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  1. If you have a gunwale track already you can mount it like me, but otherwise you'd have to drill or be more creative. I certainly did it just with carabiners on the grab loops and tying off to the handle by the cockpit, but it's not nearly as user friendly or safe. Post pics of your boat's cockpit area and ends and maybe I can give more specific advice. Or you could bring it to a dealer and let them install a proper trolley. And yes, the ikea bag is just a bigass shopping bag made of that super tough blue tarp material with web handles.
  2. Any of John Skinner's books, Zeno Hromin's Art of Surfcasting with Lures
  3. If they won't make good, replacing a tip is super easy.
  4. Here on the "Gold Coast" of the Hudson they've been throwing up luxury hi rises as fast as they can while the money is cheap, and I hear reports of atrocious quality. Like no sound or thermal insulation, and it costing a fortune to heat with electricity. My wife gives me a hard time about not wanting to buy already renovated small multifamily houses instead of fixer uppers, but at least when I run it, I know what's behind the walls and above the ceiling. You'll appreciate this one: old house where they slipped one of those cast iron AC holder rings on the gas pipe when they electrified, that thing had 8 crappy old cables connected without any enclosure! At least there's no box fill issues when there's no box!
  5. Wonder why it took them 6 months to post the video? Legalities? Simply terrifying, that chewed up bulkhead could have been a person. Who drives a vehicle that fast if you can't see where you're going? Unfortunately odds are this is going to be classified as just another "accident". Remember the kayaker who was killed on Lake George by another septuagenarian in a speeding boat?
  6. Well, a "sub" as opposed to owner or tenant DIY, most likely a half assed "handyman". I've seen some unbelievable stuff too, particularly electrical. Lamp cord buried in plaster, a "splice" of AC cable above a drop ceiling consisting of the wires bent in a loop, hooked to each other, then wrapped in tape. No nut, no box, very little actual wire contact. Any real load and there would have been a fire. Time and again I've seen work, and sadly, occasionally paid for work, where the person not only didn't know how to do it, they didn't even know what the proper job looked like.
  7. This is why I like to do renos as alone as possible. I've rarely found subs who aren't happy to leave a steaming pile of sh*t for the next guy.
  8. A steam radiator in a tenant's apartment was spewing steam, turns out the union cracked off the valve. OK, time for a new valve, no problem. Except the morons working for the previous owner had tiled the feet of the radiator to the floor in a deep mud set, just as they had the toilet that I had to shatter a few years ago to remove. WTF? Who's this stupid? Anyone in the building trade HAS to know that toilets and radiators are not permanent freaking fixtures!!! You remove them before you lay a floor and get someone who knows plumbing to reinstall them if you're that dim. The did the same with the hardwood floors, set the radiators in holes in the wood. So now I have a tile repair job for no good reason. /rant
  9. If you want a flush joint it's a little tricky, the screws always want to pull the piece they're grabbing to the side with the pocket. I was making window stools screwing the stool molding to a wider piece of 3/4", was a PITA no matter how hard I clamped it to a surface. Still a great tool, I've made big book cases among other things.
  10. Can you explain why you use a sock for currents? It will take you with the current even faster. I use an Ikea bag as a sock in wind to slow my wind drift. Works better than the 18" sock I bought.
  11. I have a hydroskin T and pants that I wear in various combos. I often wear the pants under splash pants, since a wind can make them chilly without a barrier. Great stuff, but don't get cocky when the water's cold. If you're not broiling in spring you're not dressed right!
  12. I think mine pushes into the 22 hr range. Lazy bastard. Our late other red cat was a lean, mean, hunter and general badass who'd be out patrolling his territory if the weather wasn't awful. He bagged a squirrel even when he was circling the bowl at 14.
  13. I'll see you one snoozing orange & white cat, and raise you one monkey.
  14. You're just torturing us housebound northerners aint you! Nice catch.
  15. Unfortunately it's like updating a computer, the old parts don't work with the new. You need to mount a new transducer. Trust me, it's worth it!