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  1. Yep, one of mine.
  2. Like Ed indicated, white cedar can be a good wood for plugs. Less dense than AYC. Really depends what you are building. AYC is better for some plugs, WC for others, and that might be different for different builders. I like AYC for pikies. Dannys, I find WC works better for me. Also prefer WC for pencils over AYC.
  3. Sorry, no. Only have 1 yellow / white and 1 parrot left.
  4. You got it. Please pm address and payment option. Thanks!
  5. You got it! Herring now out.
  6. Beautiful plumage... You guys got them. Please PM address and payment options. Thanks!
  7. Very cool!
  8. Out of the ghost color. I have one of each of the others for you. Please PM address and payment option. Thanks!
  9. Sorry no. Only had a few and did not get time to wire/test them. Been one of those weeks!
  10. You guys got them. Please PM address and payment option. Thanks! Ghost now out
  11. You guys got them. Please PM address and payment option. Thanks!
  12. Up for sale are a batch of my 5 1/2 inch (around 2 oz) divers. The diver likes current, but is also useful in no current areas. Without current, it will run around 4 feet deep on a cast. Handles current well too. I have fished them in the canal rips and dropping tide at the breachway. I have also trolled them behind the yak. Again, don't be afraid to bend the lip depending on conditions. Bend the lip up to run deeper with a tighter wiggle, bend down to run shallower with a wider wobble. As shipped, they’ll handle decent current and no current conditions. If you want to fish them in heavier current, you may want to bend the lip up so it will hold the current better. It will dig a little deeper like this too. $18 each + $5 shipping/order. Paypal, check, money order all work. Colors: 1) Herring 2) Gold/Black back 3) Ghost Shad SOLD OUT 4) Yellow/white 5) Parrot I have 1 of Yellow/White and parrot left.
  13. Hmm, a bit over the top. Maybe we make him catch the largest striper in the ocean with......a herring (plug)
  14. A better shot of the divers:
  15. That was not my intent. Just trying to poke some fun at myself.