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  1. Yes thank you
  2. If any less fortunate people were helped It was an inintended consequence
  3. To influence her decisions
  4. Clapper is a known liar
  5. Number Three: Using “confidential informants” AKA Spies to gather information play word games all you want... a Confidential Informant is a Spy
  6. Not me I can spot a get rich quick scheme from a mile away
  7. Seemed obvious enough to me
  8. What a perfectly idiotic post
  9. Number Two: lied to get FISA Warrants there’s some truth to this IMHO
  10. Number One: Survellience of phone calls, electronic communications etc... yes it happened... why?
  11. Breitbart’s John Nolte wrote a concise piece detailing seven ways the Obama Admin spied in Trump.... its hyperpartisan but only in regard to the “why” not the “how” Let’s look at each point and discuss without distraction from trolls **** This Thread Has A Low Edit Threshold*****
  12. It’s not that they don’t comprehend it... it’s that they don’t care
  13. Think about what you just said... that’s why they disagree with him
  14. It’s not like you masturbated to kill some time... people just like to complain
  15. She’s dangerous... and she would have been a rising star had Hillary been elected.. as would Gina Raimando who was also foiled due to Trumps victory