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  1. Very cool! I've done simple belly and tail weight molds. Never tried anything as complex as a jig mold. Not sure I would know how to insure both sides lines up exactly.
  2. I'll leave this up till later this evening.
  3. Yep, you got a black and the last white one. Thanks!
  4. You got it. Thanks!
  5. You got it. Thanks!
  6. I will be in and out for most of the day, but will check in as often as possible. If I don't respond real quick, that is why.
  7. You got it. I'll pm my address for the MO. Thanks!
  8. You got them. Please pm address and payment option. Thanks!
  9. you got it. Please PM address and payment option. Thanks!
  10. You got them. I'll PM paypal info. Thanks!
  11. Up for sale are my 2 oz darters (5 3/4 inch). These are resin darters that are based on a wooden master that I turned. The resin darters feature 330# SPRO swivels, thru-wired, and 3/0 VMC 4x hooks. They’ll hold current well. Depending on current, they’ll dig 2-4 feet. Cost is $18 per darter + $5 shipping per order. Paypal, Money Order, Check are all welcome. Colors: White Yellow Black 1 yellow and 3 black still left.
  12. Definitely sad news. Helped out plenty of guys here. A good builder and a lot of fun to hang with. Still remember the first time that I met him. He took Ratty and I out on his boat. By the end of the day it was the SS Bloodbath from all the bluefish we caught. Some good memories for sure!
  13. lol! Yep, plenty more spots around east TN. Don't see many other folks from our area posting on here. Usually bank fish if I am there, or at another tailwater area. Can be real good fishing at times.
  14. Cool place. Fished there a few times. Always did better below markland.
  15. Hey now, don't be burning one of my spots catch plenty on lead and swimbaits there. Also love a pencil popper. Topwater fun and with the right gear you can almost cast from one side to the other.