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  1. yes
  2. It's an internet feed. Why would you? I've had it for 2 months, no problems. And the picture is cleaner for some reason
  3. Youtube TV.. $40 a month, unlimited DVR, All your locals plus more. Up to 6 six users or devices.
  4. Don't fix it..so you can do this
  5. Lucky..got a link? I wouldn't mind seeing it.
  6. No love for an Angelo's steak and cheese 6 minutes south in Buxton? They were pretty good last time I was there. Seriously thanks for keeping this thread out of the Tavern. Best of luck fishing Steve!!
  7. Look at the smiles!! good stuff
  8. Honestly if you eat what you catch ( with in regulation ) its nobody's business. But keep in mind, most people aren't used to seeing a picture of a pile of skates on the back of someone's boat or fish table and coming to the wrong conclusion. Its not something I or anyone I know tries to target. This is a good forum with good people...Keep that in mind.
  9. Came over with nothing..I'm not sure what the message was from him but, he came with great hopes. I could do his job. I say the meeting won't happen. And we're still at risk. Lets hope our military is ready.
  10. That's great!!
  11. Good stuff Lucky!! That picture Dave posted of the old dude, I
  12. Will be dropping these off at UPS tomorrow...Bye..
  13. I was paying 281.00 a month for stuff I don't even watch. I'm over it. All I need is locals and some extra's. This is my answer.
  14. Blast is an upgrade so my son can download illegal movies hi speed against my wishes..lol No..unless you have a family of 5 tapping of your router. Not needed.
  15. I know this has been discussed before but I cancelled Comcastics phone and Cable and kept Blast internet. 104.00 ( with modem ) plus youtube, Tv= 144.00. For people who are too far out to get OTA's on your local channels, this is your opp. Look in to it...