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  1. Could be both things... No?
  2. He's probably not going to resign...
  3. What?
  4. ^^^ Homophobe ^^^^
  5. Hitler ate at McDonalds every chance he could... true story... I saw it on CNN
  6. Don't you go dragging me into this nonsense
  7. Thread would be better with pics....
  8. Bill Clinton ?
  9. Would people like Aquacide be disappointed if they tuned in to see how many Diet Cokes Trump was drinking and they got hard news coverage of a breaking story instead?
  10. How did CNN manage to work the piece in during an unfolding Islamic Terror attack in NYC... what's the thought process behind that?
  11. Sounds horrible... are they Lesbians?
  12. This thread is awesome
  13. Never heard of it... book I Assume
  14. Ask him about the Rapture
  15. I wonder if he really believes this stuff or if it’s schtick