bad combo even in a drysuit. It looks like wind for a whole week.
  5. Fatigue cracks in 3,2,1...
  6. So, did you make it out and how was it?
  7. I guess we all have our own definition of horrible, but 20 mph falling to 10 only at 4pm doesn't sound like fun to me. I'm probably going out tomorrow in NY Harbor.
  8. Good ideas, but what about a smaller bucket attached inside with enough room for plugs to hang by the rear hook between them, and you still have a bucket to dump rigs etc in.
  9. Actually, E & A aren't any cheaper than anyplace else for SPs & Bombers. I have Storm shads, but need to get s a greater variety of other types. That style of jigging is something I've never gotten to work for me, though it obviously works! The storms are harder to get down to the bottom than a jighead with a rubber trailer.
  10. A nonresident out in Suffolk is screwed however, and can't park anywhere, at least during the summer.
  11. Back around when I was 30 and a new and obsessed whitewater kayaker, I'd be on rivers with snow on the ground and freezing temps. Once on the Housatonic we had to get out and drag our boats because the river was frozen over! Another time we paddled the Bottom Moose river, a series of waterfalls in the Adirondacks, on Columbus day. It snowed on our tents the night before, and when we got off the river, even though it was a blue sky day, the snow was still there. Good times, but long past.
  12. I think my days of kayaking when temps are in the thirties are over.
  13. Just took off the watering timers. Damn I should have fished today, but was feeling behind in my work. Monday's a possibility unless the forecast changes.
  14. Some years ago I bought a pack of waterproof laser print paper. Great for printing these permits and licenses on. Plus good for charts and Hiking Maps.
  15. Crazy huh? The Walmart in Bayonne has a tiny section of freshwater gear in a town with one B&T, surrounded on three sides by saltwater, without a body of freshwater to its name. I'm sure some MBA made this decision and got a bonus.