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  1. Jase said "Hollow" and now I'm going to be signing Coal Miners Daughter in my head all nite.. Thanks Jase
  2. You are addressing Aquanuts here... so...
  3. Lot of guys in here weren't (aren't) That's what makes it so funny
  4. I had no idea there was a baby coming... Congrats! she's beautiful
  5. Because it made me laugh
  6. What are talking heads saying.. what are the "rumors" ?
  7. Brennan is Dirty, Dirty, Dirty.... getting less then he deserves unfortunately, but I hope losing his clearance at least is galling and mortifying to him.
  8. He's guilty as hell I'm sure... I hope he walks, that would be awesome I doubt it will happen but it would be a sweet FU
  9. They hurt my teeth
  10. You had a Baby? I didn't know... Congrats! that's awesome
  11. Technical I suppose you are correct, but they don't call it a Clam Steam... they call it a clam bake
  12. North African Style?
  13. That’s what God intended