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  1. Guppy and rm still available. Price drop, $22 each, shipped.
  2. Yep, see my comment in the other thread.
  3. $85 total for the three?
  4. Glad that I could get you started in this obsession. Real cool that you have been catching on your own stuff for a while. A great feeling. Good use of that clothesline too
  5. You got it. I'll pm my info. Thanks!
  6. All yours. I'll pm my info. Thanks!
  7. All are lightly used. The RM and Habs were rewired by me. Habs Sr, Mullet, light blue over white $20 RM Smith Giant Swimmer $20 Bernzy pikie (2 1/4 oz). $25 Prices include shipping. Paypal please. Jigman
  8. Two, lightly used resin waverers. $25 each (includes shipping). Paypal please. Jigman
  9. Habs Sr, Stubby needle, light blue over white. 10th anniversery package. $45 RM Smith popper, scaled, herring color. $25 Guppy, 2 1/4 oz popper, scaled, herring color. $25 Prices include shipping. Paypal please. Jigman
  10. That is how Creek Chub Bait Co did their pikies. Down sides are that you have to be dead on with your drilling to make it work right and it is much harder to adjust the amount of lead to make it swim right while testing.
  11. Nice mold and set up. Cool bait too! Now we need to see a photo with one attached to a fish
  12. You can get pretty good detail on the mold. Lead drives the bait to glide. More buoyant = more lead = better glide. Other things come into play too, like thickness of the plug (too thin it won't glide right), flatness of the sides (flat sides are good), and others.
  13. I use mine as kindling to burn old bills and such....
  14. I tend to find that gliders work better if the body is light. Lead adds the weight to them. Once you have the resin/balloon formula worked out, and the location/amount of lead, you can mold the lead into the plug and save a couple of steps. Can likely add the lead on the wire that you are using.
  15. 3/4 oz pikie or is there another style you had in mind?