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  1. You'd probably be better off with a 1 to 3mm neoprene beanie. We wear then on the river and will keep your head warm even after a roll. I usually cut a hole over the ears to improve hearing.
  2. I'd have to say leaked Gulp juice is a top contender for car stink. Those damn jars always leak, and the special heavy duty ones they sell always crack. I tend to leave my kayak crate in the van, and forget about the leaking gulp during fluke season. I need something bulletproof.
  3. Just to elaborate on Staktup, when he said dress for water temps, that means for ending up in the drink. What frequently happens is some guy heads out on a 70 deg spring day in shorts and tee, when the water is still 45 deg!! Hypothermia is one bad wave away. Just look at these numbskulls heading into the bay in the 1st week of May. No clothing, no PFD's, no ability to self rescue. So sometimes you need to be overdressed for the air temps, hot & miserable, to be safe out there.
  4. I think you're going to have a hard time finding anyone who has tried both these specific paddles. But I also think most will agree to look at a slightly higher price point. I bought a BB Slice Hybrid Plus last year and love it. I'm a high angle paddler having done decades of whitewater. Not only is this paddle significantly lighter than the Whisper, but you can adjust the length, which is equivalent to adjusting your gear ratio. Ex: if you're into the wind, a shorter length paddle at a higher cadence will be less stressful just like a lower gear going uphill on a bike. A lot depends on your boat too, a wide boat needs a longer paddle, but then you want slimmer blades for less stress, a "lower gear".
  5. Sorry, its in Jersey City, called 99 Ranch. There's actually a lot from Ft Lee down. Only B&T in Manhattan I know of is Capitol on 36th st. Crazy place, I think they stay in business selling overpriced gear to suits and tourists.
  6. I've got this idea of smoking a bunch of snappers. I might hit a back bay with an ultralight rod and have some fun. Maybe some of their parents are around too.
  7. Why not the back bays?
  8. I've driven around Boston a number of times visiting relatives and haven't seen bad driving even with all those roundabouts, but you simply cannot drive 5 minutes here in Jersey City without seeing a truly dick move, sometimes several. Stop signs and turn lanes mean nothing here.
  9. I wonder how far back they go? My grandad served in France in WW1, but we know nothing about it but that he was gassed and suffered from lung problems the rest of his life. We have a pic of him in his doughboy outfit almost exactly 100 years ago.
  10. It was firmly established by TimS in the SI thread that directing someone to the Gateway National Seashore was not spotburning. There you go.
  11. Longevity of fish on a stringer is a direct function of the water temperature, so it works a lot better on the Spring Run than in the fall. But I've totally switched over to using an $8 Costco cooler bag at all times, pulling around fish on a stringer is literally a drag.
  12. In today's paper there was a list of Environmental agenda items by the Trump Administration. In there were three marine preserves they want opened to commercial fishing, including one off the Massachusetts Coast. Give them a chance huh?
  13. Funny, I keep saying "Please explain, based on their stated positions and past actions of the individuals rather than wishful thinking, why anyone would think the Trump administration will care about protecting fish stocks." And you guys answer by gloating over the election. I've not gotten the impression this thread is about the election. We're talking about our current government, and what we think it will or won't do. Accusing Obama of appointing an environmentalist ideologue to NOAA is hypocritical and pointless when the current head of EPA is an ideologue against environmental regulation. The election is over, the pendulum has swung, the question is where is it going. I take my clues from the climate change denier in chief.
  14. The bottom line, ideologies aside, is that the Trump administration has repeatedly made clear it's for business first, has an EPA chief who is opposed to the EPA's mission, and has criticized the previous administration's protections of the oceans. Please explain, based on their stated positions and past actions of the individuals rather than wishful thinking, why anyone would think the Trump administration will care about protecting fish stocks. BTW, you can't have it both ways that Obama really didn't care about the environment AND that he appointed a radical environmentalist to NOAA. Choose.