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  1. Make is much less important than style and size. I was assuming sit-on-top rather than sit inside, and for your presumably small kids a small boat is more practical to push around. There's a number of shorter boats but finding narrower is much harder, they're mostly designed for adults. Ideally you'd want an 8' long and 22" wide boat for a 80 lb kid.
  2. Nah, not professionals, but significantly less clueless. Last week I disassembled and reset a Kwikset Smartkey cylinder, not something easy to do without seeing someone do it first. Appliance repairs are a big one too, often you'll never even get them open damage free without detailed guidance even when the repair is simple. I've also replaced a smartphone touchscreen based on Youtube.
  3. Sadly there doesn't seem to be a SOT boat designed for truly smaller paddlers. The only thing I could point you to off hand is the ocean kayak Frenzy. I got its bigger brother the Scrambler for my son when he was a little older. Be real careful out there, kids that age don't have the stamina to paddle these boats against wind and tide for very long.
  4. Going to gut and re-tile a tub surround next week. Is 1/2" Hardie the best when there's a transition between tile and drywall? Or should I use greenboard and Kerdi? The tile is only up to like 6.5'. Wedi seems like some freaky stuff. Where did you get it?
  5. That sure is an attractive price on the Breeze, but the pics on their site does not show any scuppers. Looks like if you take a wave you're bailing big time! I don't need a fishbox that can hold a 100# tuna, but I think this is too minimal for my taste. I'm also wondering how they seamtape the inside of the hull with no openings, is that cockpit a separate piece dropped in after the hull is assembled?
  6. Hmm, I got 29kg off the Florida dealer's site. I'm surprised the fishbox takes off that much, I thought they are required to put in the bulkheads anyway. Or is your boat not legal for SA?
  7. Why would you want to be less visible? I want the lime green! I'd take orange if they offered it. FWIW, I just looked up the Dorado weight spec: 64#. So short of special layups its basically the same.
  8. I thought the Dorado was close to 60 for some reason! Do they do different layups? One of my favorite launches I have to carry the C14 over my head down a rock fill slope to the water, I don't think I could do that with the Scupper. But I could just drag it and say the hell with the scratches, or enjoy the speed and use an easier but further launch.
  9. Gotcha. I guess it is what it is. If I wanted to spend a lot more for light weight could get a composite one from Tim, but I'm not that infirm....yet.
  10. Ouch, that's a lot for my taste! I'm curious, how do you determine how much PE to throw into the mold? Do you start low and keep trying till you get a shot with consistent minimum thickness, no thin spots? What happened when you tried 55# of PE?
  11. When you slim it down to 25" you lose a fair bit of plastic!
  12. Bummer about the cod. But I'd love to be able to catch a mess of mackerel for the smoker.
  13. Both Swell and Tim Niemier have been saying around 60# for a while. That seems realistic.
  14. I've been really happy with the Bending Branches Slice Hybrid Plus, its 31oz, carbon shafts, Fiber Reinforced Nylon blades, and a unique telescoping ferrule so you can adjust the length 15cm, as well as the angle. Shortening your shaft is like gearing down on a bike, higher cadence and less stress in wind etc. $150. FWIW, Bending Branches and Aquabound are 2 brands of the same parent company.
  15. Quite right! I'm not willing to go where the seabass are off Jersey. Maybe this year I'll head far enough out on the sound to get them.