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  1. It ain't the river that's the problem in floodwater, it's the trees: The water is up in them when you try and get to shore, and they're washing down the river too! Even when I was a hot whitewater boater I wasn't fond of floodwater, too many factors out of control making it unsafe. Come out of your boat and say goodbye to it!
  2. My family was planning a 3 night camping trip with a canoe and 2 SOT to the upper Susquehanna this weekend. It's now running 70k cfs!! Holy crap that's a lot of water, 3800% of median normal flow for this time of year, definitely a no go. We might head up to one of the lake chains in the Adirondacks. Crazy weather we're having, usually this kind of stuff in August is due to hurricanes.
  3. I had heard that about sizes, but was hoping it wasn't true. Or at least spitting distance. Besides, the silly Jigs are 2 for $6, and I leave on this sweetwater trip Friday.
  4. I'm amazed this seems impossible to find. I found one once for VMC Siwash hooks, but now I have an Owner JigRig worm hook I'd like to get more of and have no idea it's size, it looks around 3-0, but I'd like to be closer than guesswork. Why wouldn't they want us to be able to choose gear wisely? I've googled the hell out of this, anybody got a lead on a chart that would be useful? Owners website sucks tremendously, no help there.
  5. It may be different on a boat, but in a kayak I sometimes have a bait deadstick while I jig a gulp rod. It's a pain on short drifts though.
  6. Robin strips will never ever come off or be bitten off. That skin is like leather.
  7. The percentage thing is so ridiculous. As I understand it, if it says 20% chance of rain for a day, it's 20% chance it's going to rain at all during the whole day! Not 20% of it raining at any given moment. But then there's the hourly forecasts. Presumably they mean 20% chance of raining that hour. Or not.
  8. Yup. In my reno's I always end up with a scrap door that become my table on horses for both the chop saw and ripping by either clamps or screwing like you describe. I decided it was far better than a fancy chop saw "rail rig".
  9. Honestly, your best bet is probably Washington Sq Park. There should be at least 3 or 4 musicians or bands playing at any given time. There used to be lunchtime concerts in the financial district and Bryant Park, but I don't see anything for tomorrow. Bring a thermal water bottle or a 7-11 cup or such to decant your adult beverage into and you'll be cool. Bring small bills for tips too, but we've given $10 for bands we really liked and stayed a long time. There was a jazz band with a guy who could play 2 trumpets at once! I'm less familiar with Central park's action, but I remember hearing something by Bethesda Fountain, and I think there's often music by Columbus Statue on the east side by 66th. BTW, your boys might enjoy scrambling around Rat Rock, a big outcropping where both kids and serious climbers play. Whether or not you can actually find any good za I guess depends on your standards. Mine are pretty high, but we got some old school joints here in JC that are actually still run by Italians! You can often tell the good ones by whether the cops and construction workers hang out there.
  10. Yup, it's scary to be out there with armageddon on the horizon! I was out in NY harbor a couple of years ago when one came in, and and I ran downwind to the old Marine Ocean Terminal where I took shelter out of the wind and waves behind an outcrop of crumbling concrete, just holding on a piece of rebar with my hand and bobbing. The guys working there at the drydock were concerned and asked me if I wanted a rope! Took me a bit to convince them I was fine, just waiting it out.
  11. What is it you want that a nice, dead nuts straight fingerjoint 1x6 can't do for you? I simply don't do enough job site ripping to justify the Festool, but my 30 year old Milwaukee 7.25 with a couple of clamps and a 1x6 do pretty well. If it's narrow like ripping 2x4s or really gotta be precise I do it on the table saw at home. I bought a 50" clamp on fence from HF but it's really not any improvement. Making a spacer gauge block for the space between your cut line and fence really helps.
  12. Glad to see it wasn't simply me being a wimp. Hopefully this week I'll go hit the sound where there's plenty of islands to beach on if it gets bad.
  13. This Jersey weather has been crazy, with rain and/or thunderstorms predicted nearly every day. Are you guys going out or waiting it out? Going, and getting off the water on nearest land if it looks bad? I'm dying to go out more but between work timing, and wind or rain it's been tough.
  14. Obviously weight depends on whether you're trolling an SP, a tube, or a Mojoe. The ugly stick tiger Lite(now Elite) rods are very popular with kayakers. I have both M and MH. $80.
  15. Now THATS the kind of thinking that builds a better mousetrap!