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  1. Sorry, none at this time. Still need to turn some.
  2. Cool idea. Did something similar years ago and used an Igloo water cooler for the bait tank. Insulated so it keeps the water from warming too much.Used the pump to continuously run the water. Holes in PVC pipe just above the water line allowed the water to aerate some too.
  3. 2 Blurple Jigman Bottle Plugs. 2 x 17 + 5= $39 PP on Friday 7/13. Thanks Andrew. Please mail to address below.


    Guy Balestrieri

    PO BOX 924

    San Juan Bautista CA 95045

  4. For you sir, no problem. Please pm your address. Thanks!
  5. Got you down for one of each color (4 total). Thanks!
  6. You guys got them. Please PM addresses and payment option. Thanks!
  7. You got them. Please PM address and payment option. Thanks and happy 4th!
  8. If you are reaching for a bottle on the 4th, might as well be a jigman bottle Got a small batch completed so I figured I would sneak them up here. These are my 1 1/2 oz bottle plugs (approximately 5 1/2 inches). They cast well and will hold in current well. I often use these off the beach or on the outflow at breachways in Rhody. $17 each + $5 shipping/order . Paypal, money order, check all work. Colors: #1 Blue/White (have 1 left) #2 Green/White (have 3) #3 Yellow/White (SOLD OUT) #4 Black/Purple (SOLD OUT)
  9. Bump
  10. Tweaked some, have done three molds now getting the design how I want it. Think I have a final version of the smaller one now. Just giving it some water time in front of fish to get their approval. Been slow on the fish lately, not that many around. Should be improving soon then I'll know for sure. Once everything is dialed in I'll do the final molds for production. Have also been working on a larger size of the tailwater popper. Have a 2.5 oz version that I've been throwing for a few weeks. Real happy with that one. Throws real well, spits a good amount of water on the pop, and swims nicely too. Currently finishing up a batch of bottle plugs. 1.5 oz size. Should be up later this week or early next week, depending on how work and stuff goes.
  11. For sale, two 6501 (lefty models) abus. Both made in sweden and have power handles. Line is old and I'll remove before shipping. 6501 C3: $65. smoothie drags, and power handle. 6501 Pro Rocket (champaine/gold). $140 smoothie drags, upgraded to abec bearings, power handle. Price is shipped. Paypal, check, money order all work. A few cell phone shots. I can take better photos or close ups if folks are interested.
  12. Ribbed for the fish's pleasure....
  13. He also made some eel skin jigs. Might be what the OP is referring too?
  14. Mullet
  15. Yep, a glider. You can take a spook, line tie centered, enough lead to sink it, split the lead in two equal sections, place one near the nose, the other towards the tail and where the plug sinks flat or slightly tail down. Keep the lead low in the body. Will walk subsurface and often surface too.