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  1. Rule of Thumb.... never trust the government more than Is absolutely nessecery
  2. She’s marvelous
  3. Incorrect about what exactly?
  4. I am... very undecided
  5. Lazy is an art form
  6. He thinks the admiral is in on it I bet... probably getting kickbacks from the NRA grand Secret wizard in exchange for covering up Trumps Dementia
  7. You have yourself stuck balls deep into the most outrageous conspiracy theories ever and can’t fiqure out how to extract yourself.... or maybe you genuinely believe it... in which case I should leave you alone because your clearly nuts... and you can try to fold Regan back into the conversation all you want if you think that helps you out by muddying the waters... be my guest
  8. You suck at this
  9. How would 3.5 million armed people make the NRA irrelevant? The NRA's gun sales would fall? It's not even fun busting your chops anymore
  10. He doesn't recognize that....
  11. Was that seriously the best you could come up with?
  12. Yeah, you're a nutbag... we get it
  13. You've had bigger as I recall... but I've got you beat here Unless it's a greying contest... then you win
  14. I bet he shaves his legs
  15. Holy Crap... What will they think of next?!