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  1. Will be dropping these off at UPS tomorrow...Bye..
  2. I was paying 281.00 a month for stuff I don't even watch. I'm over it. All I need is locals and some extra's. This is my answer.
  3. Blast is an upgrade so my son can download illegal movies hi speed against my wishes..lol No..unless you have a family of 5 tapping of your router. Not needed.
  4. I know this has been discussed before but I cancelled Comcastics phone and Cable and kept Blast internet. 104.00 ( with modem ) plus youtube, Tv= 144.00. For people who are too far out to get OTA's on your local channels, this is your opp. Look in to it...
  5. AI Friday 3pm til Saturday 6pm..Caught: 12 and 26" striper ( released ). 2 good sized blues ( for the smoker ). 2 rigs broken off from a snag. My spinning rod and sandspike in the wash which my son swore the drag was lose..lol Gave what was left of my flat to the folks north of us. Friday night winds out of the north was tough but Saturday was a great day. Shoulda had em'. Water was chilly.
  6. Fridays rain was impressive. My son needed a rain jacket on the way down. Stopped at an Eddie Bauer store off of 50 near 611 I think. Was a bunch of outlet stores close together. Parking lot was flooded ( about 4 ft. in some spots ) and pick-up trucks with monster tires were squealing through the water burning rubber and kicking up water. Seemed like they were taking turns.. Cops showed up and that was the end of that ..lol
  7. Going down this Friday whether its raining or not. My boys want to go fishing. If not for anything to get a beach pass for my sons new Jeep. Sorry I missed ya CG. Nice fishes. Sure you worked hard for those. Cambridge curse sounds like..no fresh at KI I'm guessin'
  8. So glad that's not the case down here..
  9. Per Erik's photo..Maybe some rockfish are tagged and that's how they know. Other than that, it has to be based on water temps or reports, IE ( CBBT )
  10. Seems like the water is still cold. Guessing those fish posted were caught in Va...That's normal as the south gets the fish first. I think 1 to 2 weeks for decent catching at AI...for those that are going. I'm gonna try something different this time. I'm going to go down 2 days before low pressure at the end of the month even if its on a week day. Weekend warrior trips are a crap shoot.
  11. I have to mow my lawn some time this weekend. Honestly I'd like to put it off for a couple of weeks.
  12. I watch the water temps, winds and could care less about reports. Tonight's hot bite is gone tomorrow..Nice fish Allen. Was that caught this week? ..lol.
  13. Nice..I get my crabs from Jessie's sometimes. Last August was .. ( 3 dozen large males steamed for $70 out the door ). Sort of a pain getting in/out of Maine ave. in DC. to get them though. Hey Steve..do you like Old bay, J.O. or neither? Sorry for the derail..
  14. My Mom and Aunt Live together in a house off Annandale Rd..I visit more than a few times a year. Also heavy Vietnamese and South American population mix in that area. So..healthy meaning who? or in general. Certainly very ethnic in Falls church. And some great variety of food I'd say..